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THE CHAKRA LOVE DANCE: Third Chakra Revitalization

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Posted by Tom Darling on December 20, 19100 at 18:00:49:

THE LOVE DANCE: Third Chakra Revitalization (Our Hearts Could Certainly Use It!)

Notes: Today was my first visit to this site, found when I did a search for "interconnectedness." I attempted to improvise a single paragraph message, and the muse waxed forth with a mid-size article. This is testimony to the value of the Internet in drawing us out, and then making a wider sharing possible. I intend to return to this site again and see if the inspirational juices might flow again as they did today.

The following turned into an "article-in-progress," and I invite your input.

If you have any difficulty following the discussion below, please visit http://chakras.tripod.com/a-files/welcome.html for background and inspirational graphics.

For partnerships to grow into full-spectrum maturity -- knowledge of the chakra system and our potential chakra interconnectedness is essential. So much chakra exploration is being done individually or in groups without sufficient advancement occurring in a 1:1 or dyadic mode. Our wheels are spinning with inadequate balance and integration due to overlooked blind spots. Mere positive intention or arbitrary guidelines are not enough.

Various global meditation organizers can be observed (on-line and off) proposing all kinds of ambitious global group activity with insufficient attention to one-to-one chakra bridging as a necessary preparatory step. In particular, both the global cheerleaders and the more reclusive tantrists often gloss over third chakra work partly because it is probably the least exciting and least immediately rewarding chakra to work with. However, it is an investment we really can't afford to duck, or minimize. The fact that we run around with less than intelligently open solar plexuses merits some broader scrutiny and collective focus. We need to turn up our chakra light bright enough to see our primary blind spots and openly acknowledge them if we are ever to overcome them.

I propose that the global lightworkers, the tantrists, and everyone in between invest more effort in building evolved third chakra linkages on a local level so that this global/local weakness can be resolved. So many well-intended efforts fail because we are spacing out the horizontal chakra dance by doing only enough to "get by" on the third chakra level. At the same time we imperil our lives at the first chakra level, over indulge or repress the second chakra level, and leave the fourth chakra (heart) level undernourished and mostly artificially sweetened.

It's true that building up third chakra love takes time we often feel we don't have, and commitment that we may be afraid to make. Despite the well-publicized exceptions, we rally are not very good at being here for each other. Within the chakra system, I also see the third chakra as a relative orphan because the third chakra is not as buzzy, and it's easy to even fall asleep or get bored focusing there, especially if Brother Sun is not consciously included. Additionally, some of us immediately feel our stuckness or lack of interpersonal trust at the third chakra level and slide away from this focus as too discomforting, and potentially confrontive to pursue, especially if solutions are not mutually sought.

I keep hoping to see more full-spectrum partnerships where friendship is highly developed and consistent, serving as an inspirational model for others. Instead, I see mediocre relationships at best in terms of friendship, even though co-attachment may be very strong. The suffocating or co-addictive relationship is not a healthy model. Learning to include our third chakra more and yet let our relationship breathe both far and near without fear of losing the other makes more sense. Yet, the global culture remains stuck in various unbalanced modes, under-reaching and over-reaching without truly equal appreciation for how development of each chakra is necessary to achieve a model interhuman relationship (one we can all look to for overall inspiration).

Various chakra articles, books, tapes, videos and websites may try to give each chakra equal emphasis, but if this was really happening in daily life, we would be seeing more fantastic relationships -- to point the way better regarding how we can interrelate in larger groups.

I realize that many of us, frustrated with perfecting a 1:1 relationship turn to group activities to gain a sense of connectedness and community. But I strongly feel that we have a lot more work to do on a 1:1 level before our group interactions will reach their full potential. If nothing else, we need to look at why our third chakra is neglected, and pursue friendship building to bring more consistency and stability to our experience with the chakras above and below it.

I'd like to hear how others feel about this. Have you seen any websites that include a similar perspective, or which reference chakra to chakra bridging horizontally with others as contrasted with individual vertical bridging either done solo or en masse?

To summarize, CHAKRA BRIDGING in general, and third chakra revitalization in particular, address blind spots of global proportions. I seek your help in understanding and addressing it. It is frustrating that otherwise "aware" people continue to unconsciously perpetuate it, even with great enthusiasm for what I feel are various inadequate solutions. Certainly, we all play a part in finding global solutions, and a diversity of means is desired. However, certain understandings and readiness is critical. We must become far more chakra literate, in a horizontal as well as vertical sense. More specifically, during this period of planetary transformation, we all need to clear the third chakra blocks that diminish what is possible on the other chakra levels. Our hearts could certainly use it. We can't afford to keep creating mountains of stress and burning ourselves out by perpetuating blind spots that don't have to exist! In fact our lives may depend on facing this challenge and re-illuminating the dance from "below" to meet and greet the light coming down. (See also http://chakras.tripod.com/a-files/bridge-3.html and other links found there.)

Tom Darling

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