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Posted by Peter Rosen ( on August 17, 2003 at 16:09:06:

There is something going on or haven't you noticed? No, I am not talking about the breakdown of human values, or the crumbling of society as we know it... In the struggle to hang on to the status quo, one thing is forgotten by those in control (with the money).... people are fed up!

There is an undercurrent of empowered and authentic individuals who are coming to become aware of each other in very short order. Imagine if you will a building being built with invisible bricks. Each goes in a certain place, at a certain time in order for the construction to progress with a strong foundation. We build on the very earth that was rock once...until the eons of time and the winds of change pulverized rock into the softest of soil. Imagine now that the "ettiquette" of current societies of the world have shifted. Rather than waging war we are waging PEACE. WE SEEK OUT WAYS to support those less fortunate for the sole motivation of wanting to assist their self sustainability... and that for each country's peoples of varying race, religion, ethics, motivation , values and level of self-understanding/awareness, there is a facility designed to maximize the pontential of these folks to server each other and our world.... THAT MY FRIEND, is what we are up to here at Creativity Cafe.

Are you one of the invisible bricks building this evolving community service center (or a node of light like it) of the highest order? A place of healing and revealing, creativity and inspiration? What part do YOU bring? What song have you to sing? What is your interest if anything? In helping to move Creativity Cafe forward into the physical manifestation it is being designed for...with you one of the designers? Let us know?

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