Bridging Heaven & Earth Newsletter # 14

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Posted by Allan Silberhartz ( on October 30, 2002 at 14:34:17:

The Bridging Heaven & Earth Newsletter

In This Issue: October 2002

• Welcome and Blessings--Peaceful Passion
• Michael Tamura--Bridging Show #149--December 13, 2002

• Gene Egidio--Bridging Show #147--November 1, 2002
• Kelly Sullivan--Bridging Show #150--December 27, 2002

• Suzy Ward--Bridging Show #148--November 15, 2002
• Featured Collaborator--Leszek Forczek

Welcome and Blessings--Peaceful Passion

We here at Bridging are extraordinarily excited to be actively and consciously participating in the Great Transformation that is happening now. The tremendous influx and recognition of the True Love into our awareness has literally changed the world. So many are eager and anxious to come together, to collaborate, to bring their seemingly individual gifts to the whole to enliven and amplify the Love that already exists. To play/work together, without ego, in joy, is our birthright and our destiny. We can truly experience the power and glory of a Peaceful Passion—an experience that our excitement, our enthusiasm, our childlikeness, and our mastery, reflect in and out continuously in a new way. The old and outdated concepts of how a great spiritual being will look, act, dress, walk, talk, will be obliterated. The Vibration of Love, the Peaceful Passion, emanating from us will be the question and the answer. We are All the Same Love!!

As you can see from the rest of the Newsletter, we are blessed to be able to have on our schedule for the next four shows the amazing and varied talents of Gene Egidio, Suzy Ward, Michael Tamura, and Kelly Sullivan. As we mentioned in the last Newsletter, Gene Egidio (on November 1, 2002) and Michael Tamura (on December 13, 2002), two of the world’s great healers and teachers, will be doing live mini-workshops and healings from the set of Bridging. Basically, we intend to turn over both shows to them so they can work their Magic to teach and heal both those present at the taping of the show and all those who watch it or listen to it in perpetuity. We feel very honored to be part of such Magic!!!!

We have also included Leszek Forczek in this issue as our Featured Collaborator. Leszek was the honored guest on our last completed Bridging show taped October 18, 2002. Besides the information in the section below regarding Leszek, we are delighted and excited to announce that he has agreed to collaborate with Bridging to produce one of his magnificent original art pieces signifying the Bridge between Heaven & Earth. We will, of course, keep you updated on the developments.

Bridging Heaven & Earth

Gene Egidio--Bridging Show #147--November 1, 2002

In "WHOSE HANDS ARE THESE?" Gene, who also appeared on "Bridging" Show # 143, tells his extraordinary story of how he went from an electrical contractor who didn't even believe in such things as healing to a healer that is so well respected that he is sought out all over the world by medical doctors, celebrities, political leaders and even royalty. He also shows the reader exactly how spiritual healing takes place and he recounts some of the most moving healing stories from some of the 500,000 people he has worked on in the past decade.

One such story comes to mind. Egidio, while on a healing mission several years ago in Russia, was traveling on a train. He shared a compartment with a man, a stranger. Instantly, he sensed that the man had a problem with the left side of his face. When asked, the man said it was true; that he had been hurt in the Chernobyl accident, and had since been living with extreme pain from radiation poisoning and cancer in the left side of his jaw. Both men went to sleep since it was night. However, Gene spent much of the evening sending healing energy to the man. In the morning, when the man woke up, he started shrieking in amazement. He said he, no longer felt the excruciating pain that he had lived with for so long, and he said the hole in his mouth was gone -- as if someone had sewn it up. He burst into tears and said that he had been a communist for 40 years and that this was the first time he knew there was a God.

There are dozens of heartwarming stories like this in the book. He also takes us through the process of how he became a spiritual healer, starting at the tender age of five, although his gift was actually present at birth. However, when he healed a neighbor's thumb that was hanging by a thread, his parents got frightened. They ended up putting Gene in a sanitarium, where he got shock treatments, which destroyed his gift. The book chronicles how he went on to live a normal life; went into the navy, got married, had four children, opened an electrical contracting company, etc.

