Creativity Cafe; a "New School for the Next Millennium"
Investment Opportunity
One Page Business Plan:
revised: 04/11/07 For more information: Contact: Peter H. Rosen V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media 140 Uwapo Rd.,#49-204 Kihei HI 96753 808 875-4747 Vision Create a network of physical Creativity Cafes around the world that are live and cyberspace networking salons featuring educational entertainment and multimedia cybertheater. A fun place where people gather for play and work, where creative people, using the marriage of art and state-of-the-art technology, learn from each other and have a forum for showcasing their work and profiting from their talents. Mission Establish Creativity Cafe as a "New School for the Next Millennium." To inspire and empower the public in both CyberSpace and in communities around the world by providing affordable access to technology and instruction; by creating experiences that are inspiring, entertaining and educate us to be better human beings. To create and propagate life enhancing edutainment in the mass media. To provide neighborhood facility(s) where the tools of today can serve the leaders of tomorrow. A place to assist you to discover the personal benefits of the communication revolution in ways where "Strangers, are just friends who haven't yet met," and benefit your personal path direcly. Objectives Establish and build a network of cyber play spaces for kids of all ages and their families. A public place to bridge cyber and physical space where personal tour guides hand-hold the technophobic and curious. To create and propagate multimedia edutainment that demonstrates our human potential, is healing and helps foster global unity. Distribute economic benefits to owners, staff and community members resulting from production, publishing and sale of experiences and products we co-create . Digital storytelling tool education and access. Produce interactive entertainments distributed in various media; to be marketed by the Creativity Cafe Consortium. Strategies Continue maintaining visibility using public "Living Gallery" events such as V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink and "KidCast For Peace via productions in physical networking salons, schools, trade show installations, multimedia performances, traditional media, email, and Web programming. Since 1980, in-kind support has come from leading technology corporations and organizations believing in our mission. We continue to develop alliances with cutting edge organizations, corporations, other electronic cafes and cyber-performance environments/advocates. Develope "CREATIVITY.NET" and "CREATIVITY.COM." Plans Build upon the proven success of our live interactive events (since 1980) and Creativity Café Live/Web productions. Secure capitalization for building acquisition, staff salaries and start-up operating expenses. Begin programming on-site in prime locations by Summer 2002. What Is the Product Entertainment and Education. A state-of-the-art networking salon and community cybertheater/venue. A high-tech, yet "connected with nature" ambiance for assisting patrons in discovering people and resources, mentors and edutainment, to advance them on their personal path. A place for technology and personal growth mentoring/training, virtual world exploration/building with over 25 profit streams. Web "content" is created by patrons who receive economic benefit. General public can purchase personalized merchandise, analog and digital art, DVDs, etc.. An interactive playspace featuring Internet and digital storytelling mechanism ofering creative tool access/education (Creativity Camp). Tour guides offer personalized clubinternet resource identification and utilization for life path optimization. A safe place for children and creative personalities to learn, grow, and express in these dynamically changing times. A facilitated networking salon and membership club to benefit local communities and our world. Who Is The Customer Travellers needing cyber services (email, video upload, file/format conversion, etc.), corporations/organizations seeking multimedia performance/meeting space for after convention parties/special events. General Public; technology learning lab/Distance Education and visioning center for teachers and students, digital/traditional artists needing better representation and financial rewards. Audiences seeking inspiration and technology understanding. Tourists seeking local cultural resources. People interested in furthering global community. The visiting cyber/multimedia artist/performer needing specialized equipment to display/perform hybrid/cyber works of art. People looking for new business and/or social relationships. How Will Customers Find Us Aggressive marketing in print, radio and TV, CyberSpace, innovative promotions, direct mail, community outreach projects, editorials and advertising in consumer, trade publications and various media, free trial membership coupons in airline media, etc.. What Resources Are Required First stage capitalization of $3,000,000 ($100K for bare bones version and $15 million for idealized version). Management team and creative teams identified. $1.1M Angel capital sought to enable phase one operation. We predict eleven months to profitability. Key Financial Data We have projections for five years. We are actively seeking all forms of capitalization, strategic relationships and partnerships with investors, corporations, individuals and organizations. A full prospectus is available upon request. For more information contact: Peter H. Rosen, or click here. Notable URLs:
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