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Earthday, April 22, 1997

An Ongoing Project.

[Betsy Tan]

This fourth KidCast was dedicated to the memory of Dr. Harold Miller, the first multimedia teacher on Maui. We are also shocked to learn and therefore also dedicate this KidCast to Betsy Tan who suddenly passed away. She had participated in every KidCast with her classes at University Of Hawaii, since the beginning.

On this page you will find links to CU-SeeMe images and art from our 4th KidCast For Peace CyberCast. The following pages contain wonderful art and CU-SeeMe frame grabs from this event.

  • Maui KidCast For Peace Website, Earthday, April 22, 1997: 2pm-5pm Hawaii Daylight Time
  • CU-SeeMe Frame Grabs series #1
  • CU-SeeMe Frame Grabs series #2
  • CU-SeeMe Frame Grabs series #3
  • Special Thanks to Tom Wright at Maui Educational Technology Research and Development Center.
  • EarthDay KidCast PRESS RELEASE ....
    Join Cyberspace Citizens To Grow This ONGOING Event and PEACE PLACE!

    Of the previous KidCasts, this one produced the least response. We had prearranged for seven participants to CU-SeeMe with us. Just before the Netcast we sent out messages from Maui to confirm not only those participants, but also the sudden death of Betsy Tan. Those messages were not responded to and of this writing (5/1/97), there has been no confirmation of why those prearranged schools, organizations and cyber cafe's did not confirm their participation and were not online with us?

    That is, all except Yoko who's Telecommunication class in Japan was to participate. She expressed her disappointment and appologies stating that she needed to travel during our link-up time to secure economic support for the program she manages.

    On the positive side, Maui, Hawaii after several years of requests for their participation came out in force. This was in part due to the efforts of Creativity Cafe associate Danial Cohen and Maui Councilmember, J. Kalani English. Many schools and other groups on Maui expressed interest in participating next time if given more notice.

    Sponsorship from Hawaiian Moon Natural Foods enebled us to produce and distribute flyers announcing the KidCast at various locations, stores and events, was directly responsible for the children who's art is linked to on the Maui KidCast For Peace page, and for drawing about 20 others from the Maui community to participate with us at the Maui Telecommunication Center. -Peter-

    We wish to thank the following for their support without which, this Netcast would not have been possible:

    Maui Community College
    Creativity Cafe's "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For A Better World"
    was hosted by Maui Research And Technology Center
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    KidCast For Peace alive

    This fourth KidCast For Peace Cybercast originated from Maui Research & Technology Center & with support from Maui Community College. Participating CU-SeeMe sites included MRTC, MCC Media Center on Maui, Mt. Vernon NY. & Internet Cafe Honolulu, Hawaii.

    Special thanks to:

    Check out this example of a perfect KidCast For Peace web site.
    WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO PARTICIPATE. Let us know you have followed the instructions to create a KidCast For Peace Web site. Then email us it's URL. We will add it to our VRML EarthStation and participant resources.

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