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Re: Dr. Fritz and the phenomena of healing

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Posted by Ed Jor-El Elkin on December 18, 19100 at 13:46:59:

In Reply to: Dr. Fritz and the phenomena of healing posted by Jon Marc Hammer on December 15, 19100 at 12:21:52:

: I went to see "Dr. Frits" channelled by Ruebens from Brazil, primarily for a lingering knee injury that yoga, herbs, etc. wasn't fixing. I left five minutes later(after one and a half days of waiting!) able to jump, kick, and sit back on my heels for the first time in eight months. It is NOT 100% yet, but it took a discernable leap. Now, on to deeper levels:

: In 1987, Christ (yes, that guy) appeared in my living room in a field of light that inundated me in waves of blissful love unlike anything known by me before, or since. Subsequently, for over 12 years I have channelled him, and he has assisted me with every client I have seen since (probably a few thousand privately). So, I know something about this blending of levels of consciousness and unlike Dr. Fritz, Christ is far more than a technician, who serves the unravelling of the ego's illusions, revealing the multidimensionality of soul and its intimate union with the divine. 'Healing' takes on a much deeper meaning and purpose than mere absence of what is perceived as dis-ease.

: I spent most of my time observing others. As in any group, lots of levels of consciousness were present, from elation/salvation hopes to the dramatic flavor of it all, and - of course - doubt, trepidation, and fear.

: Gee, funny thing, but what I observed was that those expanded in elation had wonderful experiences, those exhibiting dramatics had dramatic experiences, those in doubt....I think you get the picture!

: The point? 'Healing' is to make whole. It does not flow from the outside, in, but from the inside, out. Dr. Fritz DOES provide a catalyst; his presence operating through Ruebens provides a visible and -for many - and acceptable CONTEXT in which they decide what their experience will be. But this radical shift in understanding is present in all of us to varying degrees. Not yet ready to grasp the truly miraculous reality and power of consciousness, that we create our experience(but not our Reality, but that is another topic), we each choose contexts that are acceptable, in which we may, or may not, allow a change to occur.

: If this were not true, since Dr. Fritz desire is for all to be healed, he would have a 100% success rate, if it were his power doing it, just as a drug, medicine, or surgery by a conventional doctor would. But we all know it doesn't work that way!

: There are so many factors involved, the greatest being what is occurring in the emotional field, and in the soul. I have come over my own 30 year inquiry into psychology, spirituality, and everything associated to it, including immersion in yoga, meditation, contemplative prayer, etc., to no longer see 'sickness' as a dis-ease in need of curing. There are often deep learning lessons, and blessed gifts in such contexts. As Rumi once said: the mind has reasons; the soul is here for its own purposes. And they often butt heads with what the body-ego wants!

: Healing means CHANGE: if a pattern has been present, preoccupying awareness, influencing much of life and how we orient to it, that pattern is 'etched' deeply, and is not merely a physical ailment. It 'lives' in mind, body, emotional field, and even soul. Change can be frightening.....what would it really be like to be rid of chronic fatigue? Of a knee injury that has allowed one to be lazy for a while? (Ha!)

: I think that healing occurs when - perhaps unbeknownst to us - all of our being(and not just our surface, conscious desire) not only wants it, BUT ALREADY ACCEPTS IT. It is as though it occurs first at invisible levels, then manifests on the surface, in the visible but fleeting physical body.

: Subjecively, I am quite adept at tuning in to the basic soul of others. Both Reubens and Dr. Fritz are pure of heart and utterly benevolent. Dr. Fritz is, well, a 'doctor' doing what doctors do, and will until - as soul - he moves on in his own evolution. Reubens is a sweet and humble and giving man whom I could entrust my granddaughter to, if that conveys a sense of him to you.

: Should you see him? Ready to be cut into with a rusty knife, no anaesthetic, and witness no blood flowing, feel perhaps the energy of your subtle field get stirred up? Ready to take a "risk"? After all, all real trust is a risk to the ego's view of things. It requires vulnerability, a willingness for something to change which is beyond the realm of ego control. Of course, that is the edge where fear lives: F.alse E.vidence A.ppearing R.eal.....

: I first meditated on my knee, and contemplated all that I had learned by being disabled for the first time in my active life. It enriched me. Feeling done, I prayed to God and accepted that I was ready to release this injury, UNLESS there might be something more for me to learn i was unaware of. I went in in peace, breathing well, relaxed. Dr. Fritz and I laughed, it was a simple flow, and I came out kicking and jumping, ready to get back on the volleyball court.

: What the heck: transformation can occur only at the edge of our personally known world.

: Blessings,
: Jon Marc Hammer

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