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Posted by Peter ( on January 12, 2003 at 02:31:52:

In Reply to: KidCast For Peace Turned on! 12th Broadcast!! posted by Creativity Cafe on January 10, 2003 at 13:57:01:

Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 10:57:32 -1000
To: Colene Riffo <>
From: "Peter H. Rosen"
Cc: snip


I have added you to the newly formed KidCast For Peace (#12) email list we will use in the future to to coordinate our KIDCAST FOR PEACE efforts and communicate with other members of the team/network. Please respond by using the list:




I will be adding members from past kidcasts in the next few days. Lets communicate again after the weekend. comments embedded:

Peter, We continue to be on the same page in the "Mind Field".

We will then invite as many as possible to participate with Children
>and Adults on Earth Day at KIDCAST CENTRAL. From there, we will host
>a live series of Internet videoconference hookups with children in
>schools, at home and in cyber cafes who will be sharing
>interactively with local and global peers their visions of peace in
>several video conferences. (What do you mean by several?)

depending on what part of the world is available when? We might need more than one window for participants in various locations/time zones. 

I got one in mind. I have a nice relationship with Paul, the creator of Kulaks Woodshed. I have already spoken to him with regards to having a streamed KidCast Earth Day spot. He is very open to the idea. I am formulating a support group including members of the city council of SCV with selected kids to do a first attempt as a sister city cooperating with the cause for KidCast. <>

That sounds great Colene! My friend Stefani plays at the Woodshed all the time (I was considering the venue for my Rivers of Love tour; July 2002:

<> Kulaks is in North Hollywood.....I would like to use a couple of kids from the Namaste group in that area. Both cities will then be supporting and participating in your web cast. I need the technical particulars in how you will be linking up multi-cities so that I can present this ASAP to Paul. We will keep in touch regarding the format of your show,so that we are synchronized in style. I have some ideas to share if you are interested in how I feel this end can show up.

The best format is to pray that the tech connections don't fail, that the kids are prepared and present and then just follow the lead of the moderator (Me) who will hand the direction off to other node producers SUCH AS YOU, who can then present to the peer network, the kids and what they have prepared from your part of the world. My suggestion is to check all the links at bottom of: and become familiar with CU-SeeMe, the software that seems to work the best. PRACTICE, PRACTICE PRACTICE using the video. lets hook up when you get it together. All you need is a web cam and free software:

I Just started to correspond with a couple of great female artists that came to my solstice party. They are very interested in the philosophies shared and expressed a willingness to volunteer their support. To what extent will be determined in the next few weeks.  A copy of the email is forwarded to you.

What do you know about the confilct of which day is the celebrated Global Earth Day? April 22 or the vernal equinox March 21? I may have to schedule a couple of times like you are doing. One on each date to spark interest.Please check out the Earth Day link By John McConnell, <>

We honor April 22 (Tuesday this year) as EARTH DAY and have been sanctioned in the past by the National Earth Day organiztion. Have you posted pix from your party?

On another harmonic note.......

I also have signed up to attend a couple of events at the Learning Annex (see links) SQuire Rushnell Jan 20 <>

Deepak Chopra Feb 24

The only way to create the critical mass of awareness is to create a strategic global alliance of people and organizations that are contributing to spiritual growth as well as the betterment of humanity and the environment. Many Nobel Laureates, representatives of international humanitarian agencies, and influential people from governments around the world have greeted this idea with great enthusiasm. The critical mass would be created through a very concrete engagement of educational institutions, the entertainment industry, news media, and information networks, including the Internet. Some of the best-known representatives in the entertainment industry and international news media have already agreed to participate.

There are many other exciting things on the horizon. I hope you will participate in some way by becoming a voice in our Foundation. If you wish to participate in any way in this endeavor, please send an email to <> with your ideas and how you would like to participate. The world's consciousness is demanding an authentic spirituality that is based on a scientific understanding of the domain of awareness where we experience our universality. This is none other than our inner self. It has been waiting patiently, inviting us to enter the luminous mystery in which all things are created, nurtured, and renewed. When we enter this luminous mystery of existence, we experience great wonder, humility and love. Where there is wonder humility and love, there is the opportunity for healing.



