How V.A.R.I.O.U.S. came into being.
The story of Peter H. Rosen, V.A.R.I.O.U.S. and Creativity Cafe founder

During the past 35 years, Peter Rosen has brought all of the elements of his past into full expression with the development of several facets of a unique and exciting concept that stretches the boundaries of exposure for visual and performing artists and those in related fields.

With a background that includes broadcast camerawork, film coordination, computer graphics, sound engineering, extensive still photography, and coordination of festivals and projects involving all of these many artistic disciplines, Peter was also the type of "searching soul" who was always seeking new forms of expressive opportunity and new ways to bring artists together in mutually supportive endeavors.

Interactive TheaterHis first brainstorm came in 1980 when he envisioned an Artists Resource Center where the most creative and visionary could gather and collaborate in producing positive media to help heal the world's pain. Next, was the creation of V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink, an outgrowth of the excitement he witnessed among artists and audiences alike when still photographs were shown on a big screen at Los Angeles' Garden Theater Festival. Exhibiting the works of photographers, costume designers, fine art painters and many others on a large, movie-size screen, gave a new dimension to all of those works, as well as commanding the attention of an audience -- even a non-artistic audience -- in a way that had simply not been done. Art was suddenly seen with new eyes from all perspectives as dialogues between artists and audiences were encouraged. This community forum evolved into a not for profit arts organization called, Visionary Artists' Resources Including Other Unique Services ( V.A.R.I.O.U.S.).

In 1983, Peter took this all about six steps forward with the formation of the Visual Artists' Resource Center, an ambitious melding of multimedia and the computer age. At the FutureWorld Expo '83, Peter produced and directed a "model" concept of the center he plans for San Francisco; a one-stop resource, referral and networking salon for the creative community involving not only "static" visual arts, but multimedia, video productions, and other state-of-the-art techniques and systems, with computer reference and referral services for networking.

Because he is a communicator, first and foremost, Peter is able to communicate his visions and dreams readily to those he involves in his projects. He successfully arranged for more than $125,000 worth of donated equipment and services for the FutureWorld demonstration project and is currently putting together plans for a permanent and ongoing Artists' Resource Center in San Francisco called the Creativity Cafe (TM).

Peter's energies are dedicated not only to pragmatic accomplishment, but solidly rooted in spiritual dimensions as well, as a list of his photography and audio/visual clients over the past few years will attest. These include The Unity-In-Diversity Council (official photographer for the New World & Mind-Body & Spirit Festivals), Songwriters Resources and Services, National Organization for Women, Awareness in Media, Alliance for Survival and, of course, his own Visionary Artists' Resources Including Other Unique Services (V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media), among others.

At the FutureWorld Expo 1983, Peter produced numerous interviews with key community leaders on the topic of what choices they were making in their lives to help bring peace to their immediate environment and their community. Those video tapes are now part of the growing value of the "living archives" which Peter intends to bring to wider audiences through his efforts, including one of the last video interviews with Buckminster Fuller before he died.

Peter began his communications career as a producer and host of a folk music program on WCWP-FM in New York. He then became part of the Special Events production unit for the ABC television network in New York, serving as film coordinator for all film generated by the team, as well as working as broadcast cameraman on the evening news, sports and daytime series telecasts.

Leaving ABC-TV in 1968, he became chief engineer for Map City Records, with some 14 albums to his credit before leaving to establish a free-lance career in publicity photography while pursuing a songwriting career.

In 1975, the hustle, and rat-race of New York had become too oppressive for the young man who was tuning into harmony and a spiritual meaning through his songs. A brief "time out" in Jamaica to think and ponder what it was he wanted led to his arrival in Los Angeles a short time later with one suitcase, his camera, and a guitar.

Like many "angels" during the sunny summers of the late '70's, Peter heard about the month-long free performing and visual arts festival which took place in Hollywood's Barnsdall Park and, after the first year, he returned the next summer as coordinator of the photographic exhibits sponsored by the Festival. It was, as noted, this experience that prompted Peter's personal commitment to the nurturing of artists which has resulted in V.A.R.I.O.U.S. MEDIA INK Artists' Showcase and Network events, and the planned Creativity Cafe.

While devoting himself to fulfilling these goals and dreams, he recently enjoyed a three year position as coordinator/computer graphics demonstration artist in the Creative Computer Exhibit at the California Museum of Science and Industry. He operates his own audio/visual and graphic design business, with added assignments as a computer consultant and in sound work such as a recent installation of a 40-track recording studio.

In 1989, Peter created the "Arts For Social Change" award to stimulate the production of more positive images, and to recognize artists using technology for humanity. After a 4 year sabbatical on Maui, and 5 years for Web "internship" in San Francisco, he feels the times are ripe to implement the latest evolution of his smoke-free, multimedia nightclub/community communication, visioning and Synergy Center designed to empower people of all ages toward a happier, healthier and personally optimized lifestyle for everyone.

It is the expansion of horizons, audiences and mutual-support-systems for artists, however, that gives Peter's life its special focus and a wealth of enjoyment. And, it's enjoyment designed for others to share. You may click on Peter's picture for a resume.