Then it happened. His gift returned. The story of how it returned and how he kept resisting his extraordinary gift will keep readers glued to the book. The rest of the book chronicles how he made the transition from an electrical contractor to a world renown healer and details the incredible stories of healing that have taken place all over the world with all types of illnesses. Lastly, he explains how the whole spiritual healing process takes place and how miracles can occur for any of us.

Egidio spends most of his time healing others. He has two healing centers, one in Encinitas and one in Santa Monica. It is here that people come from all over to receive healing energy directly from his hands. He also travels frequently to other cities and countries to do his work. Sometimes on these trips he works on hundreds or thousands of people at once. During his first trip to Russia, he worked on over 4,000 people and on another visit, 8,000. For those that can’t travel to see Gene in person he has one day a week set aside for phone healings – and they are every bit as effective. People call Gene from just about every country in the world. People even send him photos. He has several walls set aside at his healing center in Encinitas, for photos that come in from all over the world. Gene says the healing energy he transmits can help a person even through a photograph.

Many people ask how he heals people, Gene's response is: "It's really a gift. The same way that some people are born with gifts to be great dancers, singers, athletes, scientists, etc. I was born with the gift of healing. The way that I heal is somewhat difficult for an American brought up with traditional medicine to understand. In the Soviet Union, there are quite a few people with gifts like I have.

They are called "sensitives". As common as the M.D. is to America is how common the "sensitive" is to the Soviet Union.

The energy Gene works with is used similarly to the way a martial arts master breaks bricks. He has a particular mastery of energy and uses it to break the brick. It is not done with force. It is simply a mastery of using energy for a particular purpose. As the laws of subatomic physics state, 'at the base of everything there is only energy'. Like the martial arts master, Gene use the energy that is at the base of everything. "My purpose is to heal with it."

Russia awarded him with the prestigious Cosmonaut Medal several years ago, which is similar to a Nobel Prize over there, for healing thousands of Chernobyl victims of cancer and radiation poisoning. It’s only been given out twice in the last hundred years; first to former President Miterand of France and then to Egidio.

Gene Egidio--Whose Hands Are These?

Suzy Ward--Bridging Show #148--November 15, 2002

Suzy's first telepathic connection with her son Matthew was in 1994, almost 14 years after he left Earth life at age 17. At first wondering if the conversations might be coming from her mind alone, the increasingly astounding information she recorded daily at the computer soon convinced her that she wasn't imagining Matthew's end of their dialog. She knew this for certain when he started urging her, "Start the book." He told her that their conversations were intended for a higher purpose than daily chatting: The information she was receiving from him and numerous other souls was meant to be published. Their unusual collaboration was part of her soul level agreement and so was her experience as a journal editor -- it was the background she would need to prepare the transmissions for publication as the Matthew Books.

The first, MATTHEW, TELL ME ABOUT HEAVEN, is heartwarming conversations wherein Matthew describes the amazing diversity and activity in his world. The second book is REVELATIONS FOR A NEW ERA, a comprehensive guide to understanding our soul heritage, the purpose of life on Earth, and our place among other civilizations in the universe. Although Matthew is his mother's primary communicator, now and then she is greeted by entities who gave formal presentations for the second book, and others he has introduced to her more recently are contributors to the third book, underway.

"Matthew and I talk everyday," Suzanne says, "even though some days it's only 'Good morning, Matthew' and 'Good night, Sweetheart-- I love you.' He always agrees to sittings at my convenience -- that's when we talk at the computer so I can record it. He says this isn't an interruption in his light service because he can be with me and in other places simultaneously. Our communion is the most unique part of my life.

