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Antithesis Techniques in Theatre

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Posted by Dr. KRS Murthy on March 27, 19101 at 23:57:59:

Antithesis Techniques in Theatre

Here is a file listing the drama ideas I have developed. I have given a brief overview for one of the ideas to show the example. I can send you details for all the ideas and support you if you or any writer is interested in developing them.
Dr. KRS Murthy
Virtual Think Tank
http://murthy2001.tripod.com/theatre/ - My web site for creativity and experiments in theatre.
Antithesis Ideas In Theatre
KRS Murthy
Drama that never starts
Yes. This is a drama technique in which the drama never starts! Let me explain a scenario to demonstrate the concept. I will only explain the concept, and not the complete drama in this white paper. Many variations to the main concept can be used as corollaries to develop similar but distinct drama alternatives. I am open to collaborating with any writer if they want to develop the idea into one or more dramas.
The spectators are waiting for the drama to start. They hear an announcement that the drama will start momentarily. They are asked to be quiet and maintain perfect silence, as the actors need quietness to concentrate. The curtain is still closed.
The spectators hear a noise at the entrance to the theater. Someone is shouting at the gatekeeper / usher and seriously complaining. S/he is shouting at the usher saying, "How come I need a ticket to enter the theater?" The usher politely says "Sir / Madam, Everyone needs a ticket. That is the policy. The producers of the theater have set the policy. I am just following it. I can not let anyone in without a ticket". The person says, "That is correct. It is a good policy." The usher says, "Thanks for understanding Sir / Madam". The person says, "Look! I am the producer of the drama. I do not have to pay. Just let me in. We are already late for the drama. We have to get ready quickly." The person pushes through the usher and comes running from the entrance to the stage. As the producer is coming, many people come behind him / her running and following the producer, who goes into the stage from the front slipping through the curtain. The producer waves to the spectators with a bright smile and "Hello!" All others behind him also repeat what s/he did, but in their own creative ways of "Hello!" and smiles. As they all try to rush through the curtain, the spectators get a peek of the stage behind the curtain. The curtain starts slowly to "yield" to these people and finally it is wide open.
The stage set up is of a green room (where make up artists apply appropriate make up to the actors). You see the chairs, mirrors, make up kits, costumes and all the paraphernalia of a typical green room.
Are you getting the idea? The producer came in late, and so are all the people in the production team. The have just entered the green room, which is actually set up on the stage. From now on the green room activities will go on with all the confusion of trying to find the needed costumes, make up material, and looking for the actors, whom are all coming in late. Lots of jokes between the actors, make up people and the costumes designers can be interleaved creatively to entertain the spectators.
Next set of activities will be between the producer, director, lighting team, stage team, sound effects team, prompters, and all the actors.
The drama goes on, all in preparation of the drama to be started. After all preparations are finished, the lighting team is ready, the stage team has prepared the stage, the prompters are in place, and the director says, "Let us start. Open the curtain and the actors are ready to start their first dialogue, the drama ends signified by the curtain closing.
The curtain opens again, and the drama team is ready to take a bow!
Many variations can be employed to this basic concept, to show the creativity of the dramatist (the author of the drama), and the drama production, direction and actor teams.
More Drama Ideas
Here are more drama ideas developed by me. I can send you brief overviews for each of the ideas:
Drama that you take home
Drama where audience act and the actors watch
Drama in which every one acts - dramatist, producer and the production team, director and the assistant directors, actors and the attendees act. All of them communicate with each other. The spectators watch and participate when the actors get made up by the make up team and wear their costumes. They also watch as the make up is taken of and the costumes are removed.
Drama in which actors pay to act and the spectators get paid to watch.
Spectators pay a deposit to watch a drama, music or sports event, but get paid their deposit back as they try the advertised products through discounts and other payments.
Drama without dialogues.
Drama in which actors talk but do not really talk to each other.
Drama where you realize it started long after it started.
Drama in which the stage objects talk and act
The stage objects talk back to the actors, production team and the director
Drama in which the actors canít really see the drama, but can only act. Only actors will be capable of seeing it.
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