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27 IDX 106 - Odinn
Reykjavik, ICELAND -
Reply-To: "Katharina Bless"
From: "Katharina Bless"
To: "V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media"
Subject: Re: INVITATION: KidCast For Peace; Solutions for A Better World #10
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2001 10:39:54 +0700
Organization: Soma Center
X-Priority: 3

Dear Peter,
like you I am called to work for peace and harmony in this world. I am
organizing now the second Silver Dove event in Chiang Mai and I have just
received a message from the Ascended Masters, that this will be my last act
here and it is time to move on.
I would be very honored it you would consider to be part of this Silver Dove
Please send out this to your friends too.
Love and Blessings

Dear Angel

Yes, you are an Angel who has come to this planet for a very specific
reason, you have chosen to be here now.

I write to you today, because I have to coordinate an event here in Chiang
Mai, Thailand and the Ascended Masters have chosen me for this work to do.

Chiang Mai is the center of a circle of 4000 km (about 2500 miles) where
more than half of the world population is living. This part of the world is
developing very fast, and there are still a lot of tensions and conflicts in
this area, in Tibet, Korea, Kashmir, Burma (Myanmar), Indonesia, Cambodia,
Sri Lanka, Philippines... I have been sent to this area to bring the light
here, but we are quite isolated and are only a few devoted lightworkers. So
we need help, not only for the local work to be done here, but also to
spread the awareness of the importance of this part of the world in the
global makeup of the planet.

I send you here the second announcement about the Silver Dove Convergence
and would be very happy to receive some feedback from you. Please consider
yourself as a part of this work, this is the reason why you receive this

Love and Blessings


Silver Dove Convergence 2001


March 5th - 9th, near Chiang Mai, Thailand

After the success of the Silver Dove Congress 2000, the PAN Light Link
Gathering and the Peace Pole Ceremony held in Chiang Mai from February 11th
to 19th, 2000, the concept for the 2001 event has taken shape.

We request the presence of the living Angels and Healers from all healing
traditions and from all parts of the world to converge in Chiang Mai for a
Synergistic Healing Attunement to heal the planet and support the energy

There will be no talks, presentations, workshops or scheduled meetings, but
just a continuous three-day healing session, unfolding spontaneously from
its own inspiration, energy, and spiritual guidance.

The participants will not come to get something, to give talks, teach,
promote their healing techniques, do business or work, but only to give and
share their healing energies for the benefit of the planet and all beings,
and just be there in a space of love, peace, light, and joy.

The magic gift they will all personally receive, the gift that all
participants of the 2000 event have received, is a great blessing and a deep
healing. The participants of the 2001 Retreat will be the chosen Healers
from all over the world sent here by their spiritual guidance to manifest
the healing power in Asia. They will have the unique opportunity to meet
each other, to create new links and friendship and weave together a strong
inter-racial and inter-religious healing network.

The Synergistic Healing Attunement will take place in the sacred mountains
above Chiang Mai, one of the major points of the planetary energy grid. The
chosen location is situated in a remote valley not far from the Myanmar
border, about 3 hours drive from Chiang Mai, where a Royal Project is
dedicated to the organic culture of all kind of flowers, trees and
vegetables. We will have our gatherings in the small Convention Center of
the Royal Project or outside in the beautiful flower gardens. Close by is
the comfortable and peaceful Doi Angkhan Resort that will be our host.

On the second day of our Retreat we will have a Ceremony to erect another
Peace Pole, one more acupuncture needle for the healing of Mother Gaia.

After the Retreat, everyone is welcome to stay for the weekend to relax,
deepen their new acquaintances and interrelationships, and enjoy the good
life and beauties of Thailand.

Please ask your spiritual guidance if you are meant to come to Chiang Mai
and reserve the date!


Would you please send this message to your friends and Email lists? Please
forgive us if you receive this message more than once, it may be that you
are on different address lists of the spiritual soul family! Thanks for your
understanding. Thank you very much for your cooperation, may Mother Gaia
bless you!


The total costs of the 4 day retreat including transportation from Chiang
Mai to Doi Angkhan, daily three vegetarian meals and two tea breaks, daily
transportation from the Resort to the Royal Project convention center,
accommodation in double room, registration fee etc. US$ 360 (single room
addition US$ 80).


Synergistic Healing Attunement Retreat at Doi Angkhan Resort, near Chiang
Mai, Thailand, from Monday 5th to Friday 9th of March, 2001.

SHA workshop in Singapore: in April 2001
SHA workshop in Kuala Lumpur: in April 2001

SHA Chiang Mai Town: Sunday, March 4th, from 19.30 to 21.30.

Gratitude is the attitude that changes every thing.
(Friendship with God, N.D. Walsch)
Soma Center and Silver Dove Network supporting holistic life style,
spiritual evolution, cruelfree diet and peace.
Mail: CMU PO Box 85, Chiang Mai, 50202 Thailand, 66 53 297 407

Katharina Bless <>
Chiang Mai, Thailand -
We are testing CU-SeeMe today and will be on the air tomorrow. See for connection to the conference details!


Creativity Cafe
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Creativity Cafe Test
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Eric Frydler <>
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sadas <sdas>
sdasd, d USA -
Hi Kyra!
It«s great to see a picture of You while browsing the internet!
How«s life? Back in Cali for November. Perhaps we can have TEA!
How«s motherhood?
I look forward to future meetings.

Rob Eckel <>
Vienna, Austria -
You are WELCOME to visit my webpage.
Odinn Thor
Reykjavik, ICELAND -
We are testing: Please visit the Sound Healing Section of Creativity Cafe:
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We are testing: Please visit the Sound Healing Section of Creativity Cafe:
Creativity Cafe <>
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Peace and Love To Everyone!


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Kihei, Maui, HI USA - Wednesday, May 20, 1998 at 13:23:01 (PDT)
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May your life bring you joy and prosperity!

Enjoy !!!

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