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THE MILLENNIUM 300 days before 2000: History Written in the Stars

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Posted by CC-FWD: CALENdeRsign on March 09, 1999 at 13:28:03:

In Reply to: THE MILLENNIUM - A Master Astrologer Speaks posted by Peter H. Rosen on November 29, 1998 at 11:11:09:

Date: Sat, 06 Mar 1999
From: CALENdeRsign
Reply-To: calendersign@vip.at
Organization: Sepp Rothwangl GmbH
Subject: 300 days before 2000

Calendersign flashmail #4
Since today, Sunday March 7th, it will be exactly 300 days to go up year 2000.
Why in the year 2000 will begin a new age can be seen with a view to the morning sky before sunrise at spring equinox.
On this arbitrary day of March was new years days in acient times, it was the day of elimination and begin of the New. (Remember to the murdering of Julius Caesar on the "Iden" of March). On this days the run of the world is revealed and the gyroscopic revolution of Earth axis can be measured, running back 1° in 72 years. Therefore every about two millennia a new spring equinox constellation appears.
The constellation of spring equinox, which is in that position, where sun is rising in the East after dawn, gives mankind since ever orientation in time and  the name to the age. Also the name of the feast Easter  here has it's origin.
5 800 years ago this constellation  was Taurus, 3 500 years ago Aries and 2000 years ago, it was Pisces. The corresponding cults were the Minoan and the Apis-cult in bull age, later the Golden Vleece, the Amun-cult and the horned Moses as ram-cult and finally the Western culture and Christianity (IHS = ICHTHYS, Greek fish ) in fish age, which is ending now.
Which constellation  is announcing now the daybreak of the spring morning, before the red dawn (Eos or Aurora) enlightens the Earth, you'll find on:
http://web.vip.at/calendersign/english/aquarius_e.htm or
Before the dawn of the morning of March 21st you can observe it by your own. Just have a look to Easter horizon and you will be witness of the time warp of Earth's axis: "It' s just a step to the left!" says the Criminologist in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's a starry step from Pisces to ........?
More about on "Star Ploting 2000. The countdown to doomsday": http://web.vip.at/calendersign/english/book1.htm

The CountDAWN

Division of time
is the vision of divine.

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