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Posted by CCafe-FWE: Matthew Webb ( on March 22, 2003 at 13:35:48:

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From: "jan mullen"
Date: Sat Mar 22, 2003 3:12:09 AM Pacific/Honolulu
Subject: Fwd: Inside the Mind of War

A different perspective what do you think has he a point an interesting read thought provoking peace jan

From: "Matthew Webb"
To: "Sundial"
Subject: Inside the Mind of War
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2003 00:22:47 -0800

Inside the Mind of War

Are the Thoughts of a Society

Gone Mad

By Matthew Webb

What endless unrest churns these human creatures to wreak havoc upon their fellows? An off-world visitor would surely ask themselves this question with intense interest. What they do to themselves is completely astonishing! Upon these humans, aliens would likely look with some sense of uneasy fascination, wondering how a normally intelligent, progressive species with great evolutionary promise, residing on a pristine and bountiful planet, could ever make such an unnecessary mess of their world. What prompts them to make wars, to destroy in the name of petty and arbitrary nations, base material ambitions, and on behalf of petty and arbitrary gods? How bizarre it is to see them dash to and fro in their polluting machines with no particular purpose in mind, seeking happiness and finding none, when in fact there is none to be found within the goals they have set for themselves! They have forgotten the purpose of life.

These could well be the musings of an alien race, upon encountering the dilemma of modern Homo Sapiens.

Indeed, what does cause us to move into the next millennium with bombs falling, police batons clacking and people living in fear of each other? What are the motives behind such madness? Of course many will give the standard, often quoted political reasons, or speak of religious, ideological and national extremism, or talk about social and economic inequality. But as always, these answers don't really satisfy the question, because "Why?" can again be asked. In realizing that humanity's difficulties are WORLDWIDE, finding expression on every continent, every country, every cultural setting, every city and almost universally in EVERY SINGLE MIND, such political, social and economic explanations ring very hollow. The fact is, religious leaders. governments, professors, think tanks and the greatest authors and thinkers of our day, are for the most part at a loss to explain WHY the human race is in such trouble. Every "expert" has their own personal slant and offered short-term remedy, and they ALL fall far short of really addressing the human condition as it globally exists. Seemingly, no one is able to articulate why war after war occurs around the globe every decade, bringing our species ever closer to the brink of disaster.

Similarly, no one seems able to clearly explain WHY we wantonly destroy the environment for the sake of money, only to be forced to spend billions years later to deal with the effects of pollution, when prevention would have been much simpler. Instantaneous gratification of governments and citizens alike, each one accumulating as much debt as possible in the shortest period of time, is now the social norm. The attitude of our time is to live for today alone, for tomorrow is irrelevant. Realistic planning for a better future through logical, measured practices in the present, is viewed as politically dangerous and socially boring.

Neither does anyone seem able to explain why people are in such a stressed state of mind and body, What was rare 20 years ago, is now the common practice of taking mood altering drugs just to make it through another day. Oddly enough, we work more and enjoy far less, calling that, "success" and a "higher standard of living". It's "more convenient" to take a pill to reduce fat or gain sexual appetite, rather than working out or eating sensibly. It's argued that "there's just no time" for life on the 9 to 5. In the case of disease, why engage a change of lifestyle, when the family surgeon can just cut out the cancer or remove another organ? This is what many evidently think, as they go about sacrificing their lives for the sake of fulfilling the "financial goals" of consumerism.

Shockingly, all of these questions have a common and final answer, a bottom line which underlies EVERY problem in the modern world. Whether we're talking about the motives for war, disease and famine, neighborhood crime, social inequality, the corruption in government, or any other problem around the globe, this final "bottom line" explains it all.

Beware of thinking that what comes next is too simple to be useful..

The fundamental problem confronting human beings is;


By "values" I mean those guiding beliefs and cherished goals which shape our daily lives. By "wrong" I mean not in accord with reality, as in untruthful or false, and therefore personally and mutually destructive. "Wrong values" means holding life goals and a lifestyle based upon them, which are not evolutionary or life affirmative. As such, these values are incompatible with nature and the natural laws which govern everything in the universe, (including our own bodies and the principles which make technology possible).

