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You have come upon a meeting ground for creative spirit on a transformational path. We invite you, dear "Storyteller Of The New Millennium," to share a tale and offer a suggestion to nurture creative spirit. What techniques do you use to overcome the challenges of our rapidly changing and complex world?
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Posted by CCafe FWD: Cliff Havener on March 13, 19101 at 21:33:19:

Date: Sun, 28 May 2000
From: Cliff Havener
Organization: Growth Resources Group, Inc.
To: "CCafe@creativity.net"
Subject: [Fwd: ONN-News / May #4, 2000]

Dear Peter:

Given my recent e-mail about the larger community of "Cultural Creatives" moving toward a more integral view of life, I thought you might like to see this interview with Paul Ray, author of "The Integral Culture Survey". The study also found that most people who have opted for this very different view of life feel alone and alienated. That's because they are dedicated to a particular FORM of a more integrative reality. Most are not aware of the underlying commonality between the way they pursue it and others who have chosen a different route. Each of these "communities" is actually just a different form for pursuing the same underlying, integrative perspective of life itself.

I'm sending this out to advance recognition that many different people, from many different walks of life, have this common goal - "to restore the human spirit to the affairs of mankind". To that point, here's a response I got from a recipient of my previous e-mail.

"You are dead on when you refer to the sense of alienation that is predicated on holistic beliefs. I work with teachers and have been presenting holistic teaching approaches now for ten years --there has been some change in consciousness but not to any critical mass level -- as in the 'hundredth monkey tale'. This is very odd because I administer a holistic opinnionaire of 21 principles -- you are correct again when you state that 'People can adopt an appealing form of a philosophy without truly knowing and living the core philosophy itself.' While the numbers of opinnionnaires state that the teachers generally accept the principles and related tenets of holistic practice -- in conversations they readily admit that they don't have any idea how to implement their beliefs. I think this rests on the absence of modeled practices and the fact that most teachers are not risk-takers. These realities have in essence given me permission to try and model what this form of teaching would look like -- try being a holistic educator at a university and see what happens -- although I continually have some of the highest teaching ratings in my department I am also loathed by my more rational peers. Enough to send one over to the other side or make one quit -- it is very lonely. I think however that the task of some of us is to be preparers of the soil, plowers, cold busters and planters --- there has to be a critical mass before ideas are generally accepted as truth or alternative realities. It is comforting to know that others are out there supporting the same ideals."

I'm sending this piece out to one name at a time so that nobody replies to the entire list - but as far as I can tell, its going to a list of 150 "Cultural Creatives".

You can get a copy of "The Integral Culture Survey" by going to the Institute of Noetic Sciences - http://www.noetic.org and then to their "Publications" section.

Cliff Havener

Date: Fri, 26 May 2000 09:01:37 -0400
To: onn-news@listbox.com
From: Joel Metzger / ONN
Subject: ONN-News / May #4, 2000
Sender: owner-onn-news@seed.pobox.com
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ONN-News / May #4, 2000

The Online Noetic Network (ONN) is an online member group and publication, a
nonprofit corporation that establishes an online dialog about living
consciously and building a world based on wisdom. See the bottom of this
email for more information.

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++ ++ ++ ++ ++ FROM ONN-WISDOM

ONN-Wisdom is ONN's email publication for members. Here is an excerpt from
ONN-Wisdom. After this was published, our guest Paul Ray exchanged email
with ONN members. Paul talks about facilitating the global movement towards
holism and transformation. Though this study is a few years old, the
information is still relevant and very appropriate for ONN.

Online Noetic Network published an article by Paul H. Ray about Integral
Culture, in which he discusses a new force in US society. Paul's words were
published in the Spring of 1996 by the Institute of Noetic Sciences in the
Noetic Sciences Review, in a report entitled "The Rise of Integral Culture."
Many ONN members had questions about his article, and they were collected
and sent to Paul. Below is an excerpt of the Q&A.

According to a recent survey, a movement is being defined by the society's
transition toward an emerging "Integral Culture" concerned with values
focused on spiritual transformation, ecological sustainability, and the
worth of the feminine. In the following article, Ray reports on the results
of his survey, profiling a group he calls the "Cultural Creatives" (CC's) --
44 million US adults who are the standard-bearers of Integral Culture.

