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TIME ZONES FOR Creativity Cafe's

KidCast For Peace#10: April 22, 2001
You will also be able to link to Creativity Cafe's VRML EarthStation

revised to VRML 2.0! The original creator of our EarthStation; C. Scott Young, the VRML Knight, was last seen circling cyberspace!

WATCH FOR KidCast UPDATES in Creativity Cafe's Community forum and KidCast#10 message boards.

God bless and GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! Please fill out the form below and participate!

a Concerned Citizen


MetaCreations has donated software to be awarded to the best KidCast For Peace Entries. Stay tuned for more information regarding our interactive voting site under construction.

Kids around the world are poised to participate with art and Natural "instruments" in our interactive media jam when ever the mood strikes us! Free form and spontaineous CU-SeeMe sessions will take place hosted by self selected moderators. We are attempting to solidfy times in advance with existing and developing participants. The up to date moderation and Broadcast Schedule can be found at http://creativity.net/reflect.html.

Everyone of every age is invited to participate at cyber and live locations. Come prepared to offer a KidCast Suggestion. You can even use a library computer!

"KidCast For Peace; Solutions For A Better World" preperation is easy: 1. Answer this question in a sentence or two: "What do you think it would take to make this a better world, and how would you accomplish it?" Include your NAME and AGE ( REMEMBER: any age can play). The younger the better but even YOU, dear one over 20, would be wise to add your sugggestion! Let your imagination run wild and your heart be your guide!

2. Make an image with analog (felt tip pens, etc.) or digital media that supports and or illustrates your statement above. Scan the art and put your KidCast submission(s) on a web site. Call it KidCast For Peace and give the artists name and age along with the pictures. Send V.A.R.I.O.U.S. the URL. Be ready for step three:

3. Make a "musical" instrument out of things you collected and/or from Nature. Then join us for a global CU-SeeMe Videoconference to share your art and your heart...and to participate in the FIRST EVER Natural Muscial Instrument CyberSpace Jam!

The CU-SeeMe software we use is available for downloading at http://creativity.net/reflect.html. If you don't have a camera for the computer, you can still use the software to watch everybody, listen to our interactions and chat interactively using the CU-SeeMe CHAT window.

That's all folks...Easy, eh? More KidCast participation information can be found at the help page: http://creativity.net/KidCast/kc6help.html.

This year's KidCast For Peace is On Sunday so we don't expect a lot of interaction. Just wait til next year (or before)!

Please fill out as much info as possible if you intend to participate!

Your Local KidCast Coordinator's Name:
Your Local KidCast Coordinator's Email:

Submitting Organization:
KidCast participant address information as you would like it to be reproduced: Street address: City: State: Zip Code: Country: Email:

What medium is your artwork in originally?

Computer Art
Mixed Media
What KidCast Inter-Activities are you planning to engage in?

CU-SeeMe Videoconference
Writing/Essay or Poem
Natural Musical Instrument Jam
Performance of a Song For Peace

Are samples of your artwork available on the internet via the WWW, E-Mail or FTP?
If so please enter the address information below.

URL/FTP Information:

If you do not already have work on-line, do you have access to a scanner,
digital camera, or other means of getting your artwork into a digital format? yes no

Additional comments?

Please let us know what you thought of Creativity Cafe?

If you would like to become a sponsor of
KidCast For Peace, please contact us!

Let the "kid" in *you* OUT!
"KidCast For Peace" NetCasts and Web site exhibition/competition
Start NOW to offer your visions of peace for this ongoing event!
Details: http://creativity.net/kidcast2.html

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