September 2003 newsletter: Fears or Blessings

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Posted by Ken Page ( on September 13, 2003 at 20:59:26:

September, 2003 Message from Ken – Fears or Blessings _______________________________________________________________________

• Fears or Blessings
• My Secret to Freedom
• The New Book

Fears or Blessings
September has always held varying degrees of importance to each of us. Even more so, now that September 11 has been engrained into all our psyches. It has changed what we know as reality, or what may be safe, and all of us have been touched. I think that’s the wrong word – more like ‘pushed over’. The war, economy, jobs, air travel, what is true – everything has been changed.

September is also my birth month. When I was young, I’d sit in the back yard on Labor Day, afraid of what was going to happen to me when I went back to school the next day. Most of all, I wanted to be invisible when it came to going to school. You see, I could barely read or spell until I was about 14 years old. In school, I had been taught to read by sight. In my freshman year of high school, I brought home an ‘F’ in English. That grade restricted me to the yard for 6 months – imprisoned by my brain. It was a time when I thought I was not smart, that surely everyone else in the world was smarter than me. Little did I realize at the time, that my path would be so affected by those feelings. They set me in a direction of having to prove that I was special. Unfortunately, my way of proving that, even to myself, was by competing with everything. I had to be the Best at something – I would pursue this my entire life, looking for this place within myself.

At that time, the word ‘Dyslexia’ was foreign to most educators, school counselors, parents and doctors. After my grade in English, my parents hired a private tutor who taught me phonics. Once I understood phonics, things became easier and simpler. I still had a hard time with spelling. So, as I got older, I became good at running companies. When you’re in that position, and making money for your company, they give you a secretary! I could spell very well through them. Their abilities made me safe with my handicap.

Time magazine, - July 28, 2003 edition has a great article on ‘Dyslexia’. New brain research using sophisticated imaging techniques has identified those specific regions within the brain that analyze the printed word, recognize its sound and then, automate the actual process of reading that word. For the first time, I learned the way my brain works – that’s a pretty scary finding at my age, but a great birthday present. I knew if I could hold out long enough, there would be a reason I was different. I finally liked the fact that I was special. It was good to see this old feeling go by and pass on. It was also reassuring to know that I was in such famous company. Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Agatha Christie, Jay Leno and Tom Cruise are among the dyslexics whose self-confidence was also challenged at an early age.

I have found that the spoken word is far different than the written word. I write and tape my thoughts for my newsletters and books. My brain works in high-speed mode – thoughts and ideas sometimes come so fast, I have to get them down on paper or dictate them quickly. Having to stop to conform to grammar rules or figure out how to correctly spell a word or how it goes into a particular sentence, often slows down my abilities to express myself as quickly as my brain can think. That is often frustrating and I’ve needed others to help in editing my words. By relying on others, there were times in the past when I felt inadequate or not smart. Having to rely or be dependent upon others to express yourself in written form can affect your relationships and the way you look at success. If you read my autobiography and some of the information in my newsletters, you can glimpse into my own personal challenges. These experiences allowed me to explore the fine line of being dependent upon someone and not becoming co-dependent.

Currently, I am reading: “Overcoming Dyslexia”, Shaywitz, Sally (Random House, 2003), which Time magazine highly praised as lifting the barrier of ignorance, and replacing it with trusted knowledge, hope and help for many young people and adults. I am also finding the ‘Get the Edge’ tapes by Tony Robbins to be quite helpful in my everyday life. ( As he quotes Herodotus “The destiny of man is in his own soul”. More exciting reading is coming from my old friend Tom Kenyon’s new book “The Magdalene Manuscript” which he wrote with Judi Sion. ( “Esoteric Healing” by Alice Bailey has been in my personal library for years. Imagine my surprise and delight when a good friend stated he was comparing it to my “The Heart of Soul Healing” book. We have a very large library, which we are working to create with Ancient Wisdom Centre in Boone. The spiritual part of that Centre is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. Tax-deductible receipts are given to donors for books, videos, audio books and audio courses.

