Video Field Reporter Wanted to reveal the Truth!

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Posted by CCafe-repost ( on October 30, 2002 at 16:38:19:

Video Field Reporter

You may or may not want to carry a rifle for freedom...
But you should be willing to carry a camcorder!

You can help us get the message out to a mass audience by calling your local cable company and how to place tapes on the local community access channel. It's usually rather easy to become a producer.

1. Fill out the forms.
2. Take the classes (if necessary)
3. Request a prime time slot.
4. Send us your time and channel and we will send out tapes to be placed into circulation on your station - free of charge.

But we need your stories too!

Finally there are enough informed Americans to conduct a full frontal media assault! A group of free press reporters with video cameras will do much more damage to the enemy than a million bullets.

The established heirachy knows this and they fear it more than anything. Shining the light of truth on them makes them scurry like the cockroaches that they are. You are that light!

IMPORTANT Your local TV News channel has NO claim on what is or isn't news. If you have access to the cable system, simply declare yourself a news crew (and get one of our press passes to help back it up) and then you are "one". No special news license exists (but they help)!

Here is a great starter assignment:

Walk into your local city hall with a camera man, press pass, suit and tie or smart outfit. Start asking some simple questions. (If you've been involved in the freedom movement for any length at all, you will know what to ask.) Send us the tape. We will collect tapes from all our video field reporters (domestic and international) and condense the best segments into a series of powerful documentaries. We will then send the final editions back to you at no charge as a contributor. Additionally, we will broadcast the documentary over the internet.

We will also air any video you send us (up to one hour per tape) on our local access channel here in Austin Texas, at no extra charge. We will not be able to send back tapes, so be sure to make a copy for yourself before sending it to us. We will not perform any edits. The tape will air as-is. Please let us know if there is any profanity or nudity as local censorship rules only allow that kind of material to be played at certain hours. Also, include your contact information.

Who is a great interview subject? The following are some great examples:

As always, you should get this on video.


One of the best things about video is that if they're really dim witted in person, the TV magnifies that fact immensely. I'm sure you've seen it happen to people on TV. It's a standard technique at 60 minutes and a majority of the other shows.

Reality Expander will also take any news story in any format (video, audio, pictures or Text) and post it on this web site. We will convert video to allow for internet streaming from this site. There is never a charge for this - we provide this service free of charge as a Reality Expander Independent Freelance Press Correspondent.

We will also place your video and/or audio (up to 1 hour) on the Austin Texas Time Warner cable channel (10 or 16). Your news item will play between 5 and 15 times for 6 weeks. You retain all copyrights to the news item, but we require a non-exclusive license to the material in order to place it on our media outlets. This means that you can give/sell your story to other media outlets without causing a conflict with Reality Expander.

We have only four restrictions:

1) No pornography (Nudity is OK, but you must let us know that it's there)
2) No Sales (no 1-800 #'s or sales pitches)
3) No Profanity (Some is OK, but again, let us know the level)
4) No promotion of illegal activities or actual illegal activity (slander, libel, etc.)

Other than that, you can talk about and cover any story, it does not have to be political or even fall in line with any other material we have on the site. Basically, anything you think is important enough to report on we will place on the media outets.

If they are a public servant in a public place, they're a fair target. Call it Guerilla Journalism. Here's how to submit to


Chris Athanas (with nods to "InYourFaceTV")

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