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You have come upon a meeting ground for creative spirit on a transformational path. We invite you, dear "Storyteller Of The New Millennium," to share a tale and offer a suggestion to nurture creative spirit. What techniques do you use to overcome the challenges of our rapidly changing and complex world?

Earth Change Now: "13 Sacred Mirrors of Fire"

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Posted by CCAFE-FWD Maria Yraceburu on March 19, 19101 at 17:58:24:

Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001
From: Maria Yraceburu

The "13 Sacred Mirrors of Fire" articles represent the Native American
evolutional expression of the soul's quest for Spirit. A literary work
of great beauty in both its style and message, it offers a practical
guide on the Path of Beauty. Maria Yraceburu, Quero Apache Tlish Diyan
'tsanti and author, explains how all thoughts and concepts affect our
world, while our love rises toward Spirit transmuting all that has
plagued humanity through the ages. These articles have been rendered
into words that transcend culture and philosophical boundaries. Maria
provides a link to the relevance of Native Wisdom throughout the ages.
(Permission is granted to share these articles with others, provided you
do so in it's entirety and give appropriate credit, stating that this
material is copyrighted.

Earth Change Now
by Maria Yraceburu, LLd., copyright
author/Quero Apache Tlish Diyan 'tsanti
3/19/01- Whispering Noises that Breezes Make Moon - Year of

You give yourself the best chance fo success if you spend time in the
Silence uninterrupted. Designate a place in your home where you will
not be distracted by other people, the TV, or the telephone. I
recommend you turn the bell on the phone off and let the answering
machine pick up your calls - of course if it's an in home answering
machine, turn the volume down on this as well.

So many people are feeling unsettled, but they don't know why. It's the
NOT UNDERSTANDING that makes the anxiety seem so intense. You cannot
imagine the joy which will be experienced when Humanity sighs a sigh
and, with one giant breath, leaves its doubts behind. Yes, this
transition for the Changing Mother and Humanity is right on course, and
believe it or not, right on schedule.

In the Sacred Space you create, put forth the question which is bearing
down upon your heart. As you ask your question, be open to receive
guidance from the images or messages which will come. Ask that the sign
be given clearly so that you can recognize its meaning unmistakably.

A significant paradym shift occurred when Humanity discovered that the
Changing Mother was not flat. Can you imagine how greatly Humanity's
thinking had to change to fully comprehend this new concept? Our entire
view of reality had to change. How many events can you think of in your
lifetime that have created this kind of shift in perception?

As you open your connection of communication, a link is established and
you being to bridge the gap between dimensions. In fact, you may think
of BRIDGING as another word for the transition process we are in.

Likewise, if you can empty your "cup" of your attachments, your
assumptions, and your negative emotions, then the Sacred Parents' love
can pour in. If you can empty yourself of preconceived ideas, limiting
or limited beliefs, and be open to new ideas, you may be surprised at
the newness and wonder you find.

Repeat: "I am light and love."

Your higher self is a non-physical but knowable part of you. It is your
link to the Sacred Parents, the link between the energies of the
Changing Mother and the Giver of All Life - the totality of All That
Is. There are two cords that are your secured connection to the Sacred
Parents. This connection runs through all higher and lower bodies.

Evolution is the promised possibility for all of Humanity. We are not
required to live the type of life tht Buddha, or Jesus, or Child of
Water lived. We are only required to sincerely desire it in our
hearts. Once we begin to do this, we will naturally change our
attitudes and our very natrues. In doing so, our indwelling Spirit will
begin to strength our higher bodies, that will open the connection for
full potential and empowerment.

The separation that has existed is such burden. It is not only a burden
for humanity becuse it causes so much pain in the human heart, but -
because each of us is like a crystal, running energy into the Changing
Mother - it has also been a tremendous burden on our Sacred Parents.
They feel the pain of Humanity just as you might feel the pain of a lost
loved one.

I encourage you to open yourself to the loving assistance which is being
offered to us at this time from all dimensions of existence.

Repeat: "I sense connection and fulfillment in all that I do."

A thought, voice, or image may come to you. If it does, then speak your
truth as you would to a long lost friend. By doing this, you are
becoming "tuned in" to the energies offered as your birthright.

Daaiina, and so it is.

Monthly theme articles may be found at the Earth Wisdom 2001 web
magazine located at http://home.earthlink.net/~earthwisdom. Archives
held for one year. You may also find additional articles posted at

June 15-17,2001 * Night of Fear * Earth Wisdom 2001 HeartFire Rite of
Passage * San Diego, California. There comes a time when you must
leave family, friends and work behind and go off alone, looking within
to discover your changes in the Circle of Life. This is a path that has
been followed by human beings for thousands of years. You hear it
calling to you. These questions are pushing you, "Who am I?", "What do
I have to give?" and "How can I heal my wounds?" Despite your fear, you
know this is something you have to do. So you join with others like
yourself, guided by Quero Apache Tlish Diyan 'tsanti, Maria Yraceburu,
to journey. You learn about desert terrain, put together the necessary
equipment, about physical safety and survival, and about the inner
terrain, going over the story that has brought you to this threshold.
Ancient teachings are shared that illuminate your way. All, while the
small community group offers support and love. For more information
send your postal mailing address. Registration deadline April 15,
2001. Voice intent now as space is limited! NOTE: AS IF THIS DATE,

If you are in the San Diego area and interested in community events, let
us know and we will email a schedule to you.

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