As a species we are living in a fashion that is fully contrary to the designs of the Cosmos. To put that in more theological terms, we're living in a way that is opposed to the intent of that which is called God. The primary wrong value which permeates society today, is the selfishness seen in the worship of the Dollar above all else. For the sake of monetary profit, human beings willingly and even contemptuously destroy nature, thereby undermining the very life blood of the planet upon which they depend for survival. Humans behave as though they think of themselves as machines, which are superior to nature and natural beings. Because they think of themselves and their society as indestructible machines, (whose worn out parts simply get replaced indefinitely) it is a common notion that we're not vulnerable like other living creatures. It's become easy to imagine that we're somehow immune to our own pollution, environmental destruction, the contaminants of war, unnatural chemicals in food, agriculture and industry. We imagine that our technology and social structures will protect us from the natural reality, but this is simply not so. This is why it's also easy for many to ignore the effects of war, so long as the bombs aren't dropping in their own neighborhood.

Let us explore the "holding of wrong values" in relation to the current war on Iraq, and its' impact on the world. We've all heard the endless commentaries on why war is or is not desirable, as well as who is for or against it. Everyone agrees, at least in principle, that war is both tragic and wrong. Yet, here we have another war which threatens the very fabric of international relations and treaties, for all time. It's not unlikely that the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq, will cause such widespread social unrest and international enmity, that World War III is right around the corner in human history. No one can argue convincingly that this is not a strong possibility. Nor is it hard to predict that in a short time, the collapse of economies will continue to accelerate. Personal and national debts are at an all time high, and are only spiraling further out of control with each day that passes. Currencies will implode and become worthless, as entire banking institutions declare insolvency from all the failed loans they've accumulated. Unemployment is soaring and will continue to increase. And it is very likely that the U.S.-Iraq war will only speed these processes along, toward worldwide economic and political instability, to the point of mass panic. Why is all this happening?

Because of the holding of wrong values, on the part of governments, social institutions and the individual people which compose them.

Many millions of people around the world are rightfully upset about developments in the Middle East, and are showing their resolve to oppose wars of international barbarity and aggression. They are taking to the streets with their signs, practicing "civil disobedience" in many forms, and writing urgent letters of appeal to government leaders. Some advocate a working class uprising through self governance. Spiritual pundits abound with channeled messages or scriptural advice. Some propose the adopting of a peaceful state of mind, employing meditation in groups to ease social tensions. Some pray to God asking for a peaceful resolution to a war-torn world. Others work as volunteers, seeking to educate the public or by providing hands-on assistance to those in need. These are all noble sentiments and social attempts at world change, there can be no doubt. But equally doubtless is that absolutely NONE of these are going to really change anything in the long term. They all address the symptoms of an imbalanced world, but not the cause. None of these measures are going to save humanity, or fundamentally transform our human civilization. Why? Because society will still, in that long run, be based on wrong values. These will always seep back into noble endeavors, governments or philosophies, no matter how lofty such enterprises may initially set out to be. They will induce a rot, just as bad fruit will soon spoil by contact what was fresh and healthy. A fine example of this fact, is the current corruption and wholesale disregard for the intent of such documents as the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. Those who became noble by learning the lessons of oppression and ill-guided government, are now the oppressors themselves. The power of kings is once again in the hands of despots and tyrants, who kill in the name of preventing murder, legislate oppression in the name of freedom, and wage war in the name of peace.

Another example of the corrupting influence of wrong values, is how the message of Christ, (in living life lovingly and simply) has been largely ignored in the modern day. Rather than being used as a guideline for living, it has been transformed instead into a self serving, ritualized, church hierarchy, that is more concerned with acquiring tithe-paying devotees, than with carrying out the intent of Christ. Those who call themselves "Christians" today, are just as likely to advocate war as they are peace, while fully mindful that this is something Christ would have never done.

