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Free Software will be awarded for best overall KidCast participation as part of this years KidCast For Peace Arts For Social Change Awards. We hope you video conference with us using CU-SeeMe. Be part of the global orchestra in our Natural Musical Instrument Jam! Remember, every day is Earth Day! CU-SeeMe 4/18 Test Results.

Time Zone Map Of Earth Day 2000 KidCast For Peace CU-SeeMe Interactivities

TO WIN PRIZES and FREE SOFTWARE, please read and follow these directions:

In order to be considered a valid submission for"KidCast For Peace; Solutions For a Better World", your project/page must include a logo link back to Creativity Cafe's KidCast Central and fit criteria as advised below, and/or you must be present during one of our CU-SeeMe videoconferences.

TO FULLY PARTICIPATE IN "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For a Better World" , you must use one or more of our logos on your submission page. We suggest using this animated KidCast Peace Coin: http://creativity.net/kidcnt.gif, and linking it to http://creativity.net/kidcast2.html, on your KidCast For Peace page!

Or, if you don't want animations, grab this logo: http://creativity.net/kctitle2000.gif and link it back to KidCast Central (where you are).

We are seeking "SOLUTIONS" for making this a happier, healthier and safer world. Please read brief exhibition/contest instructions at our Arts For Social Change Award page: http://creativity.net/AFSC_2K.html. We can not consider resources without a KidCast For Peace project logo in some form or another on your page.

Build your KidCast for Peace page...include our logo, your analog (scanned) and/or digital art. Include your first name and age, and two sentences describing your "SOLUTION." Send us the URL, then go to our CU-SeeMe Multipoint Reflector page (http://creativity.net/reflect.html) and get some free software to videoconference with us using CU-SeeMe for video/and or chat and sound participation. A perfect example of a KidCast For Peace page can be found here: http://www.hrvatska.com/kidcast/index.html.

You can also make a VRML world submission to add on to our Creativity Cafe's EarthStation. Please POST to our Active World Education Universe; KidCast9 [http://www.activeworlds.com/edu/]. We have 10 free citizenships available. Write us. We will then forward the code you need to make your submission.

You can SUBMIT your SUGGESTION FOR A BETTER WORLD before and beyond Earth Day 2000! All submissions will be posted in Creativity Cafe's "Gallery Of Solutions." We will be AWARDING SOFTWARE for the best submissions (relevant to the themes posted at http://creativity.net/AFSC_2K.html), and for participation in our CU-SeeMe video conference. Winners will be announced in approximately two months. Submissions of URLs arriving after April 23, 2000, will be considered for KidCast#10.

ON EARTH DAY: 4/22/2000, CU-SeeMe Moderation will originate from Maui: 11am to 3pm Maui HAWAII time and possibly before. CLICK for schedule of Interactivities will be posted in KidCast Central, April 21st. This is your final notice and invitiation to participate. Kids of all ages are invited to participate. How would you make it a better world?

This is a grand experiment. Good Luck Everyone!

Harmonically yours,
-Creativity Cafe-

Lovely World

KidCast Central (this page) is constantly being revised for Earth Day, April 22, 2000. Stop back often to find out the latest, or get on the KidCast Mailing List. KidCast For Peace is proud to be part of the Earth Day Network.

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KidCasting Made Easy:

  • 1 -Make Art that suggests how to improve the world and its peoples
  • 2 - Scan your Art
  • 3 -Produce a web site with your Art and/or a multimedia "solution"     include your age, a photo of you (if possible)
            and two sentences that describe your art
  • 4 - Send us the URL
  • 5 - Get the Videoconferencing software
  • 6- Be in our CU-SeeMe Network on Earth Day
  • 7 - Tell us what you need or don't understand.
  • 8 - Completion: Sit back, relax, enjoy and feel good about your participation!
  • The KidCast #9 Button will always be your link to FUN and creative expression! Share your Heart & Art! Take a moment now and make a pledge for peace. This HELP FILE explains everything for fun ways to contribute to this ongoing appeal for "kids" of all ages to heal our planet and its people. Can *you* suggest how to make this a happier, healthier, safer and more peaceful world? We are using White Pine's CU-SeeMe Software with their MultiPoint Conference Server donated by Global SchoolNet Foundation.

    kc8winnerThis project seeks the best interactive participation in our KidCast Video Network and Natural Musical Instrument Jams. We hope you will play in this global family happening for which prizes will be awarded thanks to MetaCreations! We celebrate last year's big winner, Tess Cartwright...here seen getting the prize from Peter Rosen, founder of KidCast For Peace and Creativity Cafe; a "New School for the Next Millennium". Maui Mewes Recycling Performance Troup We are delighted to present Maui Mewes Recycling Performance Troup who also won top honors! You can use this TIME ZONE MAP for planning what time to CU-SeeMe with us. April 22nd moderation will begin at 11am PST (-10 GMT). Spontaineousmulticasts and Inter-Activities will be moderated from KidCast Central and encouraged between all participants who show up anytime on the CU-SeeMe server. This is a grand experiment! Good Luck to everyone!

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