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Posted by Colleen Marshall ( on June 25, 2003 at 23:33:52:

From: Colleen Marshall
Date: Fri Jun 13, 2003 10:24:17 PM Pacific/Honolulu
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From: John Broeck
Date: Fri Jun 13, 2003 10:06:44 AM Pacific/Honolulu
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by Doreen Virtue

You are absolutely amazing! Your power and aura are shining brighter
than ever these days. Don't allow your renewed power to frighten you,
for you have been at this juncture before. Your power was heightened and
polished many lifetimes ago. Like other lightworkers, you've often had
miraculous abilities to heal and demonstrate abundance.

In past times, the collective power of lightworkers threatened those who
held power in religious and government institutions. Over time, these
institutions developed ways to make lightworkers become afraid of their
own God-given power. Through devices such as inquisitions and death
penalties and religious rules, lightworkers had second thoughts about
being powerful. Whenever you introduce doubt, your faith is lowered, and
therefore your miracle abilities are lowered.

The institutions knew other ways to shut down lightworkers, including
holding worship sessions indoors away from nature; introducing guilt
(which is the lowest emotional energy of all and one which clips the
wings of lightworkers); paring joy with fear (when joy is the highest
energy of all and one which supports miracle making); and teaching that
only religious leaders could talk to heaven.

The plan worked. Many lightworkers are still afraid to fully reclaim
their spiritual power. They allow themselves to suffer in unhealthy and
unfulfilling situations, instead of taking charge through spiritual
avenues such as prayer, meditation, healing, visualization and

The Archangel Michael who oversees lightworkers asks you and all
lightworkers to reclaim your full spiritual power NOW! There is no more
time to procrastinate or play small. Now is the time to allow your
spiritual wisdom to operate in the world. You are a leader, a teacher
and a healer. You will never be more prepared to lead, teach, and heal
than you are today.

Before going to sleep tonight, invite Archangel Michael into your sleep
to activate your dormant spiritual power and abilities. He will awaken
hybernating DNA connections, which will make you more aware of energies.
You will be more aware of your manifesting power. This will require you
to gain some control over your thoughts instead of allowing them to run
amok with fears and doubts. By training your mind to stay centered upon
your desires, instead of upon your fears, you will feel your power.

The Archangel Jophiel (whose name means Beauty of God) helps us to
beautify our thoughts. If you find yourself swamped with stressful or
unloving thoughts or feelings, mentally say to Jophiel, "Help Jophiel! I
am in my ego! I need your assistance to recenter my thoughts to my
higher self!" You will receive instant emergency aid and will soon feel
recentered and powerfully peaceful.

You can also ask Archangel Michael for directions about which step to
next take in your life or to help you with decisions about life changes.
Be assured that the angels will guide you through changes in a gentle
way, supporting you and your loved ones during transitions, endings, and

Remember: you are powerful, you are loved, and you are very needed in
this world right now.

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