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You have come upon a meeting ground for creative spirit on a transformational path. We invite you, dear "Storyteller Of The New Millennium," to share a tale and offer a suggestion to nurture creative spirit. What techniques do you use to overcome the challenges of our rapidly changing and complex world?

March 21st Conference, NYC on Sustainable Society!

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Posted by CCAFEFWD: Rick Ulfik on March 12, 1999 at 17:48:07:

Date: Wed, 10 Mar
From: Rick Ulfik
To: peter@creativity.net
Subject: March 21st Conference, NYC

>From Rick Ulfik, New York City (212 704-0888)

Hi Peter!

Thanks for putting me on your list. Long time no see!

Below is info about a conference I'm helping to organize whose purpose
I think will be appreciated by folks on your list. Please pass it along
if you'd like.

This conference is the next stage in bringing unity to the movement
towards a caring, ethical, and ecologically sustainable society!

Take care,

Here is the information about the conference.

The New York Open Center, The Foundation for Ethics and Meaning & Lapis
magazine present a One-Day Conference:

Re-Imagining Politics & Society At the Millennium
Moving towards a Caring, Ethical, and Ecologically Sustainable Society

Sunday, March 21, 10am-7pm

Location: The Children‚s Aid Society
219 Sullivan Street, New York, NY 10012
(between West 3rd and Bleeker Street)

Co-sponsors include: Tikkun magazine, Utne Reader, Yes! magazine, The
Interfaith Center of New York, Co-Op America, Riverside Church,
America, TJWalker.com, Sojourner‚s /Call to Renewal, Shalom Center of
Alliance for Jewish Renewal, The International Conference on Business
Consciousness, The Positive Futures Network, The People Centered
Forum, The Center For Strategic Change, Church of the Evangel,
ENDespair, and
The Center for Visionary Leadership.

Almost three years ago, in April 1996, the Foundation for Ethics and
Meaning held its first National Summit on Ethics and Meaning in
Washington, D.C. The Summit's goal was to begin to create a politics
that flows from spiritual commitment and concern for the common good.
The Summit was a huge success beyond all expectations: 800 people were
expected; 1,800 people attended, attracting international press coverage

and generating grassroots activities around the US that continue today.

The feelings of community and the inspiration people experienced
generated many calls to hold a successor event. We are happy to
announce that the New York Open Center and the Foundation for Ethics and

Meaning, joined by a wonderful group of co-sponsors, are now planning a
second National Summit for the spring of 2000 in NYC.

We will begin this process on March 21st with a one-day mini-Summit
which will confront what is clearly now a crucial juncture in the
history of our political culture and economic life: The corrupting
influence of big money, the intensely partisan spirit, the lack of any
meaningful mainstream response to frenzied globalization, and the
failure to address seriously the long-term environmental health of the
planet all reveal an increasing emptiness of spirit at the center of
political power that cries out for meaningful change and renewal.

We invite those who embrace holistic and ecological values and who may
feel excluded from much of the existing political debate, to come
together to discuss how ethics, a concern for the common good, and a
community spirit of caring can begin to replace the cynical
self-interest and corporate-technocratic worldview that currently
dominate public discourse.

More specifically this conference seeks:

* to challenge the increasingly dominant values of
materialism and cynicism
* to develop an approach that emphasizes the creation of a

loving, just, spiritually and ecologically sensitive society
* to explore how our psychological and spiritual needs can

be integrated into an agenda of human rights, corporate and political
ethics, and the healing of our relationship to nature
* to support individuals in finding their personal paths
to meaningful social action
* to empower organizations to begin to realize their
* to develop a core group of leaders and organizers who
will help build a National Ethics Summit to be held in NY in the spring
of 2000

We are keeping this mini-Summit small in order to provide an intimate
environment conducive to meeting and forging relationships with
people. So please register early before it fills up. It is anticipated
many of the attendees will be active in shaping the Year 2000 Summit,
which in
turn we hope will influence the context for mainstream election-year
debates and discourse.


Sunday, March 21, 10am-7pm

9˜9:45am Registration
10am˜1pm Plenaries
1˜2pm Lunch
2˜3:20pm Workshops
3:20˜3:40pm Break
3:40˜5pm Workshops
5˜5:15pm Break & Refreshments
5:15˜7pm Planning for the 2000 Summit

There are many restaurants in close proximity to the conference


Michael Lerner
Spirituality, Ethics & Meaning: Strategies For The Next Millennium
Additional remarks by Corinne McLaughlin & Gordon Davidson

David Korten
The Post Corporate World: Life After Capitalism
Additional remarks by Stephen Gregory

Mark Kingwell
Beyond Media Cynicism
Additional remarks by Sharon Green

Peter Gabel
The Politics of Meaning as Illuminating the Invisible That Everyone's
Trying to See
Additional remarks by Jan Roberts

Alisa Gravitz & Arthur Waskow
Making Green Economics Work for People & the Planet

Workshops Will Include

David Korten
Democracy, Mindful Markets & Ethical Cultures: An Alternative to
Capitalism‚s Global Devastation

Michael Lerner
Strategies For The Next Millennium

Alisa Gravitz & Arthur Waskow
Green Economics: Creating a Just & Sustainable Society

Corinne McLaughlin & Gordon Davidson
Spiritual Politics: Changing the World from the Inside Out

Mark Kingwell, Sharon Green & Kathy Davis
Holistic Culture & Public Media in a Cynical World