The unique wiring of the brain of a dyslexic challenges us to come at solutions from novel or surprising angles and make conceptual leaps rather than linear or step-by-step sequential solutions. Dyslexics talk about being able to see things in 3-D. My early struggle with reading prepared me in a better way for dealing with a rapidly volatile and fast-changing world. For many years, September was a scary month for me – not knowing what I would experience at school. That fear forced me to look at myself through different 3-D lenses.

How do you look at your fears? Are they real? A 1997 scientific poll performed by Opinion Research Corp. International stated that more than 54% of Americans fear being in a car crash, followed by 53% who fear having cancer. What I also found amazing was that 50% of the individuals polled feared there would be inadequate social security when they retired; 35% feared getting Alzheimer’s; 16% fear exposure to electromagnetic fields – and the list goes on and on and on. Seems we are afraid of everything. One thing I know for sure, fear is very destructive to our own balance and can bring great stress to our body. Fear and worry about a potential outcome is often more harmful than the actual outcome. Unwarranted fears actually reduce our ability to feel safe by distracting us from information that might be relevant. Our own intuition sends true fear to us to warn us of danger. All too often, people ignore that gift by dwelling on unwarranted fears. Worry is the fear we manufacture, and those who choose to worry certainly have a wide range of supposed dangers to dwell upon. Worry and fear keep us stuck in our past.

My dyslexia created a fear that I felt was real, as it assumed a certain power over me. That fear forced me to develop my creative side, so in essence it became a blessing for me. Having to find creative solutions for problems that my brain could comprehend, became a lifelong challenge that led me to my work today. Competing with others and mostly my own self, created “Heart & Soul Healing” – a technique that was unique, like me.

Ask yourself – what am I afraid of? What am I worried about? Is that fear holding me – frozen in time? So there you have it – a challenge for each of you - to look at what you perceive to be a problem or fear in an area of your life; to use your intuitive gift to discern if it is a true fear or if it is unwarranted worry and dread, then to recognize it as a blessing and turn it into your own unique strength! Now that September 11 has occurred, I am required to look at September all over again.

My Secret to Freedom

So why am I telling you another personal secret about myself? Because I’m going to give each of you – everyone – all of the secrets that have been given to me. All of the secrets of the mystery schools, of the ancient wisdom of the ages – everything I know. We are at this time working diligently on putting all my books – free - on the website: To some of you, that might not sound like such a big deal. For me, this represents all my life’s passion and work. ‘The Heart of Soul Healing’ has taken me some 18 years to complete. The first part is already on the website. The middle part of the book contains a complete detailed instruction for doing a ‘Heart & Soul Healing’ session. The end of the book shares actual case histories from private sessions – giving a true perspective of the effect this healing can have on an individual. The ‘Philosophy and Application Manual’ can be a great day-to-day workbook and an in-depth self study for spiritual growth. An updated, edited version of ‘The Way It Works’ is also coming. Free – from me to you. What this will do is share my work in the greatest way I know – making it freely available to everyone. By doing this, my work stands by itself. There is nothing more I need prove to anyone – I am free.

A New Book

Another announcement: Beginning next month, this newsletter will consist of continuing chapters in a new book entitled “Why Healers Get Sick”. I’ve been writing some of these past newsletters and now, this new book with Nancy Nester. We have much information dealing with the energetics involved when one shares abilities to assist others in their own healing process. Individuals in the healing arts and everyone who provides a service to anyone else in any fashion will benefit from the insights we have gathered through thousands of personal healing sessions. We are now teaching “Healing the Healer – Why Healers Get Sick”, an experiential workshop which provides specific techniques to maintain energetic clarity for health and well-being. If you have interest in bringing this workshop to your area, please contact the Institute at 1-800-809-1290, Tel/Fax: (828) 26309339), or email us:

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