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You have come upon a meeting ground for creative spirit on a transformational path. We invite you, dear "Storyteller Of The New Millennium," to share a tale and offer a suggestion to nurture creative spirit. What techniques do you use to overcome the challenges of our rapidly changing and complex world?

GLOBAL FAMILY: dedicated to shifting consciousness from separation/fear to unity

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Posted by Makasha Roske on December 01, 19100 at 22:09:01:

From: "John Steiner"
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000



Dear John,
Your feelings and inspiration, after hearing our story has ignited us to
act on your suggestion. So next week we are gathering key representatives
from all aspects of our co-creative group--Global Family, Co-Creative
Culture, LLC, Hummingbird Ranch and SaveSite Portal--to share our story with
a special group of our Boulder network/family.
Carolyn Anderson, co-founder/ co-director of Global Family, Sara Senet,
founding member and full time resident of Hummingbird Ranch, and Wayne
Umbertis, founder of SaveSite Portal, with his wife Jeanne and three or more
associates, are all flying in for this event. So you can see how important
it is to us.
We feel, as I think you do, that it is time that we let others know
more about what has been coming together though our co-creative
For me, John, this whole system which supports the emerging co-creative
culture, is the convergence of 30 years of my life work as a visionary,
meta designer, social architect and networker. Knowing us and our story as
well as you do, we ask you to invite those that you feel would find this
event most interesting and hopefully exciting.
We are offering this presentation two different evenings for
everyone's convenience. Tuesday, December 5th and Wednesday, December
6th at 7:00 pm. We'd like to find out who is intending to come and
which night in order to help us with our planing. Folks can RSVP at
303-413-0510 or at Makasha@globalfamily.net.
We will also hold a day time gathering Tuesday Dec 5th at 11:00 am,
which focuses on the SaveSite Portal for those non-profits, contributing
editors, networkers, distributors of products, as well as artists and writer
who will be involved with the site.
Meetings will be held Tuesday at 11:00 am and 7:00 pm at the Nomad Co
Housing reception room. Parking is on the west side of the theater and the
entry to the reception room will be on the east side.
On Wednesday, the gathering will be at the same time, 7:00 pm at Makasha
and Katharine Roske's house, at 1080 Oakdale Pl. Go North on Broadway to
Poplar, take a left. One block to Orange court, take a left. Park on
Orange, either in the Parking lot at the school or on the street. Walk
South to Oakdale Pl. Turn left and go down about 6 houses, on the right is
1080 Oakdale. A black Mazda will be in the drive way.
We all look forward to seeing you.


Statement about Global Family

We have entered an era of quantum change and are leaving behind ways
of being and institutions that stifle creativity and imagination and
create separation between people and communities. Social architects
in every country are called upon to create new maps and chart
unfamiliar territory. A radical revisioning of all that we stand for
is necessary to create a healthy and sustainable future. Everyone's
unique talents are being called upon to transform the fabric of our
global society and to restore health, balance, and well being to the
Earth and all her inhabitants.

Global Family, founded in November, 1986, is a non-profit,
international network of individuals and groups who are dedicated to
shifting consciousness from separation and fear to unity, love and
cooperation. Through "Core Group" experiences which connect people
at the heart and the linking of innovative people and projects
internationally for positive change, Global Family provides
opportunities for people everywhere to be empowered and joined in
spirit as one human family. By teaching and modeling practices of
co-creation, Global Family members are liberating the creative
potential of people on every continent, flattening the hierarchy of
domination, fostering partnership, and building a new culture.

Perhaps our greatest contribution has been to write down a process
that has been used by native people and conscious communities in many
countries, so that it can be replicated by groups, teams, and
families everywhere. The Core Group process of creating community
is a natural next step in evolution: a way to create goodwill and
cooperation, support individuals to discover their true life purpose,
inspire joint action based on love and trust, and build a new culture
driven by spiritual values of love, honesty, compassion, respect,
equality, and integrity. We have conducted trainings, workshops, and
presentations to share these principles and processes of co-creation
with communities on every continent.

In addition, we have created a wonderful guidebook that has been
translated into many languages. It is entitled "The Rings of
Empowerment" and is currently being used by individuals, community
groups, churches, and other organizations around the world to shift
consciousness to a new way of manifesting in the world. It assists
in renewing and energizing individuals and organizations through
increased clarity of purpose and co-creative action. We are currently
working on a new guidebook, called "The Co-creator's Handbook," to
further facilitate the formation of Core Groups in every country.
Our intention is to complete this project by February, 2001.

We can be reached at: Global Family, 11689 Lowhills Road, Nevada
City, CA 95959 530/265-3180; fax 530/265-3178 Email:
Website: www.globalfamily.net

Additional Global Family Information

Global Family, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, was founded
in 1986 by Carolyn Anderson, Marion
Culhane, Jeff Daly, and Barbara Marx Hubbard. Growing out of the
December 31st World Peace Meditation activity that linked 20 million
people in a global healing event, Global Family has grown to include
people on every continent who are dedicated to personal and planetary
transformation. The current Co-directors are Carolyn Anderson and
John Zwerver.

