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  • To connect children in schools and homes around the world and facilitate their ability to contribute to the world they will inherit.
  • To inspire educators and parents to guide children (of all ages) in expressing their feeling for how to make this a happier, healthier, safer and more peaceful world.
  • To create a global network of kids in physical locations that connect in regularly schedualed live and cyberspace "broadcasts" on the Web.
  • To build a KidCast For Peace Web site and "Peace Place;" a repository for solutions contributing to a better world using the artistic expressions created by the "Kids".


  • Establish "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For A Better World" as a regular global event and part of local school curriculums.
  • To facilitate public awareness in both cyberspace and in physical communities of KidCast For Peace, and the solutions offered to solve the problems of our time.
  • To provide affordable and/or free access and training to teachers and students in the use of state-of-the-art digital storytelling tools.
  • To facilitate and instigate participation by handicapped, geographically or economically challenged peoples.


  • To attract and develop teams to iniate and maintain funding, and production resources in local communities.
  • To transform KidCast For Peace from an unfunded grassroots effort to a fully supported international program that reaches mainstream media.
  • To create income streams from products produced from KidCast submissions and directing these "Royalties" to help support the continuation of the KidCast, and benefit each participating community, school, teacher, parent and student.

    What is a KidCast?

  • Children of all ages (focusing on K12 and youth) share their art live, and direct us to their pre-built "KidCast For Peace" web sites, VRML worlds, chat rooms, Interactive Music spaces, etc.. Depending on time zone, Children at each participating site...will respond to comments and questions from gathered local and cyber audiences.
  • CU-SeeMe Internet videoconference software enables realtime interaction visually as well as sonically. The video camera is focused on the child and art together, then zooms into the art. A KidCast Central (http://creativity.net/kidcast2.html) moderator instigates and encourages the other sites to respond to what they see evoking questions, feeling and impressions. A moderator at each site takes responsiblity for the following during their turn:

    1- identifying the site, i.e., "This is John in Honolulu. We have a question from our audience." 2- having a microphone available to provide a sound feed, (or typing which scrolls across the CU-SeeMe window...visible to all active participants, and "lurkers" who just watch and listen). 3- a local or KidCast Central moderator, or audience member (in order of preferance) introduces each artist asking the child to verbally explain his or her submission? These questions will catalyze KidCast community interaction.


  • Have KidCast become a Global Community Core activity, especially at Creativity Cafes and other affiliated gathering places throughout the world. KidCast was conceived by multimedia artist, Peter H. Rosen, for the Children's World Peace Festival in June 1995. In-kind support for the KidCast has come from leading technology corporations, organizations and individuals believing in our mission...thanks to this one persons efforts. To continue to help evolve optimal future leaders. Peter need's your support. Please make a donation to fully embrace and economically help support KidCast For Peace. We seek to deepen existing alliances and form new ones with organizations and individualss in alignment with this project. We are building on KidCast's success to secure grants and other capitalization. The process of participant identification for KidCast#12: April 22, 2003 has begun. If you would like to play, please let us know by introducing yourself in our KIDCAST Self Selected Participant GUESTBOOK. You may also sign onto our Mailing List for KidCast 12 Participants.

    Why KidCast Exists?

    The world needs an infusion of new ideas and loving connections to defuse the downward spiral of destructive human interactions. KidCast For Peace is part of the heart of a developing network of physical Creativity Cafe's, other "New Schools" and evolutionary organizations being drawn toward cooperative activites. This live and interactive global community forum enables US ALL to suggest how we might heal our differences, hear our needs and feed our spirit as a united Humanity. KidCast taps into the primal creative force so we might listen to possible solutions to personal and planatery problems offered by "kids" from their more "untainted" point of view.

    Who Will Benefit

  • Planet Earth, local and international communities, kids of all ages, students, educators, parents, corporations seeking to market to the technophobic public, education and children's markets.
  • Digital and traditional artists and performers wanting to contribute to a better world and have a showcase and ongoing royalties (cybercash) for their talent.
  • Concerned global citizens wanting to make a difference.
  • Children in hospitals, homes, cyber cafes, orphaniges, in schools and electronic art centers, etc.
  • Those who are physically challenged, economically and/or geographically disadvantaged or just curious about the communications revolution or personal evolution/growth.

    Establishing Self Sufficiency

  • Education in the use of digital storytelling tools including CD-ROM creation, video production and other electronic and print media derived from submitted art, websites and VRML Worlds
  • Creativity Camp training centers that educate, entertain and ensure employment opportunities in the digital age for those submitting, marketing and promoting KidCast For Peace.
  • Sale and licensing of the above digital content to satellite networks, producers, consumers, etc., will provide royalty streams to support the KidCast "artists", program coordinators, content creators and marketing teams (art dowloading tracked by digital watermarks weighted with popularity via instant voting software--when implimented, will initiate micro-cash royalty payments).

    How Will Participants Find Us?

  • Aggressive marketing on the Internet, print, radio and TV, innovative community promotions, direct mail, community outreach projects, editorials and advertising in consumer, trade publications and other various media.

    What Resources Are Required?

  • Contributions of technology, financial support and physical space for ongoing KidCast web site and community development office. Help us maintenance and build a "model" Creativity Cafe Community Visioning Center to train teachers and students in the use of digital storytelling tools.
  • Key Financial Data

  • We are actively seeking all forms of fundraising ideas, donations of money, strategic sponsorships, relationships with investors, corporations, organizations and individuals for building a FOR PROFIT physical place in all neighborhoods, to self fund the NOT FOR PROFIT activities of Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services. "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For a Better World" is an example of the kind of programming we are designing for a network of live, physical and onging community venues. Please consider implimenting an interactive edutainment Creativity Cafe; "New School for the Next Millennium" that is fun to be and work in, in today's rapidly evolving world--in your neighborhood.

    V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Organizational Roles Are Available to Self Selected Participants. Let us know what are you strengths and desires?

    Further information is available upon request. Contact:

    Peter H. Rosen via email: peter@creativity.net, or send a letter stating your interest to Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services, a non profit educational association. All donations are fully tax deductibile. Your support is a pledge toward building a world that works for everyone. Address inquires to:

    V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media
    P.O. BOX 854
    Kihei HI 96753

    Contact: 201.500.8841

    808 875-4747

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