Suzy Ward--Revelations for a New Era

Michael Tamura--Bridging Show #149--December 13, 2002

Michael, who also appeared on Show # 123 with Kate Bennett and Shows # 128 and # 141 with his wife and partner, Raphaelle, is an extraordinary spiritual teacher, healer and clairvoyant. He has helped transform the lives of thousands of men, women and children through his spiritual work over the past twenty-seven years. His expertise is awakening souls destined to be healers and teachers and helping them onto their path. He has been equally invaluable to pioneering spiritual teachers and healers blazing new trails in the world. Often, such leaders seek Michael's wisdom, insights and healing for the unique challenges they face on their perilous path. For this, he has been called a true healers' healer. Michael has appeared on the Leeza Show, CNN and has been featured on numerous radio and cable programs.

Michael recently completed his first book on spiritual healing, creating miracles, and fulfilling your soul purpose. That amazing new book, "You Are The Answer", is now Ready and Available!!!!!

Michael Tamura--You Are The Answer

Kelly Sullivan--Bridging Show #150--December 27, 2002

Kelly, a Former Drama Queen/Actress, turned Hypnotherapist/ Religious Science Practitioner (Spiritual Counselor)/Minister, is the author of "Discover Your Inner Goddess Queen…an Inspirational Journey from Drama Queen to Goddess Queen". Kelly shares her practical mysticism and transformational insights in a simple, down-to-earth, and sometimes humorous style for the purpose of inspiring people to be their most empowered selves.

Dr. Rev. Michael Beckwith, Founder & Spiritual Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center (and guest on "Bridging" Show # 103), says that, "’Discover Your Inner Goddess Queen’ is a guide for every woman who wants to walk as a woman of power, talk as a woman of wisdom, love as a woman of freedom, and live as a woman of valor."

Kelly facilitates Goddess Queen Gatherings, and is the host of the Los Angeles based talk show, "Heart M.A.T.T.E.R.S." (Mind Altering Talks That Empower Revolutionary Solutions).

Kelly’s vision is a world of passion and peace, where people live from their highest, wisest, most loving, integrated, intuitive, creative, generous selves…where each person realizes that they are beautiful, wonderful and a unique contribution to the planet…and are fluent in a language and a way of being that empowers true self-esteem and uplifts all in the co-creation of our highest destiny…Heaven on Earth!!!

Kelly Sullivan--Discover Your Inner Goddess Queen

Featured Collaborator--Leszek Forczek

Leszek, the world-renowned Illuminism artist and teacher, has had his work featured in newspapers and magazines and, has appeared in numerous editions of cards, posters and prints. The quest for modern Spiritual expression lies at the heart of his paintings. There is also a direct connection to the healing impulse that streams forth from these "moving colors." Most recently, Leszek collaborated with Michael Tamura for the cover of his book "You Are the Answer."

Illuminism is inspired by the profound and joyous union of the Natural World with the Inner Spiritual World: "As above, so below." Leszek's lively paintings are characterized by their unique sense of luminosity, space and movement, harmonizing the inner and outer aspects of Light, Color and Darkness. This balance of inner & outer is, in its essence, beauty, art and humanity.

Leszek is appreciated by many students and collectors who have found beauty, color and painting to be an important means to personal and spiritual development. He is the Founder of IWS (Illuminism Workshop Series) which has had inspired hundreds of participants throughout America and Canada.

For an exciting feeling and spiritually insightful workshop in your area, visit Leszek’s website ( or call the Studio in Sonoma County, California at 707-824-2238. Develop your own "Illuminism (Watercolor) Workshop Series" or attend a unique Zen Stone & Michaelic Color workshop in Sonoma, with a field trip to Goat Rock Beach to balance stones and gather inspiration and materials to bring to a painting.

* Original Illuminism Watercolor Paintings
* Giclee Prints, Art Cards
* Illuminism Workshop Series in Cities Across America
* Art Lectures / Introductory Slide Shows
* Engaging Articles
* Fund-raising Events

Leszek Forczek--Illuminism

For any additional information, contact us at or call 805-687-2053, or go to the "Bridging" website at: The Bridging Heaven & Earth Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit, educational, tax-exempt, organization.

We Love You and are extremely grateful for all your help, inspiration, and support.

dedicated to the Oneness

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