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We are ever grateful for those in support of
"KidCast For Peace; Solutions For A Better World"
Here are some recent KidCast For Peace links.

  • KidCast 7 & 8 Documentation
  • Global Schoolhouse KidCast page
  • White Pine KidCast Support Page
  • http://www.3dsite.com/3dsite/cgi/publications/tess/issue46.html 3D Magazine
    Call for EarthStation Submissions
  • I've added a link to Kidcast for Peace from Cyberkids home page http://www.cyberkids.com/ with the byline "Solutions for a Better World." Let me know what you think. > Grant Rauscher > Mountain Lake Software, Inc.
  • Live Events on the Web ON NOW LISTING
  • Global SchoolNet Web Of Peace; Global School Net
  • Millennium Institute Award for KidCast
  • KidCast Installation SIGGRAPH; Orlando FLA July 19-24, 1998
  • Hawk's Nest Productions Brough entire computer lab to SIGGRAPH in support of KidCast!!!!
  • School District Curriculum for Earth Day KidCast
  • Real Audio Interview with Peter Rosen on RadioNet
  • =============================================
    HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION. To jump to human rights course syllabi click here. Artists Against Racism. http://www.vrx.net/aar. Artists Against Racism is a...
    http://www.umn.edu/humanrts/links/education.html - size 24K - 7-Jan-98 - English - Translate

    2. No Title

    Month Home][Global SchoolNet Home] [Global Schoolhouse Home] [Index] [Search the Archives] CUSEEME> Join Us for our Earthday KidCast for Peace -...
    http://archives.gsn.org/cu-seeme-schools/0497/0014.html - size 4K - 24-Apr-97 - English - Translate

    3. THEATRE

    LINKS  PAGE------- Friends and Interests. - - THE EUROPEAN CYBER GALLERY OF MODERN ART. - --Glisco Visions-- CYBERSAYERS....
    http://www.lumonicslightandsound.com/page8.htm - size 10K - 13-Dec-97 - English - Translate

    4. No Title

    Month Home][Global SchoolNet Home] [Global Schoolhouse Home] [Index] [Search the Archives] CUSEEME> KidCast For Peace: Children to hold Court in...
    http://archives.gsn.org/cu-seeme-schools/0397/0013.html - size 9K - 18-Mar-97 - English - Translate

    5. Bookmarks for Marvin Bratt

    Bookmarks. Apple Hardware and Software Resellers Macintosh Publications Multimedia Software Developers Support and Information Ohio State Coursework Kids.. - size 30K - 12-Oct-97 - English - Translate

    6. CU-SEEME-Schools Archive: CUSEEME> (7/3) Creativity Cafe@Marin County Fair

    Home] [Back to Message Index] Global SchoolNet - Automated Message Archive. CUSEEME> (7/3) Creativity Cafe@Marin County Fair -KidCast Press Release....
    http://archives.gsn.org/cu-seeme-schools/1996/0160.html - size 6K - 11-Mar-97 - English - Translate

    7. Peace in general

    Peace and disarmament: Peace in general. General resources. Directories. International peace and security on-line database (Social Science Research...
    http://www.cfcsc.dnd.ca/links/peace/peaceg.html - size 10K - 27-Jan-98 - English - Translate

    8. Scoop Cybersleuth's Internet Guide - Pen Pals

    Pen Pals -- Jumbo --Penpals, chat rooms and lots of content for kids. FreeZone --Easy to use chat rooms on the Internet. SpeakOut! --Worldwide forum for...
    http://scoop.evansville.net/penpals.html - size 2K - 5-Jun-97 - English - Translate

    9. Introduction

    Media in Research Final Project. PART 1 - Introduction. To start your final project you need to find a partner and evaluate the 3 Judi Harris projects...
    http://www-ed.fnal.gov/linc/projects/cieslak/PageMillDocs/Intro.html - size 4K - 19-Jul-96 - English - Translate

    10. Celebrate WORLD PEACE 2000

    New Year's Day 2000 has been declared WORLD PEACE DAY. The World Peace 2000 Network is a loose association of individuals and organizations working
    http://www.worldpeace2000.com/ - size 22K - 6-Jan-98 - English - Translate


    Creativity Cafe KidCast Hotlinks from past events.
    Try putting this into your Altavista search engine: link:http://creativity.net/kidcast2.html

    and discover many more KidCast supporters we don't know about, or who are in the process of participating like Richard Diaz of creating his work in progress!

    Let the "kid" in *you* OUT!
    "KidCast For Peace" NetCast:
    Start NOW to offer your visions of peace for this ongoing event!
    Details: http://creativity.net/kidcast2.html

    a project of
    Visionary Artists' Resources Including Other Unique Services
    Facilitating the expression of artists...
    ...using technology for Humanity

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