I plan on handing a CD to both powerful men with our aligned strategies in place. In creating this CD, I would like to use the two files that we started when you were here, to design a graphic Tree which cross-dissolves from material to spiritual and back again. (the text file with the words family, community etc....and the rough tree sketch) I would like to finish the text file to work into the design of the tree. Are you interested in cooperating with the writing and design of the pitch? Do you have time to help with this since you have the software which created it? What file type do we have to convert to which will work with my PC?

I just scanned the photo of the tree interface drawing you did. BTW, I work for Dollars. I am interested in cooperation. Speak to me! I will convert the files to what ever format you would like (bmp, png, tiff, pict, etc)? And send them to you if you aren't able to hire me?

I feel the illustrations of how each main branch and sub branches highlight aspects of global life interests will be an inspiring visual which will put the viewers personal stewardship of how it's all connected into perspective. (The Golden Rule)The spiritual tree using the same design with different backlit, illuminating golden, heavenly like colors, will ask the viewer questions relating to the deeper meaning of the material branch selected in regard to the whole. These branches also correlate with the chakras (another x-diss) and how it relates to our health and well being.  <>

Love it! Sounds like it would make a great 3D project to mock up!

To reiterate our ideas on that creative day, the guides in the cafe direct you through the tributaries of choice.The alliance of organizations/ businesses/spiritual healers are represented with workshops they have designed to enlighten or educate the participant.

you are on a roll (in a flow?) YES!

Bonnie, one of the gals interested in helping me is a master in Photoshop. She may be willing to help me design a simplified mock up of the 3 trees x-diss for the pitch.

good deal . Please send the images when you have sketches.

I would like to select and zoom in on a branch labeled Energy Management to illustrate:In the pitch I want to include the Energy Management Incentives using animation of company logos,icons, and created characters. (We have previously discussed how kids/parents participation in global pilot programs (Utilities/Corporations/Technology/Education/Schools) will increase the market for developed software using smart products. I have some graphics to illustrate how we can do this. However more need to be created to complete it.

I am far along designing an interactive CD to present Creativity Cafe concepts, Business models and game plan. What you suggest above sounds like another great and exciting component of the interface (GUI).

As mentioned before.....I am a student of Deepak's philosophies and have created an ongoing story(The Golden Raintree) which weaves his and other masters teachings into an American (Western) backdrop to inspire an opening of perspectives. This is the culminating STORY which the tree (of life) helps us all relate to. I believe that SQuire Rushnell may be very interested in how this story/work closely correlates with the visions of his American TV Network he is currently creating.

I would also like to compile a list of our combined links of associates we are affiliated with. Including a brief discription of their purpose. It would be interesting to see how many have already corresponded to his invitation or who would consider aligning with Deepaks Foundation and it's global agenda. Just to add.....The Banyan tree, very similar to the Raintree is a very special tree in India and South Asia It has a story which originated in Sanskrit teachings, of which Deepak is attuned to. I want to bridge the two trees together East and West. Brief description India Radio Station Asian School San Diego Learning Center

One of the worlds largest Banyan trees is on Maui. RE: Links... Our Net host for is RED 7. They have given us license to use thier Knowledgebase software to collect our links and contacts:

I will also approach Friendly Favors. Their database format is more user friendly to our Networking needs:

Plenty of food for thought and action Peter..........Please take the time to let me know your feelings and respond so that I feel connected in our purpose. Again I want to let you know how much I appreciate the timing of your entry into my life. The details of my being are now forming into a more organized plan which continues to inspire my momentum. Thanks for your support.


You are welcome Colene. I don't have much time to dwell in thoughts as action is what is need. I feel we are kindred spirits and life on earth is reaching critical mass on polar fronts; what God wants...and what the rich people want (who are into control for selfish aims). Folks like us (Cultural Creatives) and the media become God's wedges to help open the hearts and minds of those who are here to do anything less than serve the Earth, Humanity and breed optimal humans.

A Hui Ho!

PS: I need a secratary. I do not have the hours in a day it takes to follow and file resources,produce live and web based video projects while maintaining several Web sites, producing my music, making a living, marketing my photography.... etc... KidCast looms. That is my focus currently.

Peter H. Rosen
Founder: Visionary Artists' Resources Including Other Unique Services
Community Coordinator: Creativity Cafe;

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