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  • READ ME FIRST, if you want to Join our Videoconference? Great info from GLOBAL SCHOOL NET!
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  • KidCast CU-SeeMe and Web site building Instructions follow:
  • 1 - Arrange to have a conversation about peace, cooperation, self respect/esteem, conflict resolution etc. with your participants (or reflect on these issues yourself). Use digital tools or paper and crayons/paints to make art that communicates suggestions for making this a happier, healthier and safer more peaceful world. Scan your art and build a KidCast For Peace website, get ready to hold the art up in front of the CU-SeeMe Camera (Connectix recommended). Our global audio and video interaction using CU-SeeMe software (downloadable free-see technical section) is tentatively schedualed for 24 hours beginning 0 GMT. We will begin testing several days before the KidCast. We will link to your web site (if you send us the URL IN ADVANCE). Please encourage your young and older "artists" to be interviewed by a live and cyberspace audience. A V.A.R.I.O.U.S. representative will moderate from "KidCast Central."

    2 - Scan the pictures created (in #1) at your location and build a web site. If you are unable to pre-produce a KC site, or need help, email us with your need?

    3 - Testing and set up will take place the week before our multicast. Check out our CU-SeeMe page for details. Let us know as much in advance as possible, what time frame(s)--any 1-2 hour slot-- you are able to participate with us? Be sure to make SCREEN GRABS of your CU-SeeMe sessions and use them along with the scans from STEP TWO in building a web site called YOUR NAME - KidCast For Peace, that uses a KidCast logo and is linked back to KidCast Central.

    We seek expression that speaks of how to make this a happier, healthier, safer and more peaceful world? Build your personal or group "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For A Better World" web site incorporating various media. Send us the URL of your site, VRML world, or anything else you come up with to demonstrate your Visions Of Peace.

    4 - Arrange for a participatory gathering in your area/location on or before April 22, 2000 to begin involving your community. Contact your press connections to arrange for local KidCast coverage.

    5 - We need the following information to insure proper credit, coordiation and promotion. PLEASE respond NOW. Take a moment to cut the questions below then paste into your first message as you join our KidCast Mailing List:

    Name of Organization/Individual participating?

    Name or host for CU-SeeMe from your location?

    Name of Local KidCast Coordinator/Technical Director?

    Address of participating organization/individual?

    Contact Phone:?

    Contact Email:?

    KidCast For Peace Web Site URL for submission?

    (set this up in advance or specify later). Be sure to link back to KidCast Central.

    Time(s) you available to participate live via Audio, Video or any of the other INTERACTIVE MODALITIES (please specify YOUR PREFERENCE for schedualing and coordination)?

    6 - Identify someone(or more) to instigate local community organization (organize kids in schools to make art ASAP and build web sites, natural instruments for the Natural Music Jam**), and to produce the Live Event IN YOUR-TOWN ANYWHERE.


    We started this in KidCast#5. Create an "instrument" from things found in nature. Kamali'i Elementary School won awards for BEST KidCast Site and for their outstanding participation and documentation. Congratulations to teacher Cynthia Rothduetsch and her
    Participating Kids

    Some ideas:

      Two rocks to bang together
      A scalloped seashell scraped with a stick
      Two sticks to bang together
      A bass bow made from a taught string tied to the ends of a small tree branch
      Blowing accross the hole of an empty wasps nest
      Coconut shells palyed with a mallot
      Blowing on a blade of grass held tought between two thumbs
      "Wind Chimes" made from suspended on fishing line coral and shell fragments
      Clapping cupped hands
      Finger popping your mouth
      Whistling or making other vocal sounds, etc.

    Psuedo natural sounds: "Tuned" vessels filled with water played with a mallot, stick or spoon etc. Can crumbling on cue, Soda Bottle "Pan Flutes," Tibetian Bells, Gongs, Drums, etc.

    TECHNIQUE: The KidCast Global "Orchestra" will take the lead from our San Francsico host (who will pass that lead on after demonstrations). He/she will hold up his hands as if to ready the orchestra and begin to wriggle his fingers. When the fingers wriggle, everyone makes their sound and plays their instrument. When this "conductor" makes a fist, everyone stops. The conductor then wriggles fingers again; the orchestra begins to play until stopped by the conductor making fists...and so on.

    The conductor will then "pass the batton" to each of the Children wanting to conduct in a similar fashion until everyone who wants to lead the band has had that opportunity from where ever they are. It is a simple on-off kind of music, that could be very powerful as each child commands the global gathering of "musicians."

    Please review other participation details in KidCast Central: http://creativity.net/kidcast2.html

    Up-to-date developments in Current KidCast Conversations/updates:

    Past KidCast Community Communications.

    Frame Grabs from our previous KidCasts can be viewed in our GALLERY OF SOLUTIONS. We appreciate your taking the time to read this document and participate in a project designed to tap into the great creative wealth of our young people, giving them a loud voice so they might improve the world they have inherited from us. Remember to practice PRONOIA!

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