Our Primary CU-SeeMe Reflector for the V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink Artist's Showcase and Network is


thanks to support for our long time sponsor

Use this reflector for video transmission at T-1 bandwidth ONLY

Moderated BROADCAST TIMES: (Pacific Standard Time)

  • Wednesday, Jan. 29, 1996 8 pm -10 pm PST
  • After that, sporatic interaction will be possible throughout the event
  • A back up reflector for those wishing to interact with us at less than T-1 bandwidth is


    thanks to
    another long standing supporter of our efforts!

    Contact for MediaCast
    Phone: (415) 541-0101

    Contact for Sirius Communications
    Phone: (415) 865-5000

    If you are new to CU-SeeMe or need assistance, try the following resource http://www.jungle.com/michael/sci-tech/comp/CU-SeeMe/

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