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Posted by CCafe ( on August 11, 2003 at 12:42:32:

In Reply to: radio and tv station posted by joya on August 03, 2003 at 04:48:18:

From: "V.A.R.I.O.U.S.-HI"
Date: Mon Aug 11, 2003 6:30:51 AM Pacific/Honolulu
To: peter@creativity.net
Subject: [V.A.R.I.O.U.S.-HI] Positive Media Paves the Way for Creativity Cafe - Star Party
Reply-To: "V.A.R.I.O.U.S.-HI"

Greetings Friends of Creativity Cafe. Art and Technology for a better world.

Creativity Cafe was founded to facilitate the expression of positive media and to nurture creative spirit in everyone. We congratulate our NY associate Rick Ulfik and his We, the World team in their success toward this end. See their information below for Party details and how you can participate in the expression of more positive life affirming media.

We will be submitting KidCast for Peace material to them - from our recent teleactivity that connected kids and schools on Maui, Australia and California. Have yourself a look at sample snips: http://creativity.net/KidCast/movies/kc12TV-Finigan.mov and http://creativity.net/KidCast/kc12/kc12-Pages/Image8.html. FWI, We are developing a final edit of our last KidCast for release in January 2004.

Get ready for our annual media party under the stars celebration of the Perseid Meteor Shower. This year the peak comes after dark this Tuesday night starting around 11pm until first light of Wednesday morning. Anyone interested in joining us on Maui, please contact the V.A.R.I.O.U.S. office at 808.875.4747 for details or just meet us out at La Perouse (where the dolphins play). The plan is to stay/sleep out all night and swim with our ancient friends in the morning. Details: http://comets.amsmeteors.org/meteors/showers/perseids.html. (bring musical instruments, telescopes, kids, snacks, hot coffee, hot chocolate, friends, futons and fun light toys. I will be teaching spirit body photography, so bring your camera if you can lock open the shutter, and a flashlight.

Take good care of each other. Many Blessings and Peace,

Peter Rosen
founder Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services (V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media, 501c3)

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On Sunday, August 10, 2003, at 03:34 PM, Rick Ulfik wrote:

(Please accept our apologies if you receive this more than once!)

Dear Folks,

We've had a tremendous response after the first airing of our TV show Visual Voices, with requests to re-air it coming from many different cities around the country!

Visual Voices is a collaborative media project sponsored by the Foundation for Ethics and Meaning and Co-Sponsored by We, The World. We invite you to be part of the process, produce or co-produce a segment for a show, and work with others contributing your ideas and talents! You can even produce a 5-7 minute segment independently for the show (wherever you are located) in consultation with us about the content and format.

Our next air date is coming up August 26th (see details below) and we'd like to invite you to our next planning meeting:

WHEN: Monday, August 11th, 2003 7-9:30pm
WHERE: 211 E. 43rd Street #710 between 2nd and 3rd Avenues
in Manhattan, New York City
RSVP: Reply to this email or call 212 867-0846.
The Importance of the Media Literacy movement
And the role of Visual Voices

Is it news or is it PR hype?!! A new book has been released that confirms the importance of raising the public's Media Literacy IQ! It's called Weapons of Mass Deception, The Uses of Propaganda in Bush's War on Iraq The authors Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber have agreed to be on an upcoming segment of Visual Voices.

One of our goals with Visual Voices is to help raise awareness and understanding about how the commercial media is often used to sway public opinion, for example about critical government policies (such as going to war with Iraq). Madison Avenue can be used to sell fear and war as well as beer and cars. Based on what Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber have uncovered, there's no more important time than now for us to help raise this awareness.

And we have a great way to get the word out and contribute to the Media Literacy Movement: Visual Voices!

Below are details about the following:

? 1. Next airing information for Visual Voices
? 2. Media Portal kick off event: Launch reception and party for HumanityChannel.org & Joya.tv
? 3. Complete Description of Visual Voices TV Show

I hope you make it to the Visual Voices planning meeting on Monday, and the HumanityChannel Launch Party. Please RSVP.

Take care,

Rick Ulfik
Co-Chair, Foundation for Ethics and Meaning
Founder and Director, We, The World

1. Next airing of VISUAL VOICES:
Tuesday August 26th at 7:30PM Eastern Time!

Watch it from anywhere in the world live on the web!!! http://www.mnn.org
Or if you or friends of yours live in Manhattan, SET THOSE VCR TIMERS or check it out live.

DATE:  Tuesday August 26, 2003
TIME: 7:30PM Eastern Time
CHANNEL: Time Warner Cable Manhattan Channel 34, RCN Cable Manhattan Channel 107
WEBCAST: http://www.mnn.org
LENGTH: Half Hour Show

2. Media portal kick off event:
HumanityChannel.org & Joya.tv

WHEN: Tuesday, August 12th, 2003 6:30pm - .....
WHERE: at Westbeth Gallery, 55 Bethune Street between West Street and Washington St. South and West of 14th Street and 8th Avenue in the West Village of Manhattan.
RSVP: joya@joya.tv
COST: Free

Please spread the word:

For more info:

2 Messages from Joya Comeaux, media producer (HumanityChannel.org, joya.tv):

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that the following email has gone out to 1500 media makers in New York City.

Please join us and bring your projects so that we can get some "face to face" collaborations for media projects that will lift the planet.

"soul-utions" media are co-created with nonprofits, artists and anyone wanting to get their word out and market their current or future projects.

Together we can make a difference worldwide.

Let's co-create the model here in New York and then together take it to the world.



