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Thought on making a decision

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Posted by Marc Narine on December 13, 19100 at 08:49:10:

A thought for you;

I was thinking about the feelings that you encounter when a major change in your life is happening. I was thinking about every action thought and decision in your life immediately affects what direction your life goes in. The energy that you put into your life is absolutely reciprocated through each individual decision.

Think about this, your life can change direction at any moment that you decide simply from making a decision. The first thing that happens is a thought is evoked satisfying a need or want, right? Plainly I mean you think about something first. If not for a split second there is an idea / thought that is produced before action can be taken. Such a thought may be, you want to get up and get a drink from the refrigerator.

Ok here is when the action takes place. You as a whole instantly start making decisions. Things go on in the brain that are actual physical events telling the rest of the body decisions are being made and actions are being put into place to make the thought idea happen. Imagine little pulses of electricity that travel throughout your brain, like lightening, and shooting through your muscle fibers and each one of those reacting to see the task through. Can you imagine it? Well you donít have to imagine, that is how it happens.

So think about that, instead of getting a drink out of the fridge, amplify that and set a goal in your life. Take that goal and put it there in front of you. As simply as you think about getting up to get a drink you can simply change your mind as well. That complacency has dehydrated many, just kidding. But can you see what I mean?

When you make a decision there is some sort of satisfaction that is arrived from attaining that goal. There are many things that may block you from attaining your goals. But those adversities can be overcome with determination and focus. Look at people who have survived horrific situations such as the holocaust. Look at what they went through and lived through, and survived. Not only survived but thrived as well. A decision was made to stay alive and prosper.

Imagine that feeling when your decisions and thoughts become powerful to attain your goals. Imagine what it feels like to get up every day and know that your progress in your life is your decision. What do you want to do? Do you want to make decisions that may change your life forever?

Does it affect his life if his bride says no at the alter? Her decision not only changed his life but hers as well. That simple word that produced such a devastating blow to not only one individual, and possibly brightened up the day of others, was a decision.

What is it that you want? Define exactly what you want and make it happen. If you want a raise and you deserve it, honestly, then you have every right in the world to respect yourself and understand what you are worth.

Make decisions that matter to you. You are not spending time with each other; you canít finish reading that book. If it was that high on your goals list then I am sure that you would have attained that goal by now.

Be realistic and handle what you can handle and focus. Truly experience every step of attaining your goals and when you attain it the joy is that much sweeter. Take that moment for yourself. Open your eyes for opportunity and donít be afraid to take a chance.

Wanted to share this,


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