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Re: KidCast#8 Arlington, WA KID-FM - Kids own the airwaves!

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Posted by FWD:Art Rosenblum on March 09, 1999 at 20:29:00:

In Reply to: posted by CCafe on February 24, 1999 at 12:16:56:

To: peter@creativity.net
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999
Subject: Re: "KidCast For Peace" Earth Day 1999 Invitation
From: Art Rosenblum

Dear Peter,

Don't know how I got this, but it's very interesting and would like to
know more. Out here in Arlington, WA, I'm working on starting a radio
station called KIDS-FM. It will only put out 20 watts and reach at most 5
miles. It'll be run by the local teens on the regular FM band (89.1) and
be in the control of the fire department as a local emergency station,
but so long as there is no emergency (like an earthquake or Y2K
problems), the kids have the air. That way, if there is an emergency
local people will hear of it at once.

There is no other radio station in Arlington, and Seattle stations won't
help us much in any real emergency.

A radio station like that can be set up for under $1,000 and according
to the FCC guy in charge of stopping unlicensed stations, there are about
1,000 of them (He called them "Pirate statiions") already on the air. If
they are not near an FCC office, then they may never close it down. My
friends ran one in Philadelplhia for over a year before they got closed
down, and of course there is an FCC office there and they were calling
their station "Radio Mutiny" which was not a name designed to last very

They called themselves pirates, whereas I think the big commercial
networks are the real pirates. They, and NPR are the ones who oppose
small local stations and stopped FCC from licensing them some years back.
Now the FCC is considering granting them licenses again. The equipment is
now so good, and so cheap that it is hard to stop them. These little $600
transmitters have absolute frequency control ("Phase-locked loop"
circuitry so they do not interfere with other stations).

We're hoping that the city of Arlington will fund our station (with
minimal funds) and the city solicitor is presently considering legal
issues. If he doesn't approve, then we may just start it without the city
going along. There was a great article about it in the Arlington Times,
and I can send you a copy.

My son Joel (14) is a great computer kid and home-schooled, but did not
seem so interested in your thing. He's slow to take up freindships with
other kids, but might respond if any kid were to write to him. He's very
bright and a vegan with his own supermac computer and internet stuff.
He's on line as yropostal@hotmail.com.

We work as a tax exempt nonprofit called Aquarian Research and Joel did
our website which is: www.ic.org/aq so if any of your kids are interested
in looking at his work there or contacting him for any reason they can do

Peace and love,
Art Rosenlbum (LONG DISTANCE - ONLY .05 - .07/MIN., 24hrs, INTERSTATE &
Aquarian Research Foundation, 14724 184th NE, Arlington, WA 98223

(Research towards a positive future since 1969)
(360) 403-9593 or visit: www.ic.org/aq for latest info. and newsletters.

On Tue, 23 Feb 1999 13:17:14 -0500 (EST) peter@creativity.net (Peter H.
Rosen) writes:
>Greetings fellow KidCasters and members of the V.A.R.I.O.U.S. and
>Millennium lists.
>We've got a Green Light for KidCast#8 CU-SeeMe multicasting on Earth
>Below is the server address and password you will need to
>Please do not circulate or post. This is your personal invitation to
>participate as a content originator.
>Anyone wanting to take advantage of this opportunity to "KidCast For
>Peace", please so state! Let us know at kidcast@creativity.net.
>connect kids to share postive images and ideas...and to interact with
>peers in schools and cybercafes globally on Earth Day, April 22,
>Suggestion: read the help file for info;
>Peace and love,
>PS: KidCast pages reflect status as of last event. Updating will be
>dependent upon your response, and other states of affairs. Updating
>activation will begin in April. Feel free to make suggestions and
>KidCast web sites!

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