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What is a KidCast?

— sharing creativity and collaboration globally through networking technology
featuring Digital Storytelling.

Children of all ages (focusing on K-12 and youth) share their art live, and direct us to their pre-built KidCast For Peace web sites, VRML worlds, chat rooms, interactive music spaces, etc.. Children at participating sites respond to comments and questions from gathered local and cyber audiences.

Videoconferencing software enables realtime interaction visually as well as sonically. The video camera is focused on the child and art together, then zooms into the art. A KidCast Central moderator instigates and encourages the other sites to respond to what they see evoking questions, feeling and impressions. A moderator at each site takes responsiblity for the following during their turn:

  • identifying the site, i.e., "This is John in Honolulu. We have a question from our audience."
  • having a microphone available to provide a sound feed, (or typing which scrolls across the CU-SeeMe window...visible to all active participants, and "lurkers" who just watch and listen).
  • a local or KidCast Central moderator, or audience member (in order of preferance) introduces each artist asking the child to verbally explain his or her submission. These questions will catalyze KidCast community interaction.

KidCast for Peace was conceived for the Children's World Peace Festival in June 1995. In-kind support for the KidCast has come from leading technology corporations, organizations and individuals believing in our mission.

To continue to help evolve optimal future leaders, V.A.R.I.O.U.S. needs your support. Please make a donation by clicking the DONATE button or explore other support opportunities to fully embrace and economically help support KidCast For Peace. We are deepening existing alliances with mainstream corporations and organizations, and are forming alliances with other edutainment pioneers and individuals in alignment with Creativity Cafe's vision. We are building on KidCast's success to secure grants and other support mechanisms.