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  • KidCast #14 September 21, 2004 - New York City
  • KidCast #13 April 22-23, 2004 - Streaming from Maui & Kulaks Woodshed; No. Hollywood, California
  • KidCast #12 April 22, 2003
  • KidCast #11 April 21-22, 2002, Earth Day - Maui
  • KidCast #10 April 22, 2001, Earth Day - Maui
  • KidCast #09 April 22, 2000, Earth Day - Maui
  • KidCast #08 April 22, 1999, Earth Day - Maui
  • KidCast #07 July 21-23, 1998, SIGGRAPH'98 - Orlando Fla.
  • KidCast #06 April 22, 1998, Earth Day Maui Cyber City Maui
  • KidCast #05 November 17, 1997, Peace Day - 3220 Networks, San Francisco, Calif.
  • KidCast #04 April 22, 1997, Earth Day - Maui
  • KidCast #03 July 4-7, 1996, Marin County Fair - Calif.
  • KidCast #02 April 19-22, 1996, Earth Day - Maui
  • KidCast #01 June 24, 1995, Children's World Peace Festival - Calif.

  • KidCast for Peace Number 14
    September 21, 2004

    Moderated from New York City and Kulaks Woodshed in California
    Celebrating the United Nations International Day of Peace
    at the 11 Days of Unity closing event produced by We The World at Avalon Ballroom

    Our multinode videoconference connected students gathered at the University of Hawaii, with those at Kulaks Woodshed; North Hollywood, California, Digital Clubhouse Network; New York City(last minute network problems prevented thier participation), and KidCast Central set up at the 11 Days of Unity event; New York City.


    Earth Day KidCast For Peace #13

    Earth Day, April 22, 2004

    Streaming from Maui & Kulaks Woodshed; No. hollywood, California
    Participating Nodes: University of Hawaii, Kihei High School, That's Entertainment, Nevada City Calif.

    The following sites have been submitted for KidCast Inclusion. Some though not created specifically (as we request), have been added if the content is close enough to our requested themes and offers a solution.


  • Peace Train Kids in Australia say things like "If we all hold hands, we can't fight!"
  • Video: "Fire Medicine" Art by Robert Age: 11
      Documentation from V.A.R.I.O.U.S. KidCast for Peace Expo Booth. Peter Rosen recorded and edited by this submission from an attendee who happened by our Digital Storytelling Parlor.
  • Kihei High School Student Art.
    • Many thanks to principal Rick Paul and Tech Coordinator Phill Schmid for facilitating our KidCast and student participation.
  • Creativity Cafe KidCast#13 Documentation (movies and still galleries)
  • kidcast for peace image
    Screen Captures of all the action!

    KidCast #13 Movies

  • Creativity Cafe New School Power Point Trade Show presentation

  • Jim Buika, Director of Pacific Disaster Center, presented a Quicktime Movie mocking up a Tsunami and offered a wonderful Power Point presentation

  • Peter Rosen, the insessent documentarian grabed these images in the midst of everything else of some great KidCast Moments!

  • What a Chinese Woman has to say about making the world better
  • Your SOLUTION will be posted in this Gallery of Solutions if you upload your files here

  • Recommended Resources for Childrens' Self-Expression,
    Education and Digital Storytelling

  • Creativity Cafe founder offers thoughts about Creativity Cafe New Schools and KidCast for Peace in a video shot by at the recent Hi-Tech Hawaii Expo on Maui
  • Creativity Cafe's Creativity Camp featuring Digital storytelling
  • Digital Storytelling Featured at WWW Artists Consortium
  • Re-inventing Education article featuring Tony Wagner; Co-Director of the Change Leadership Group, and Creativity Cafe's Peter Rosen
  • Relevant Links and Examples of KidCast for Peace Content




    KidCast For Peace Gallery of Solutions 2003

    These are the first submissions for April 20 & 22, 2003
    Earth Day KidCast for Peace Number 12!

    Connecting Oahu, Maui, Australia, Santa Clarita Vallery California

    The following sites have been submitted for KidCast Inclusion. Though some have not been created specifically (as we request) for the KidCast, if the content is close enough to our requested themes, we have added some of them anyway.

