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You will need a
VRML viewer
available at participating
company web sites and
elsewhere on the Net
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Special Thanks to Paul Hugel and the S.A.V.E. Maui program for saving the EarthStation from neglect and for giving it a new home!

We recommend Live3d as the best VRML browser for this project

We are proud to include the following 3-D software companies participating in "Solutions; A CU-SeeMe KidCast For Peace"


  • Caligari Software; trueSpace4 VRML


  • Dimensional Graphics

    CCs original VRML KidCast EarthStation Contractor: C. Scott Young; The VRML Knight

  • ParaGraph International
    visit their KidCast content creation station in KidCast Central. They are offering short term Free 3-D world building software and EarthStation templates. Contact: John Poluektov

  • Macromedia

  • MediaCast:

    Internet Communication Tools Made for Contact! Jon Luini

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