This is the story of history repeating itself yet again.

It is very curious if not ironic to understand that the vast majority of those who rightfully protest war today, are not advocating an alternative world, other than to say they want "peace". But what is peace other than the opposite of war, and from whence does it come? The word "peace" has come to mean, "a state of being without war" rather than as a state of consciousness, or as a living, daily lifestyle. And this is where we come down to the bottom line once again, in that;

War is the result of holding wrong values.

Peace is the result of holding right values.

Both war and peace are the effects of a deeper cause, not an ultimate cause in themselves.

There will always be war so long as the people themselves, (collectively known as "society") hold wrong values in their daily lives. So long as money, ego-driven fashion and notoriety, are the guiding forces of social interaction, our species is truly doomed to extinction. So long as we value things over people by disregarding the spiritual qualities of honesty, love and unity, there will be no peace, not now and not ever. So long as the cult of consumerism, credit card impulsiveness and thing-fetish mentality drives the world, humanity will never live to see the next century, let alone the next millennium.

After reading the above, most will protest, "although much of what you say is arguable, I'm different than all that. I do my part in my own way, and that's all a person can do". But I must beg to differ, so allow me to explain. To be very realistic, it's necessary to point out that there is no real or fundamental difference between the values of government corruption through World War mongering, and those of the average person. Comparing these values will show this beyond a reasonable doubt, as follows;

Materialism and Greed

1) Wars happen largely because governments value things over people.through greed they seek to exploit other countries, while asking, "How can our 'national interests' be served?". This is also why, "economic interests" and commodities take precedence over all other considerations in foreign policy.

1) Social conflict happens largely because the average person values things over people..through greed they seek to exploit other individuals, while asking, "What can I 'get' from this person, and how will they serve my interests?". This is also why, "financial goals" and careers take precedence over all other considerations in personal life.



2) Money interests are what usually drive government relations with other countries, (especially when it comes to acquiring natural resources of value). The main purpose of diplomacy is to make such resources available on a dependable basis.

2) Money interests are what usually drive personal relations with other people. The main purpose of marriage is that of a financial contract, to make such resources available on a dependable basis.


Sacrificing the Truth

3) Government media tells lies or distorted facts, in an effort to influence public opinion. Truth is considered either irrelevant and inconvenient so long as it is inconsistent with current policies. Facts are rarely debated honestly with the intent of gaining greater collective wisdom, beyond the limits of political norms.

3) People tell lies or distorted facts, in an effort to influence the opinion of others. Truth is considered either irrelevant and inconvenient so long as it is inconsistent with current personal preferences. Facts are rarely debated honestly with the intent of gaining mutual understanding, beyond the limits of social norms.


A Battle of Wills and Domination

4) Government policy is generally not for the benefit of all. It is instead the implementation of the will of a few, over the will of the majority.

4) Social interaction is generally not for the benefit of all people equally. It is instead the implementation of the will of one person or group, over the will of another, (or others).


Projecting an Image

5) Government/corporate statements and appearances are designed to impress the world in a way that boosts their collective ego, in comparison to the rest of the world. The truth of such statements is not considered the main issue. The main issue is that image is considered more important than reality. This is the whole approach behind modern advertising.sell an image, (logo and emotional association) rather than a physical product.

5) Personal statements and appearances are designed to impress the neighbors and co-workers in a way that boosts one's ego, in comparison to them. The truth of such a projected self image is not considered the main issue. The main issue is that image is considered more important than reality. This is the whole approach behind modern relations.sell a self image, (fancy clothes and rehearsed replies) rather than reveal what the real person underneath is all about.


Self Indulgence at the Cost of All Else

6) The national debt grows larger and larger as spending increases and social benefits diminish.

6) The average consumer debt grows larger and larger as spending increases and personal benefits diminish.


If YOU held public office.

Who among you cannot be bribed at any price by the corporate world, such as are the presidents and senators of our time, because you hold so steadfastly to a higher spiritual calling? Who among your ranks can always resist the endless pressure or intimidation of powerful global interests, urging you to use the power of your office for ends which are not in the common good? Only those who hold radically different values than the current norm, could honesty say they could and would do so.