  • 4/29/03 - Creativity Cafe's KidCast for Peace Video Chat Documentation
  • 4/27/03 - Creativity Cafe For-a-Day ART IMAGES Documentation
  • 02/10/03 - Photos, Art, Video and Kids from V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media's KidCast For Peace TV Show taping Feb 3&4th. Also photo & Peace Art gallery of community support for the Season for Peace and Non Violence.
  • 4/20/03 Finnegan Pitchford offers art and thoughts about prisoner reform (1.2 MB Quicktime Movie will download, then popup a viewer when ready)
  • 2/3/03 - KidCast for Peace TV Show, produced by Peter Rosen. View this great sample clip! (4 MB Quicktime required as above)
  • Shopping bags for Peace submitted by Big Island KidCast Coordinator; Napika
  • California KidCast Coordinator Colene Riffo - Santa Clarita California, Flash Submission; Happy B'earth Day
  • Anne Polix Submission of illustrated Peace Poem




    Submissions For KidCast#11 
    Earth Days 2002

  • URL SUBMISSIONS FOR KC#11 Can be Self-Posted HERE!
  • Watch Creativity Cafe's first streaming Maui Artists' Showcase TV Show dedicated to Peace. We are greatful to sponsorsship from the Maui NO KA OI Foundation.
  • From: "Michael Sussell;" Sat, 30 Mar 2002 A MESSAGE FROM GOD
  • From: "Mittika;" 12 Mar 2002 - peace on earth; Planting TREES and PLANTS In Memory of Lt.Nawang Kapadia


    Submissions For KidCast#10
    Earth Day 2001 (Sunday)

    We were not able to secure sponsorship and other support
    for this year's KidCast For Peace. It basically did not happen. -phr-

    Cool-In-The-Shade a song by Peter Rosen
    shiloh bones banner

    Submissions For Creativity Cafe's Earth Day 2000
    KidCast For Peace Number 9: April 22, 2000

    Participate in Presenting Your HEART
  • Dave Warner MD, Medical Neuroscientist, Dir. Medical Intelligence, MindTel. Grok this and life gets better:
  • Supporting Web Site Links:

    We proudly announce our first European KidCast Web Site Mirror
    thanks to our new resource sponsor; Lovely World!

    World Trust Foundation
    Creative Center of the Universe
    Visit AnyCo.Com - Where Virtual is Reality
    Planetwork- Amsterdam
    Global School House Network, Web of Peace
    I*EARN In Action
    University Of Minnesota Human Rights Library
    Project Mind Foundation
    New Earth News
    Bethune Academy Science and Technology Lab, Houston, texas
    Learning and Leading With Technology, ITSE
    Mindspring (Our Server Sponsor) Supports Earth Day, Everyday
    School News
    Tree Island, Working for a Positive New Millennium

    ...and so many others! Thanks on behalf of children everywhere.

    Submissions For Creativity Cafe's Earth Day 1999
    KidCast Number 8: April 22, 1999
    Hosted by Cyber Cafe Maui

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  • KidCast Central: Maui Mewe Performance Listen to REAL AUDIO broadcast sound from CU-SeeMe
  • Live Webcam images on net from software necessary.
  • Maui Earth Day CelebrationHands-on art making =-

  • Submissions For Creativity Cafe's Summer
    KidCast Number 7: July 21-23, 1998
    Hosted by sigKIDS interACTive @

  • The Hendrix School created a wonderful site with KidCast for Peace art
  • Submission; documentation from Cyber City Mauil KidCast Node#1
  • Peace Pictures by KidsSubmssion by GlobeServe
  • Fun TV Alternative for Tots (and parents) Enjoyment Submission by Elbee; Baby Videos
  • Kids Say The Darndest Things Submision by Josepha
  • Dealing With Bullies, Low Self-Esteem Submission by Kathy Knoll and Dr. Jay Carter


    Submissions For
    KidCast Number 6: Earth Day, April 22, 1998
    Hosted by Cyber City Maui

  • Our appearance on the White Pine Server
  • Creativity Cafe For-A-Day; Cyber City Maui Live Event Documentation (a work in progress)
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    KidCast Number Five
    November 17, 1997: Peaceday
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    Some Basic KidCast Information

    Now is the time to begin building your personal KidCast Web site and express your visions for a better world, and to add to our VRML Earthstation. Then be ready to gather with us this Earth Day (April 22, 2000) in a CU-SeeMe Videoconference/Multicast and other interactive technologies thanks to our coordinating partner in this very special KidCast For Peace, Michael G.F. Moegling of Lovely World and other sponsors. We hope you will participate and share your ART and your HEART to assist in this projects future expansion.

    We encourage you to subscribe to the KidCast email list for participants, sponsors and supporters of the KidCast CU-SeeMe videoconferences and other KidCast Activities. Some posts from this list are being forwarded for public interest to our KidCast Conversations area. For musicians, you will love our interactiveMusic Jam.

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    808 875-4747

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