Dear Fellow Media Makers,

Please see event directions + information at:


We are interested in building community with media makers around the world to showcase their talents and build co-created media collaborations that feed the world love based "soul-utions."

We are also interested in building a portal that supports media makers worldwide in interacting with other media makers around the world so that we can utilize and support live broadcasting and online interaction.

This Tuesday we are hosting an event in the West Village and would love all of you to join us to help kick off this vision and to find the way that best works for you to be a part of it.

The intent is to do what you love to do and make money doing it by supporting each other in getting our word out to the world.

joya.tv http://www.joya.tv is an all digital media portal that is being funded to give you a voice.

Please come and share your visual voices with us:

Westbeth presents "SOUL" Stories of Urban Legends

Tuesday, August 12, 7:15 p.m. An Evening with Kam Soar (New York) - kamsoar.com

"Soar redefines what it means to be a boulevardier or flaneur. Now we get to go with him. Asked to take a camera, he accepted. In no time at all, he cajoles us into a jest with New York's low life. To him they are legends. You're invited."
- Antonio Gout de Montellano

Evening provided by Joya.tv and Arnold Wechsler

Drinks at 6:30pm + afterparty

Screening starts 7:15pm Afterparty music by Gabrielle - mudmusic.com

We would like to make this a wireless event, and do a live radio broadcast...... Your technical assistance, setup help, food and beverages to share, and your co-creative participation is welcome and appreciated.

3. Visual Voices Show Description
Visual Voices is a project of the Arts & Media Task Force
of the Foundation for Ethics and Meaning

A new and unusual look at how
voices in media, the arts and beyond
are shaping our world.


We seek to raise the awareness of those who produce, distribute and/or appreciate the arts and media about the impact they have on society at large.

We believe that:

1) life-affirming media and artistic creations can influence people positively, and

2) people are yearning on some level for meaningful connection to others, which seems impaired by our prevailing cultural emphasis on materialism.

Our vision, therefore, is to increase the role of media and the arts as transmitters of cultural values that encourage a spirit of caring and mutual recognition as well as to challenge the dominance of material self-interest that marginalizes this important cultural role of media and the arts.

This show will focus on media issues and the impact of the arts and media on society as transmitters of cultural values and norms. It will utilize energy, support and content from many media groups, activists, and people in the arts. We will showcase groups like Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting, the Independent Media Center Network, MediaRights, MediaTank, and MediaChannel.org and it's many affiliate groups, and many others. We will also feature people who are using their artistic skills to create a caring, just and sustainable world. Wherever possible we intend to engage and inform our audience using humor, entertainment and inspiration.

3-5 Minute Segments Currently in Production (with tentative working titles):

Better Media, Better World (Examples of responsible, positive media)

Segment Producers:
Maria Sarro

Making a Difference through the Arts (featuring people who are using their artistic talents to better the world)

Segment Producers:
Meredith Manna
Rob Freudenberg

Media Messages Matter Most (how the major media create powerful norms in our society - some of which can be hazardous to your health!) - A look at the lives of Norm and Norma Normale (the exceptionally average American media consumers).

Segment Producer:
Rick Ulfik

Raising Your Media IQ (Media Literacy "Class") - Our sometimes wacky Professor P.R. Spinn reviews the difference between PR, news and propaganda; who owns the media; how and why spin is accomplished; and occasionally slips in a plug for the Professor's Mega- Conglomerate sponsor!

Segment Producer:
Rick Ulfik
Jerry Spivak

Behind The Headlines - Connecting the Dots (revealing aspects of major news stories not covered by the commercial media)

Media Consolidation

The Digital Spectrum Giveaway

Corporate And Self-Censorship In The Media

Entertainment And The De-Politization Of America (And The World)

Corporate Ownership Of The Media Skews the Vision and Goals of the Media Away From Common Public Concerns and Toward Special Profit Interests of Private Corporations

Violence in the Media

Media and Arts Activism, Upcoming Events

Expanding Independent and Alternative Media

Airing Film Shorts and Documentaries

Role of the Arts in Social Change Movements

Radio Concerns And Activism: Getting WEVD back on the air, the latest with Pacifica/WBAI, Low-Power/Community Radio Issues, Talk Radio's Impact On Politics, etc.

Taking Back Public Space From Corporate Advertising

Branding, Ads And Consumerism

How Media Spin Sells Public Policy

How Corporate Media Are Used To "Manufacture Consent" For War, Building Prisons, Stiff Sentencing, Rollbacks Of Civil Liberties, Etc.

How Media Coverage Affects Government Legislation And Policy (Defense Spending, Missile Shields, Etc), Health Issues, Education, Elections, Violence, Environmental Issues, Ethnic Profiling, Attitudes Towards Particular Groups of People, Attitudes Towards Animals, Etc.

Who Decides What Becomes News?

Media Cynicism (Cloaked As Realism) And The Assault On Idealism

The Media Literacy Movement (SEE ABOVE - Raising Your Media IQ)

Understanding How Arts And Media Act As Transmitters Of Cultural Values And Norms (SEE ABOVE - Media Messages Matter Most)

Some of these values and norms are destructive, such as:
1) the idea that we're living in a dangerous world and we should use whatever means necessary to protect ourselves as much as possible,
2) pursuing a consumerist vision of happiness (aka the "American Dream") which doesn't consider the negative effects on our environment, labor, human rights, etc
3) the "common sense" of looking out for number one without concern about the consequences for others,
4) the importance and inevitability of corporations expanding global markets,
5) there are only two sides to every issue,
6) politicians and others always have ulterior motives for personal gain that override consideration of the well-being of society,
7) people never participate in collective action for the benefit of all society (only for particular special interest groups).

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