To conclude about these comparisons of personal to national values, one must realize that there is no essential difference between the two. Thus, when we speak of government corruption, we must also speak of the corruption of the people who compose it, and the social values which serve as their daily guide. Many complain that the mass media is not honest, yet where can consistent honesty be found in personal relations? Many shout, "no blood for oil!" and yet drive SUV's or luxury cars to their 2000 to 6000 square foot house or apartment, whose daily utility costs alone, are greater than the monthly wages of half the world's population.

We may rightfully criticize government greed, corruption and bad policy-making, but at the same time, it is necessary to take a step back to clearly see how our own life values and accompanying lifestyles, are alarmingly similar. The fact is that the current U.S. government policy is but a reflection of the same values which permeate our society at every level. They can be summed up by calling them the "me first" type of selfish disregard, for anything which does not immediately cater to personal or national interests. In selfishness we destroy the Earth and all of its creatures, for the sake of money and material possessions. We heap these things in great piles like monuments to our name, hoping perhaps to rival the heirlooms of ancient kings. We acquire these possessions as a demonstration of our supposed worth in the eyes of others, such as the fancy new car, expensive outfit or larger house. In both the national and personal sense, what we now do is not truly necessary for our survival or even our happiness. What we do rests instead with a socially approved and encouraged egotism, that has absolutely NO practical or spiritual reason for continuing on as it is. Yet magazine stands and commercials abound, in praise of such lavish waste. The Earth cannot sustain such a demand, nor are our lives truly benefited by the goals of consumerism, such as those seen hourly on television.

In speaking of war or any other social disease, let us look to its' underlying cause, rather than just futilely addressing its various effects. The effects of wide-spread planetary calamity are upon us all, whether or not we yet feel them. The cause of all such effects is the holding of wrong social values. Until such values are willingly changed in each of us, there will be no peace, nor world for future generations to enjoy. As a species we will have failed to evolve and pass the test of fitness to survive, which in this case is being honest about the facts of modern life, and making the appropriate daily changes which embrace life, rather than self indulgent death.

Although it may be readily argued that protests and letter writing have their place for social change, it is a better strategy to advocate a change of basic values and lifestyles, to our fellow human beings. It is better that we actually LIVE OUT a better way, rather than begging, pleading or demanding change from unresponsive government "leaders". The time for begging and demanding are over. It's time that the people changed their own ways and learned to govern their own lives, outside the small, paltry box of consumerism and mass media hype. To do this we absolutely MUST reject the current values of society, and in fact, society in general. By "reject" I mean thoroughly question and then discard those social beliefs and norms, as can be seen on any street corner and magazine stand, in any town or city anywhere in the world. We must reject the false idea, (beyond simple practicality) that things equal fulfillment, and that money equals happiness. They do not.

There will be no end to wars in this world through protest. You can attempt to change presidents, legislation or governmental forms, and in the off chance that such efforts are fully successful, there will only in time come yet another tyrant to take the place of the impeached, so long as the same social values remain in place. War will be replaced by peace ONLY at such a time when those wrong values, or motives for its' very existence, are replaced in the public mind by spiritual and natural ways. Any debate regarding this simple fact of war, beyond the primary cause of VALUES, will remain both superficial and entirely beside the point, for the sake of world peace and human evolution.

Many reading this will want to know far more specifics than what has been offered here, with regard to real life changes. Know that this work has already been accomplished and carefully explained in my "Survivalists' Guide for the New Millennium" book, posted on the World Mind Society website at In this free book, the detailed reasoning behind the need to reject modern society can be found, along with recommended, practical measures for creating a far more sane way of life.

In love and clarity,

Matthew Webb

Founder of the World Mind Society


I may not have the opportunity to answer replies at this time. Please read The Guide on-line before making seriously inquiries. You have my permission, (and gratitude) to reprint this article.

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