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Posted by Creativity Cafe ( on March 04, 2003 at 14:23:14:

In Reply to: KidCast For Peace Turned on! 12th Broadcast!! posted by Creativity Cafe on January 10, 2003 at 13:57:01:

From: JudithSchiff@snip
Subject: Re: [V.A.R.I.O.U.S.]  KidCast for Peace Seeking Schools/Educatiors
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003

Peter I shall try to involve some HS Classrooms here in


Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003
From: "KidCast-12"

Subject: [KidCast-12] England Support - Status Report - Successful Broadcast Test

Aloha KidCaster's,

We are making great progress here on Maui. Colene Riffo in California has been doing some serious lobbying in her community and shares that its not easy, but she is glad to get folks interested in KidCast for Peace. Listen to her message in KidCast Central: which I will post by Monday.

We continue to raise awarenes and money to support this year's KidCast thanks to Richard Fishman, our friendly fundraiser and telemarketer.... that's what you might consider finding in you community to support your KidCast for Peace effots. I am assembling a press room for KidCast correspondence and other forms you can use in your community to develope sponsors and participation.

We are delighted to welcome new software sponsors including Mark of the Unicorn (Digital Performer donated to support our Ecological Rap music project. More soon...and please, also read the newly posted article on me and KidCast done several years ago (just click on Press in KidCast Central). Real Estate Maui is coming out April 1st with another article on the project including photos. NOW, This just in from someone who has been in the flow for the last few years.

------- fwd --------

From: "jan mullen"
Subject: Re: [CCafe] KidCast for Peace Seeking
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2003

hi people put me down for this i have spoken to you lately i am near the ist
stage of the creation of this idea the business plan to bring the peace
inititaves through we are currently bringing the formual through directing
to every sector within liverpool i have a bursary that is linked to womens
business international network and will bring my ideas to this to generate
funding etc keep up the great work yes we would love to link up and
hopefully meet up love n light jan

>From: "CCafe"
>Reply-To: "CCafe"
>Subject: [CCafe] KidCast for Peace Seeking
>Schools/Educators/Participants/Sponsors Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 13:15:23
>We have been getting great response from companies and individuals who have
>supported our project. Our telemarketer is doing a fantastic job raising
>funds for this year's event. We have solidified our nonprofit status in
>Hawaii. We are seeking office help on Maui and coordinators in neighborhood
>and schools globally. Please pass this request for participation on to
>those who might have interest?
>We invite your participation in and presentation for Creativity Cafe's
>KidCast For Peace; Solutions For A Better World:
> We are looking for educators and schools/kids, and
>concerned individuals to participate in this year's annual Earth Day
>"KidCast For
>Peace," a videoconference (#12) featuring the Arts For Social Change
>awards! On April 22, 2003 KidCast For Peace gives children of all ages in
>schools and at
>home (focusing on K12 and youth), a chance to share their ideas,
>stories and art live with peers. Then direct us to their pre-built "KidCast
>Peace" Web sites, VRML worlds, chat rooms, interactive music spaces,
>etc. --that demonstrate possible solutions for the personal and
>planetary ills of our time. KidCast For Peace gives children a loud
>voice to tell the adults what to do for a change!
>Depending on time zone, children at each participating
>site/school...will respond to comments and questions from gathered
>local and cyber audiences. Please review the documents at KidCast HDQ:
>, for specific participation
>instructions, fundraising information and documentation from past
>events. Creativity Cafe's KidCast for Peace is a project of Visionary
>Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services; a non profit tax
>exempt public benefit corporation.
>Please make contact and pass this on!
>Peter H. Rosen
>KidCast Coordinator

------------- end Fwd ---------

My next move is to go to each school on Maui to elicit the support of the principal, in order to get teachers involved. We are also preparing a KidCast for Peace Participation Handbook to distribute to each kid in each school with instructions, suggestions for the kind of SOLUTIONS we are seeking, and places for advertising (to raise funds and demonstrate community support) -- and for each kid to create an image of their solution for scanning and Gallery of Solutions viewing.

I don't know if any of you are so motivated, but war is not an alternative to creating peace as far as I'm concerned. Let's let our Children speak loudly and clearly FOR PEACE before we start our very old way of resolving arguments on planet Earth. I've got to go. My laptop fried, and I've been asked to pay $300 more a month rent or get out by April 15... Try to produce a global project under those pressures. But, you know what? I can do it! And, so can you! Here's to PEACE!!

In Service
a concerned citizen
PS: BTW, I have successfully used Quicktime Broadcaster to transmit audio and video. I went to Kinkos and used their high bandwidth ethernet connection to the Net. No cost. No problem. Have any of your tried it? Software is free from Apple. -pr-

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