T.J. Walker
Meaning in the New Media World

Peter Gabel & Nanette Schorr
Law & Meaning in the 21st Century

Raphael Kellman, Mark Hannay & Genie Skypek
Renewing Health: Mind, Body, Spirit & Society

Eugene Gendlin, Bruce Novak, Gordon Pradl & Sondra Perl
Education at 2000: Building a New Democracy

Mark LeVine, Ron Winley & Emory Searcy
Religion, Ethics & Grassroots Transformation

Jim Fary & Gordon Davidson
The Y2K Crisis: Community Solutions to the Challenges Ahead

Jan Roberts
Moving Beyond Liberalism: New Paradigms for NGO Action & Collaboration

Rick Ulfik
Finding a Personal Path to Meaningful Social Action

Faculty Biographies

Kathy Davis is the producer of a radio talk show on WBAI called "Health

Jim Fary is a member of the Board of the Foundation for Ethics and
Meaning. He has worked for over twenty years in the Department of the
Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Peter Gabel is President of New College of California and Associate
Editor of Tikkun, where he and Michael Lerner together developed the
Politics of Meaning and the Foundation for Ethics and Meaning.

Eugene Gendlin, The University of Chicago, is author of Experiencing and

the Creation of Meaning

Alisa Gravitz, MBA, is executive director of Co-Op America. She also
serves on the boards of the Social Investment Forum, the Coalition for
Environmentally Responsible Economies and Friends of the Earth.

Sharon Green is senior cultural editor at National Public Radio.

Stephen Gregory is Professor of African studies at New York University
and author of Black Corona: Race and the Politics of Place in an Urban

Mark Hannay is director of the Metro NY Health Care for All Campaign.

Raphael Kellman, MD, is founder and director of the Kellman Center for
Progressive Medicine, an integrative health center combining alternative

and conventional medicine.

Mark Kingwell is Professor of Philosophy, University of Toronto and
author of Dreams of Millennium: Report from a Culture on the Brink.

David Korten, PhD, is the author of When Corporations Rule the World and

a new book The Post Corporate World: Life After Capitalism.

Michael Lerner is Editor of Tikkun magazine and author of The Politics
of Meaning, Jewish Renewal and (with Cornell West) of Blacks and Jews.
He is Rabbi of Beyt Tikkun Synagogue in Oakland, California. He was a
founder of the Foundation for Ethics and Meaning.

Mark LeVine was a founder of the Foundation for Ethics and Meaning and
is currently its Co-Chair. He teaches at the Program in Religion in
Hunter College and is a MERIP Fellow at the Department of Middle Eastern

Studies at New York University.

Corinne McLaughlin & Gordon Davidson are co-founders for the Center for
Visionary Leadership in Washington, D.C., and authors of Spiritual
Politics: Changing the World from the Inside Out.

Bruce Novak is a member of the Board of the Foundation for Ethics and
Meaning and Associate Chair of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on


Sondra Perl, Lehman College, is author of Through Teachers Eyes

Gordon Pradl teaches at New York University and is author of Literature
for Democracy.

Jan Roberts is a civic activist, a licensed psychotherapist, and an
international professional speaker. She is also Vice Chair of the
Foundation for Ethics & Meaning.

Rev. Emory Searcy is National Outreach Coordinator, Sojourner‚s / Call
to Renewal magazine.

Nanette Schorr is the coordinator for the Task Force on Law and Meaning.
is also supervising attorney of the family and education law units at
Legal Services.

Genie Skypek, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist, has worked as an

administrator and psychotherapist in substance abuse treatment, pain
management and behavioral medicine.

Rick Ulfik is Co-Chair of the Foundation for Ethics and Meaning, and an
organizer of the World Movement for Nonviolence.

T.J. Walker is Publisher of TJWalker.com, a columnist for Alternet, a
radio talk show host for The Real-Talk Network, and a commentator
frequently seen on TV.

Rabbi Arthur Waskow is founder and director of The Shalom Center, a
division of ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal. A former fellow of the
Institute for Policy Studies, he has been active in peace and civil
rights issues for many years.

Ralph White is co-founder and director of the New York Open Center and
Editor of Lapis magazine. He teaches holistic learning at New York

Rev. Ron Winley is a member of the Board of the Foundation of Ethics and

Meaning and is Presiding Minister of the Church of the Evangel, UCC in
Brooklyn, NY.

Cost: Students & Seniors: $25, Income Below $20,000: $35,
$20,000-$40,000: $55, $40,000-$60,000: $75, Above $60,000: $95

To register please contact the
New York Open Center
Tel (212) 219-2527
Fax (212) 219-4056
Email nyocreg@micro-net.com

Pre-Conference Fund-Raising Reception
Saturday, March 20th, 7:30pm
at The New York Open Center

Please join us for a fund-raising reception for the Foundation for
Ethics and Meaning and the New York Open Center on the evening of
Saturday, March 20th at 7:30pm at the Open Center. All proceeds will go
towards work on the National Summit in the spring of 2000. The
conference presenters, plus additional speakers, will address the
question of how we can renew political and social life in America. This
will be followed by a social gathering with plenty of opportunity to
interact with the speakers and organizers of this conference. Please
RSVP and send your contributions to: The New York Open Center, 83 Spring

Street, New York, NY 10012 Attention: Cathy Mars (212) 219-2527 ext.143.

Contributions: $100 $250 *$500 or more
*will be acknowledged in the conference program.

For more information about the Foundation for Ethics and Meaning
Email institute@meaning.org

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