Re: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for Publication of "Jaisini Gleitzeit Supermodernity"

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Posted by Anthony Lauro ( on June 12, 2003 at 22:08:56:

In Reply to: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for Publication of "Jaisini Gleitzeit Supermodernity" posted by gleitzeit on May 30, 2003 at 16:34:44:

: CALL while your description is vivid and I assume complete, it is still hard to visualize such a complex and sophisticated piece of art. I like the symbolic nature of the 911 referent and the nature of the triptych both of which denote the number three. There are powerful numbers and of course that is another layer to the biblical imagery of the piece - the father, the son, and the holy ghost. The trinity is actually that which gives life to all that is, while I very much respond to ecumenical symbolism, I find that my sense of the universe and our place in it is changing. I no longer believe that man is separate from the eternal energy that drives the universe. I don not believe that Icarus is being judged by anyone other than himself and therefore his only option is that which he chooses. What does he want as the creator of his own temporal experience? Does he want harmony in his now movement? Or does he not know and therefore create by default like so many humans that have incarnated on the material plane. From this perspective, death is no the end of anything. It is simply a transition back into pure positive energy, the drive force of the universe. Birth is not to be rated better or worse than death, they are both the transitions from and into the eternal stream of energy that makes up all that is.
Why do we need to have continuity with the past? The past does not exist except for our discussion of it. Only the now moment exists. And that which we call firmament is simply a creation of our collective minds. Reality is shaped by every individual at every moment. Icarus is the archetype for all humans, because we are all creators. Evil, hell, monsters, etc. these concepts exist only because we believe in them. They have no independent reality. They are simply concepts borne from people that are not allowing their connection with source to flow through them. For even in physical form we are always connected to source. To put in Jesusís words, god exist in all men, all the time. There is no separation of time, space, dimension, anything we are all one.
I still want to see these paintings. Also, why are you writing about Jaisiniís work? Is it possible to see his paintings in museums or in books? Inquiring minds want to know.

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