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Many of our V.A.R.I.O.U.S. members and associates share in the vision of a network of Creativity Cafe ("New Media Exploratoriums" and affiliated interactive "New School" venues) founded to serve local and global community in innovative ways.

Community members gather to help us understand and benefit from the power of new discoveries in science, technology, social sciences and these dynamac and evolutionary times.

Our plan is to assist in our planet's transformation.

Our goal is to provide an interconnected network of venues for (any given culture's) creative community to gather, cooperate and reap educational and economic rewards via production, broadcasting, and purvayance of positive media and experiences.

We currently offer live, interactive events that are life affirming, that facilitate the expression of ideas, images and human interactions that are healing and that can assist people in discovering how to navigate rapid and new changes in our lives and the earth.

Our desire is to help foster new values that breed ethical relations, and that offer personal growth experiences in fun, friendly and innovative ways.

We live for the artist in everyone and believe creative people have the solutions to the ills of humanity...and that everyone is creative. We offer and encourage you to use this space to make your voice heard.

Our live events are condusive to an atmosphere where "Strangers. are just friends who haven't yet met!"

Each of us carries a unique piece of the puzzle of our unfolding reality. Our aim in Creativity Cafe's Networking Parlor is to unite you with other pieces with whom you can flourish, and visa versa.

If everyone in the club agrees to practice PRONOIA Magic and Miracles will unfold naturally.

We highly value cultural creatives who live authentically and are passionately creating a future world that is abundant, loving and peaceful for every person on our dear planet Earth.

We'd like to know you and to meet kindred spirits interested to help you use your art & technology for improving our world via PRONOIA?

Use this site for "Storytelling the Future into Reality." Share your art, insight, wisdom and solutions for a better world.

Tell us your your wildest ideas and most obvious concepts that would help to make for a healthier and happier planet.

Just like life, this site is going through constant revision. Stop back often.

Use the ideas and resources here to find kindred spirits, market your talent, express your point of view, and enjoy the ride as we cooperatively rewrite the future.

The communications revolution now makes it possible for anything you imagine to become real enough for others to experience.

Are *you* an artist-healer, teacher-actor, businessperson-technoshaman, visionary, etc.? We invite you to participate in making this a better world by allowing us to HELP YOU express your creativity.

We are developing a permanent "living Gallery," an interactive multimedia theater and "New School for the Next Millennium" designed to help accelerate global community and empower creative solutions to personal and planetary problems.
Thanks for stopping by. We encourage you to sign our guestbook to share *your* insight, wisdom and creativity with live and cyberspace audiences.

Your participation will actively evolve this site and our world by way of the people it touches. We exist in cyber space and touch down in physical reality from time to time on our way to a permanent facility. We often mingle physical space and cyberspace via CU-SeeMe networking events.
Our desire is to assist you to unlock your creativity, market your talent and help you find the resources you need for emotional and financial well being. We are a nexus of evolutionary agents practicing "pronoia" (the opposite of paranoia) in these days of rapid change. Please remember EVERYONE is creative, even you!
Perhaps we can connect you with resources you need for your dreams to come true? We also appreciate any URLs for kindred spirits you might direct us to. Enjoy your stay at Creativity Cafe.
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