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Posted by CCafeFWD: Arts and Media Task Force ( on December 02, 2002 at 02:12:45:

Aloha friends of Creativity Cafe and
Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services (V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media)

The following is from our NY affiliate and V.A.R.I.O.U.S. supporter. If you are in the area, check in and join forces in the liberation of POSITIVE MEDIA into the mass media mind.

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Date: 1 Dec 2002 09:26:48 -0000
Subject: [artsandmediataskforce] Digest Number 71

Topics in this digest:

1. Media Issues TV Show Planning Meeting 12/2 in NYC
From: Rick Ulfik


Message: 1
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 19:14:36 -0400
From: Rick Ulfik
Subject: Media Issues TV Show Planning Meeting 12/2 in NYC

Rick Ulfik (212 867-0846)
Co-Chair, Foundation For Ethics and Meaning
Founder, We, The World

Dear Folks,

I hope you will consider being part of the creative team for this show.
We are meeting more frequently now that we are closer to production -
generally on the first Monday and the third Thursday of each month. This
way people who can't make Thursday nights as a general rule (or Monday
nights) will be able to come to at least one meeting a month.

At the last meeting Bill Hastings did more test taping - interviews
regarding environmental issues (with Rob Freudenberg and David Schimmel)
and the dearth of media coverage of the health impacts of the Homeland
Security and Patriot Acts (with Don Schmall and myself).

On Monday we will review this footage and we will also discuss,
brainstorm and get into more detail about each person's segment
proposal, so please bring (or email) an outline, script or list of
interview questions for your segment. We are planning on continuing our
preliminary test taping as well - be prepared!

I hope to see you there (or hear from you by email). Below are the

Take care,

DATE: Monday December 2, 2002
TIME: 7:00PM-9:30PM
LOCATION: 20 West 84th Street 10th Floor PH, just west of Central Park
West in Manhattan
CONTACTS: Mirtille Romegialli: 212 580-9577, Rick Ulfik:212 867-0846
Please RSVP to Mirtille or Rick if you are coming to the meeting.

Please join us or email Rick Ulfik if you have an idea for a 3-5 minute
segment that you would like to produce for the show. You don't have to
be in NY to do this!:

To join the Arts/Media email list that has been set up, go to this link:

Show Producer: Rick Ulfik

3-5 Minute Segments Currently in Production (with tentative working

Better Media, Better World (Examples of responsible, positive media)
Maria Sarro
Marcos Rego-Monteiro

Making a Difference through the Arts (featuring people who are using
their artistic talents to better the world)
Meredith Manna
Rob Freudenberg
Vince Anzelone

Media Messages Matter Most (how the major media create powerful norms in
our society - some of which can be hazardous to your health!)
Rick Ulfik
David Twomey

This show will focus on media issues and the impact of the arts and
media on society as transmitters of cultural values and norms. It will
utilize energy, support and content from many media groups, activists,
and people in the arts. We will showcase groups like Fairness and
Accuracy In Reporting, the Independent Media Center Network,
MediaRights, MediaTank, and and it's many affiliate
groups. We will also feature people who are using their artistic skills
to create a caring, just and sustainable world.


Behind The Headlines - Connecting the Dots (revealing aspects of major
news stories not covered by the media)

The Media Literacy Movement

Understanding How Arts And Media Act As Transmitters Of Cultural Values
And Norms, some of which are destructive such as:
1) the idea that we're living in a dangerous world and we should use
whatever means necessary to protect ourselves as much as possible,
2) pursuing a consumerist vision of happiness (aka the "American Dream")
which doesn't consider the negative effects on our environment, labor,
human rights, etc
3) the "common sense" of looking out for number one without concern
about the consequences for others,
4) the importance and inevitability of corporations expanding global
5) there are only two sides to every issue,
6) politicians and others always have ulterior motives for personal gain
that override consideration of the well-being of society,
7) people never participate in collective action for the benefit of all
society (only for particular special interest groups).

Media Consolidation

The Digital Spectrum Giveaway

Corporate And Self-Censorship In The Media

Entertainment And The De-Politization Of America (And The World)

Corporate Ownership Of The Media Skews the Vision and Goals of the Media
Away From Common Public Concerns and Toward Special Profit Interests of
Private Corporations

Violence in the Media

Media and Arts Activism, Upcoming Events

Expanding Independent and Alternative Media

Airing Film Shorts and Documentaries

Role of the Arts in Social Change Movements

Radio Concerns And Activism: Getting WEVD back on the air, the latest
with Pacifica/WBAI, Low-Power/Community Radio Issues, Talk Radio's
Impact On Politics, etc.

Taking Back Public Space From Corporate Advertising

Branding, Ads And Consumerism

How Media Spin Sells Public Policy

How Corporate Media Are Used To "Manufacture Consent" For War, Building
Prisons, Stiff Sentencing, Rollbacks Of Civil Liberties, Etc.

How Media Coverage Affects Government Legislation And Policy (Defense
Spending, Missile Shields, Etc), Health Issues, Education, Elections,
Violence, Environmental Issues, Ethnic Profiling, Attitudes Towards
Particular Groups of People, Attitudes Towards Animals, Etc.

Who Decides What Becomes News?

Media Cynicism (Cloaked As Realism) And The Assault On Idealism


We seek to raise the awareness of those who produce, distribute and/or
appreciate the arts and media about the impact they have on society at

We believe that:

1) life-affirming media and artistic creations can influence people
positively, and

2) people are yearning on some level for meaningful connection to
others, which seems impaired by our prevailing cultural emphasis on

Our vision, therefore, is to increase the role of media and the arts as
transmitters of cultural values that encourage a spirit of caring and
mutual recognition as well as to challenge the dominance of material
self-interest that marginalizes this important cultural role of media
and the arts.


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