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Our April 22, 1998 KidCast

[KidCast Central Button]Use the KidCast#6 button to go directly to Earthday KidCast Inter-Activities.

The KidCast #6 Button will always be your link to FUN! Share your Heart & Art! Please take a moment now and contribute to this ongoing appeal for "kids" of all ages to suggest how to make this a Happier, Healthier, Safer and more Peaceful Planet!

You can build your personal or group KidCast For Peace Web site at any time to express your visions for a better world, and to add to our EarthStation currently "circling" cyberspace. Send us it's URL, then, be ready to gather with us in a 24 hour interactive CU-SeeMe Videoconference/Multicast. Other exciting interactive technologies, some invented by our cooperating sponsor in this very special KidCast#6; Institute For Interventional Informatics, will enable more voices to be heard...and promise MORE interactivities! We hope you will participate in this global family happening! Let us know your intentions so we can coordinate the activities you are interested in and the timing for hooking up with you??? This is a grand experiment, Good Luck to everyone!

Our Community Forum has the official acceptance that KidCast For Peace will be part of the Siggraph '98 Computer Graphics Convention in Orlando, Florida; July 1998.

KidCast For Peace features:

  • Live Cu-SeeMe video interaction
  • Natural Instrument Music Jams
  • Art Creation (analog and digital)
  • Realtime MIDI Musical Instrument Jams
  • Talk City KidCast Chat Room
  • Palace AVATAR Environment
  • Web site and VRML World Exhibition
  • Poetry & Story Writing
  • Theater LIVE!

    and many more exciting KidCast Inter-Activities!

  • We encourage you to subscribe to the KidCast email list for participants, sponsors and supporters of the KidCast CU-SeeMe videoconferences and other KidCast Activities. Current messages fo KC#6 are in our KidCast Community Forum Message Base.

    We still need volunteer hosts for the Palace environment, and Talk City KidCast chat room. Please email us if you can help out?

    We are grateful to our sponsors and supporters, united in facilitating this project! An example can be found in the wonderful KidCast calendar listing at The White Pine (CU-SeeMe Software) site!

    Welcome To Our Creativity Café Family!
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