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Solutions for a Better World

An Ongoing Project.

Our 4th KidCastFor Peace Cybercast took place
Earthday, April 22, 1997
2pm-5pm Hawaii Daylight Time

Join Cyberspace Citizens To Grow This ONGOING Event and PEACE PLACE!

Check out this example of a perfect KidCast For Peace web site.
WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO PARTICIPATE. Let us know you have followed the instructions below to create a KidCast For Peace Web site. Then email us it's URL. We will add it to our VRML EarthStation and participant resources below.

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Creativity Cafe will be hosting the KidCast
at Maui Community College

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    Past Press Releases

    Join kids of all ages in our fourth "KidCast For Peace" CU-SeeMe multicast on the Internet and physical locations all over the world. Learn how to use multimedia storytelling tools, then express your VISIONS OF PEACE in our KidCast! Anyone can play (see below).

    For more information call 415 776-0821,
    watch this site, and check out these past releases..

    Second Marin County Fair Release
    First Marin County Fair Release

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    Solutions; A Cu-SeeMe KidCast for Peace

    Fri, 15 Mar 1996
    Subject: CUSEEME> Solutions; A Cu-SeeMe KidCast for Peace

    Greetings Dear Cyber Friend and member of the press,

    You are hearby invited to participate in this years "KidCast for Peace"-- a Cyber event and physical Earthday Celebration.

    We are currently building a VRML "EarthStation" as a repository for poems, QuickTime movies, web sites, images, short stories and animation created by Children of all ages with their solutions for a better world. While our focus is on K-12 kids, everyone is invited to participate.

    This live and cyberspace event is being planned for Earthday weekend (April 19-22, 1996) and beyond. We would like it to be at the scale of the recent "24 Hours in Cyberspace" only with a focus on "solutions" from a children's point of view. We need your help to make this event a success. As you know, the most amazing things are possible in the shortest amount of time...given the connectivity we have to each other through the internet.

    We are again asking the younger generations for their assistance in helping us heal ourselves and our planet. We want to know what they think, and what steps we should take, to insure a more peaceful and abundant world community.

    You can check out pictures and the press release from our very first Creativity Cafe KidCast at: <>.

    The original messages that kindled this event are in the community forum.

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    Demonstrate your interest and indicate your level of participation from among the possibilities below (or suggest one not listed):

  • Teacher Organizing a Cu-SeeMe or similar high bandwidth transmission
  • Teacher organizing the creation of homepages by their class with each child's vision of peace
  • Individual wanting to contribute your vision of peace
  • Individual wanting to assist in the construction of a VRML modeled Creativity Cafe (already under way)
  • Organization seeking to participate
  • Sponsor wanting to help defray the cost of production
  • Sponsor wanting to donate hardware and software to enhance the physical or cyberspace event
  • Investor wanting to assist Creativity Cafe in the birth of it's first permanent physical location.
  • Investor wanting to assist Creativity Cafe in the birth of it's programming as a model; "New School for the Next Millennium"
  • Concerned world citizen wanting to make a difference
  • Production assistant for our cyberspace and/or physical (SF only at this point) event.
  • Email your response to Visionary Artists' Resources Including Other Unique Services, the event's initial sponsor at with "KidCast" in the subject field.

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    Once the KidCast forum is up and running, it will remain in the EarthStation circling cyberspace, ready to be added to on an ongoing basis. We intend it to serve as a reminder that there are many solutions to the personal and global challenges that face us....that wisdom comes from a higher source, and that people of all ages--tapping into the creative force--can turn things around in a world that has been constantly at war fighting the ravages of starvation, homelessness, disease, poverty, and fear.

    Will you help us tap into this great wealth of our most abundant resource...the children and the Child in all of us? If so, please participate in this ongoing "KidCast for Peace" project featuring kids (of all ages) sharing their hopes and dreams for a more positive future. You can organize in schools, cybercafes, art centers and homes around the world with computer resources. Please pass information about this event on to those you think would appreciate it.


    We liked the following offered by
    Glenna Voegle so much describing her Habitat II Summit project, we thought we would use it to describe the theme of "Solutions; A CU-SeeMe KidCast For Peace". KidCast For Peace has been inserted where ever she mentions Habitat II, otherwise the words are as she wrote them. Thank you Glenna for these words that speak to many of us!

    1. To support and cooperate with other organizations and individuals with regards to improving the living environment of all people on a sustainable basis through recognizing and promoting individual and community involvement

    2. To establish a communication-action network of children, youth and adults, working through mutual support and enrichment towards understanding, cooperation and sustainability that will continue to effect change beyond the KidCast For Peace

    3. To discover ways to increase the effectiveness of communication of the voices of children and youth

    4. To give increased awareness and support to the concept that children and youth, when invited to participate in designing their future, will most often take positive steps of action and should therefore be given the opportunity to work in partnership and to have representation and input on local, national and international levels

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming....

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    Welcome to the KidCast

    Read messages from people, organizations and corporations offering to participate in this year's Earthday KidCast For Peace,

    Count Us In!

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    Date: Thu, 28 Mar 1996
    Glenna Voegle
    Subject: Re: Voices of the Next Generation

    "Every generation must be free to remake the world anew." (Thomas Paine) The "KidCast For Peace" provides us with an excellent opportunity to do this by challenging us to examine our relationships with one another and with our living environments.Choosing to "imagine" a destiny rather than to "inherit" one, directions become clearer,ideas for action emerge and the growth of creative participation effects positive change.

    Vision Statement We envision a world that is safe, healthy and just, with sustainable environments that support the individual, the community, the planet. We believe that through awareness and involvement, we can create an atmosphere of positive and common goals which will enhance our understanding of the connectedness and interdependencies of all forms of life, all processes of knowing and being. By uniting our visions, goals, and actions, we will develop the bonding and communication needed to strengthen us through our collective commitment. Working in partnership as children, youth, and adults, we celebrate our differences and similarities, increase respect for our surroundings and assist one another in our quest to become guardians of the earth and caretakers of the future.


    The Reason We are Doing This


    From Vision to Action
    Networking with other individuals and groups to share ideas and resources and to provide and experience support and encouragement (developed on local, state, national and international levels through organizations and schools, including (but not limiting to) forums (group discussions), computer networking and gatherings

    By increasing the understanding that the arts are a healing force and a means of universal communication and bonding, we have the power to transform communities and individual lives. By reinforcing awareness that the arts may be used to improve education, to revitalize our cities, to bring families and communities closer and to provide effective alternatives to violence, they are then included in the community-based, national and international plans of action (i.e. videos, audios, and publications, utilizing music, drama, dance, photography, visual arts, etc. ).

    We are thankful to Glenna for the above.

    For more information contact: Glenna Voegle @ Habitat II Summit
    Voices of the Next Generation Project Ideas and Registration for Children and Youth

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    for Membership Information and Sponsorship Opportunities

    Past Participant List:

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    Technical Requirements:

    CU-SeeMe Information

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    WHAT TO SUBMIT - Creating KidCast Content



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