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     KC#7 coordinating messages
    Dekle B. Vickers dvick@gnv.fdt.net KidCast Sponsorship
    by Hawk's Nest Productions @ Howard Bishop Middle School; Gainesville, Fla.
    NASA's 2001 Master Teacher Cadre:   a group of 40 educators nationwide chosen
    by NASA to receive advanced training in educational technology 
    at their  "Classroom of the Future".
    Holly Nichols, hnichols@wpine.com (supplyng Conference Servers for Siggraph KidCast);
    White Pine Software can provide a MeetingPoint conference server to test and broadcast
    Siggraph'98. I configured a conference to test connections, it is available now and is 
    not password protected...
         [BUT WILL BE FOR THE KIDCAST 7/22 & 23. Email Us!
          if you want to get the code and the reflector CONF info sooner]
    Connect to the server using CU-SeeMe: IP Address=
    Join Conference #50 - Siggraph'98 [LOW BANDWITH] NO CODE NEEDED
    High Bandwidth Reflector Conference #???  announced soon [code needed]
    Holly Nichols                   White Pine Software
    Online Promotions               542 Amherst Street      
    603.886.9050 ext. 316   Nashua, NH  03063
    hnichols@wpine.com              http://www.wpine.com
    Expected participants include:
    Admin@alohabooks.com, dolphin@igc.org, hnichols@wpine.com, 
    chrischau@aol.com, peter@creativity.net, admin@tlink.net,superdave@saipan.com, 
    mgertz@hotmail.com,pmcginnas@saipan.com, cherylf@kalama.doe.Hawaii.Edu, paul@mhpcc.edu, 
    dream@maui.net, Chartjwlry@aol.com, davew@well.com, davew@npac.syr.edu, susan1@ckt.net, 
    rraphael@lausd.k12.ca.us, drlee@westworld.com, dvick@gnv.fdt.net, tvasta@sac-co.k12.ca.us, 
    mantonelca@shasta.com, momos@try-net.or.jp, mattison@att.net,KGH07122@niftyserve.or.jp, 
    various@creativity.net .
     Yvonne Marie Andres          President/Curriculum Director
                Global Schoolhouse/Global SchoolNet Foundation 
               7040 Avenida Encinas 104-281, Carlsbad, CA 92009
     yvonne@gsn.org    Voice 760/433-3413 or 760/721-2972  





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