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KidCast for Peace; Solutions for a Better World #22

After a long haitus, we are seeking YOUR PARTICIPATION to help produce our Next KidCast for Peace TeleActivity on Monday, April 22, 2016. We are currently inviting new participants and sponsors to support our Multi-point interactive broadcast in a grand collaboration!

When the time comes, we hope you will join us during Creativity Cafe's live, multi-node KidCast for Peace: Solutions for a Better World Teleactivity. Prizes will be awarded for best Peace Art and "tele-presence;" for Children (of all ages) to share in this Global Cybernetic PEACE PLACE and ART PORTAL on Earth Day!

If you are an educator or represent an educational institution/university, please contact us for participation details. Art becomes a catalyst for group interaction, facilitating the expression of those wanting to share their vision for peace and to help make this a better world.   

Its' easier to transcend language barriers (and others), with the stroke of a brush and flash of a peace symbol and smile - as this page shows, which is why KidCast for Peace asks kids of all ages to share your art, heart and ideas to evolve a peace filled world. More information can be found in the links on the left!

Explore our Gallery of Solutions Documentation and this video to get a better idea of KidCasting™ and of Creativity Cafe™ Edutainment Venues.

This project has been serving kids of all ages since 1995. Creativity Cafe is working wiith synergetic souls and corporate alliances to continue growing KidCast for PEACE as a way to appreciate young people, their art and their ideas for bringing Peace to our Planet. Please join our network to facilite social change and the expression of those who will inherit the Earth.

Sign Up for our Mailing list to become part of this year's KidCast Consortium!

Creativity Cafe encourages potential KidCast node coordinators in YOUR part of the world, to start now to organize for Earth Day's April 22 many to many broadcast. Please explore the KidCast for Peace Gallery of Solutions to see the results!

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Creativity Cafe's KCFP Mailing List
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or our KCFP 2009 coordination list   if you want to broadcast with us?

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Children from around the world, in schools, cybercafes, and at home are given an "Internet Channel" to voice their solutions for a better world. This project reninforces their acceptance as contributors to the evolution of life by "adults." Through "KidCasting," Ypung people are asked and provoked by their teachers, parents and guardians, to consider solutions to personal, local and planetary challenges, and to explore compassionate action and collaborative community. Because we seek and value their expression, this project improves self-esteem. Children learn valuable tools for community building and how to utilize technology for storytelling the future into reality; a valuable job skill in this day and age.

During live interactions, those gathered express their ideas and feeling; overcoming obsticles of distance, language and cultural bias. They hold up their artistic creations (or offer skits, music and poetry) in front of the video camera. We direct the public to their web site with high resolution scans of their "Peace Art," then stimulate conversations with peace-peers and public-at-large gathered in the multipoint video conference.

This foundation of community thinking and education/use of digital storytelling tools stimulates an early desire to use computer graphic tools for communication, education and entertainment.

KidCast for Peace prepares them for our evolving digital world, yet stimulates (protects) their "humanness." In today's hectic world, physical gatherings and high-touch environments tend to be replaced by non-physical electronic interaction. Through KidCasting, children make friends with their "foreign" counterparts. KidCast exists to facilitate young peoples' discussion about how to overcome life's challenges. KidCast stimulates the parents to provide better role models and to accept and respect the consciousness of their offspring; our future world leaders.

Plan now to Participate in Creativity Cafe's KidCast for Peace; Solutions for a Better World; honoring unity in diversity by opening a PEACE PORTAL each Earth Day. KidCast for Peace is produced by V.A.R.I.O.U.S. members and associates. We are giving young people a chance to shape their future world. It was born for the United Nations 50th anniversary in San Francisco in 1995, and has been produced each April 22 since then.

We invite YOU to participate on April 22, 2016 by joining in to share art and Ideas for how to make this a happier, healthier, safer and more peace filled world (focus on K12 kids and kids of ANY AGE)? Please join kids of all ages by just showing up in our video multicast or better, preparing art, media or digital storytelling in advance so we can link to it for display and discussion. Just click on the participation link to find out exactly what to do!

Please click the links at left to find out more about KidCast for Peace; Solutions for a Better World, and visit our press room .

Click to join kidcast4peace2013

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or please: CLICK the KCFP LOGO"

and make a donation is any amount you choose, to support our project!  

We are opening this PEACE PORTAL to help create a PLACE OF PEACE on the internet (and beyond); where we can meet face to face and discuss issues and events rapidly unfolding in our world. More importantly, we are giving teachers a chance to lead their students in having a say in the world they will inherit. We would love the hear their thoughts and see their art expressing and picturing peace. What do you have to share, and artistically offer suggesting what we might do as evolutionary agents, to make things better in the world our children will inherit?

1.  Picture Peace! and/or Write What YOU Think Would Make Things Better?

2.  Post a Solution on your website and WIN Valuable Prizes

3. Participate in our conference! Use SOFTWARE TO BE ANNOUNCED to share in the fun via audio, video and text chat. Connect with other K12 students and peers-for-peace around the world on Earth Day April 22.

We thank the following Supporters and Sponsors
of Creativity Cafe's KidCast for Peace #22 on April 22, 2013

  • LINQTO Software - replacing CUseeMe as our primary Interactive Video Solution!
  • Ecamm Network - Get their great interactive tools and PARTICIPATE!

Childrren Wanting Peace

   If you would like to submit a solution via text, please do so in our written solutions repository. The idea is to make some art, post it on a KidCast "Solution for A Better World" Web site you build (or on one of our servers) so we can present it and you in our video conference connecting an audience of peers and concerned people helping to evolve our world from war to peace.

   Our broadcast schedule will be posted the week before our video conference events. Students in schools and homes around the world are invited to participate by making and sharing Earth Art and their Heart.

   We are always seeking donations to underwrite this project. Please click the Donate link to contribute to creating positive media and experiences for young minds. Plant your seed for peace by hosting a node where you live or work. Join our KidCast for Peace Mailing List to be updated.

Visit the KidCast for Peace Coordination Center.
Join the KCFP Mailing List to participate in future Creativity Cafe events!

Check out this experimental KidCast for PEACE PORTAL! Login and say hello!

Click here to see the fantastic folks linked to this project!

Past sponsors of KidCast for Peace

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We thank some of our 2007 sponsors & supporters; their help continues to support this Year's KidCast for Peace:

Key Sponsors from Companies and Individuals
  • Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services (V.A.R.I.O.U.S., 501c3)
  • V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media
  • Inspiration Software
  • Ecamm Software
  • Creativity Cafe™
  • Peter H. Rosen is your KidCast host and coordinator. Its amazing what one man can do when compelled to help bring peace to our planet! What are you doing? Let's us know via participation.
  • V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media producer of Creativity Cafe's KidCast for Peace
  • You might like to learn about some of these peace, education and children related resources:

  • Creativity Cafe Blog
  • KidCast for Peace Blog
  • We are delighted to have been selected as a Youth Media Exchange core project that will allow unlimited server space to young people creating digital Stories and other expressions for this project. Please post your media there and link to it here by posting the URL to be added to our GALLERY OF SOLUTIONS. KidCast for Peace is a sample of the programs and services planned for Creativity Cafe®: New School for the Next Millennium. Explore Creativity Cafe's Vision of a New Multimedia School and Networking Center and let us know if you resonate with our agenda?!

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