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You have come upon a meeting ground for creative spirit on a transformational path. We invite you, dear "Storyteller Of The New Millennium," to share a tale and offer a suggestion to nurture creative spirit. What techniques do you use to overcome the challenges of our rapidly changing and complex world?

Global Family Endorcement of Peter Rosen's Service/KidCast For Peace

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Posted by CCAFE-FWD: KidCast#10 Earth Day 2001 on December 05, 19100 at 00:05:45:

On 11/27/00 Makasha Roske wrote:
>Aloha Peter
>We would like to have a youth cyber cafe on our savesite portal and would
>also like to put you on our donation box for people to pledge to you most
>incredible work..
>You can check out our web and it will bring you up todate on our work..
>I have been also working with Wayne Ambertis for the past year and half with
>the www.saverainforest.net and for the past 8 month we have been preparing
>to launch a savesite portal..saverainforest, oceans, lakes, kids, dna
>etc..so that one can start their day with a free click and save
>something..the idea is to build traffic by clicking and then bringing the
>mainstream that much closer to our co-creative culture..this portal will be
>a window to the world for our family and will allow us all to bring our
>gifts out into the world. We will have a link from the front page with Voice
>of Youth and we could feature your work..You could write for the site and
>be a contributing editor. We would love to have you co-create with us in any
>way that seem appropriate.
>please let me know if you are interested in playing with us....
>Yours in Service
>Howard/Makasha Roske

This is most delightful news Howard. Your plans sound in accord with several I am coping this to. Thanks for the acknowledgement of my efforts to sustain KidCast for Peace and V.A.R.I.O.U.S. other projects. I am honored by your words and offer of much needed fundraising assistance. Have you seen the proposed agenda for myself and Creativity Cafe for 2001: http://creativity.com/programs/2001agenda.html ? If we could work more closely together, that would be wonderful! This agenda flow and affiliation overlap could be good for all concerned. I am targeting our energies to culminate in a Creativity Cafe New School installation at SIGGRAPH 2001 (LA) where the funding (if we put on a good show) will possibly come from to uplevel our work, sponsor our projects, and capatilize a permanant physical multimedia Cybertheater Interactivity center; that is if my proposal is accepted.

I am also planting seeds for a Creativity Enhancement Symposium on Maui next Summer: http://creativity.com/programs/symposium.html . I have been contacted and am in correspondence with some wonderful authors and creativity experts. Becuase they turned up in my life, I am now inspired me to push the envelope and produce more (like KidCast for Peace) of what I envision would fill Creativity Cafe's numerous gathering spaces...once one finally gets built.

BTW, what is your web site URL again, you didn't include it?

All you share sounds good. I am indeed most interested in working with your group! Lets talk further about how to meld energies toward common foci? There was a conference here on Maui today of Youth For Environmental Leadership. They have initially embraced "KidCast For Peace" for their planned conference April 18-21, 2001, following up with community service and potentially fantastic Maui youth participation at live "KidCast Central" Broadcast Nodes on Earth Day, April 22, 2001, in addition to the "Big Brother Big Sister" Macintosh lab point of origin.

How do you envision we proceed? Thanks again for the good intentions and support for my work.

In Gratitude,

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