** Question: The Cultural Creatives you speak of appear to me to be the
more *enlightened* beings in our society (also more highly educated or
intellectual, spiritual, materially successful, etc.) How do you propose to
reach the others?

** Paul H Ray: Unfortunately, there is *no* correlation between belief
systems and degrees of psychological and spiritual development. The
subcultures I study are belief systems and value systems. Mine is not a
personality model, nor a model of psychological types, nor of spiritual
development. Therefore ...

- Real jerks and idiots can believe what Cultural Creatives believe as
well as the enlightened.

- I know many enlightened traditional people and a few enlightened
moderns as well. But their belief systems don't work in the world we've
actually got.

- I have met many New Age folk who are ungrounded, neurotic avoiders of
reality, just as I have met many CC's who are deeply spiritual and
psychologically sophisticated. I have met New Age business folk who are
crooks preying on the gullible, just as much as the worst Heartlander or
Modernist crook. (New Age belief is a little postage stamp in one corner of
this envelope. New Agers are a couple of million out of the 44 million.)

** Question: What resists this change? Do you see a hardening of the
position and attitudes of the traditionalists, as creatives gain power? Do
you think resistance will increase? How can resistance be softened?

** Paul H Ray: Many, many things resist the change, not just
traditionalism ...

a) Bad faith: if we believe that we are almost alone, then any action
we'll take is fruitless. We can refuse to believe anything can be done.
Then we can declare a loss and stay home.

b) Traditionalism sees Modernism's forms declining and rubs its hands,
believing that as the Modern world falls apart, it will take over again.
Even if all they have left is to stir the ashes, it would be their world
again. The idea that a whole new world view is appearing is one of the
ultimate threats to them. I'd like to get CC's mobilized on their own
behalf before the conservative attack machine starts up against another part
of society it doesn't like.

c) Modernists and cultural conservatives may well decry everything we
are about and falsely stereotype it as the work of "believers in false
prophets" and "tree-huggers" and "the dangers of the rainbow" and "soft men
and butch women." You go after a cultural enemy by stereotyping: suggesting
that anyone who is a Cultural Creative is "a woolly minded, gullible New
Ager" and "unscientific" and "a deviant or an outsider: not one of us." Then
they attack real people on the basis of the unreal stereotype. Yes, it's
unfair, but it wouldn't be the first time in history...

d) If the trend of the time is for corporations and governments to be
downsized and lose power, then any part of the population that consistently
advocates that might be attacked as their enemies.

e) Whenever there is a major downturn in the economy, and many jobs are
lost, with rising economic insecurity, then forces of irrationalism and
reaction can take over, short-circuiting positive developments. People call
for "the man on the white horse" -- Caesarism and savior dictators. Let
modernism go down its current path long enough without major reforms, and we
could get that.

ONN members receive both ONN-News and ONN-Wisdom. In recent weeks, ONN
members received these articles in their ONN-Wisdom email:

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7-36,37,38 The Chalice of Community, interviewing Robert Kenny, with Q&A,
in 3 parts 5/17
7-35 Question #2 (members survey) 5/10
7-34 E's & Re's (email to the editor and guests) 5/8
7-33 Sacred Mirrors: Discussing Transpersonal Art with Alex Grey 5/1
7-32 Letter to Members 4/26

++ ++ ++ ++ ++ SPOTLIGHT

** Get signed copies of Alex Grey's *Sacred Mirrors*

Have you seen the art of Alex Grey? Alex's website is www.alexgrey.com
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** Meaning -- The Secret of Being Alive

Paul Ray's study, The Integral Culture Survey, demonstrated that we are
transforming into an entirely new reality. Cliff Havener's book, *Meaning -
The Secret of Being Alive*, reveals the essential nature of both our current
reality, the one we are trying to give up, and the one we're trying to
achieve. The "normative" systems we live in today are the primary reason so
many things don't work, don't make sense, and have no meaning. The solution
we seek, the one that makes things work and gives meaning to our lives, is
the "integrative" view of reality. Moving from one to the other is
difficult, at best.

*Meaning -- The Secret of Being Alive* shows how move to the integral view.
The book can be previewed at http://www.forseekers.com


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