Highlights of our Work

Since 1986, Global Family met its goals and objectives by:

* empowering thousands of individuals to discover and fulfill their life
* establishing a network of Field Team Contacts in 40 countries
around the world
* serving as a communications hub for global peace and healing events
* seeding Core Groups internationally and creating educational guidebooks to
unify and empower people
* networking with 500 organizations and international media for world peace
* appearing in the international press and on radio and television including
Morning America, CNN in 40 countries, and on national TV in the
former Soviet Union
* staffing international summits including the Soviet-American
Citizens' Summits in Washington, D.C. and Moscow, Seeking
the True Meaning of Peace in Costa Rica, the Global Forum in Oxford,
England, and the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
* sponsoring numerous local events and regional gatherings providing a
forum to
bring together people and ideas to effect positive change
* sponsoring regional "Family Reunions" to activate people's life purpose
and link
them with others who share similar vocational interests and projects
* developing communication tools to share the vision of Global Family
educational audio and video tapes, written materials, and translations of
Core Group guidebooks into many languages
* leading 12 groups of citizen diplomats to the former Soviet Union,
to build bridges between the East and West during the Cold War
* initiating Core Group trainings in North America, Eastern Europe, Russia,
Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, and Latin America
* creating special events and supporting peace celebrations
including the December 31st World Peace Meditation, Earth Day, and
the International Day of Peace
* developing a program to feed thousands of Russians during a period
of economic instability and hardship
* empowering youth around the world through our participation in the
Earth Guardian program and our membership in the Coalition for
Children of the Earth
* supporting the United Nations through our work as a
Non-Governmental Organization
* creating primary and secondary schools and health centers in the
developing world
* expanding our web site so members can begin to network and support
projects creating positive change
* linking with an entrepreneurial venture called Co-creative Culture
to expand our ability to teach the principles and practices of
co-creation through educational programs, a convergence center and
community building programs
* establishing Hummingbird Ranch, an intentional community, which
serves as an expression of the consciousness we are seeking to
manifest in the world by modeling a sustainable empowered lifestyle
and providing opportunities for healing and education

Excerpts from "The Co-creator's Handbook"

Table of Contents

The Call
Introduction by Barbara Marx Hubbard
Section 1: An Invitation to Co-creation
Birthing a Co-creative Culture
Overview of Circles of Co-creation
The Evolution of the Circles
Section 2: How to Use this Handbook
How to Start and Maintain a Core Group
Before You Begin
The Initial Meeting
The Co-creator's Agreements
Suggested Meeting Format
Key Roles
Staying in Integrity
A Sample Guided Visualization
Suggested Process Sequence
Section 3: Experiencing the Circles of Co-creation
Circle 1: Awakening the Co-creative Self
Circle 2: Connecting at the Heart
Circle 3: Overcoming the Illusion of Separation
Circle 4: Accessing Our Collective Wisdom
Circle 5: Exploring Self-Governance
Circle 6: Honoring the Sacred: Ceremony and Ritual
Circle 7: Expressing Our Souls' Purpose
Circle 8: Discovering Our Shared Destiny
Circle 9: Celebrating the Fullness of Life
Circle 10: Giving Back to the Whole
Circle 11: Emergence of the Co-creative Culture
Section 4: Awakening in Our Dream
Section 5: Appendix
Sample Closing Exercises
Global Family: How to Stay Connected
Aligned Groups and Individuals
Educational Tools

The Call

This is an invitation to participate in perhaps the greatest
adventure of all time . . . birthing a new world . . . a co-creative

Just as many of our ancestors often traveled great distances to be
able to fully express their beliefs, ideals and thirst for freedom,
we, the social pioneers of our time, are being called from within to
manifest a new culture that reflects and embodies the expanded
awareness that we are experiencing in our lives.

The old forms, structures, and institutions no longer serve our
collective needs as we step across the threshold into a new
millennium. At this auspicious time in our evolution, there stirs
within the hearts of a growing body of humanity the yearning to
discover and model new social forms which honor unity and diversity
and call forth each individual's full creative potential.

As our consciousness shifts from separation and fear to unity and
love, we desire to join with others in co-creative endeavors that
embody the values and virtues of trust, respect, equality,
cooperation, equanimity, generosity, integrity and compassion.

This is a new horizon... a journey into uncharted territory. Many
have come before who have pointed the way, responding at moments when
the cry from the confused masses echoed around the world. The great
masters, saints, and prophets have exemplified what is possible.
Most have walked a solitary path, being misunderstood and sometimes
even persecuted.

Now at the time of the Great Turning, we move beyond the path of
crucifixion into resurrection. No longer must the pioneers of our
age walk alone. As Thich Nhat Hahn so eloquently expressed, "The
next Buddha may not be an individual, but an enlightened community. "

At this time millions of courageous individuals in every town and
village throughout the world are opening to a greater reality, by
responding to a cry in their hearts to take the inward journey to
"know thyself." This creative minority is now sufficient in number
to shift the tide.

Emerging from an early wave of social pioneers, The Co-creator's
Handbook is a response to the need for a transformed society. This
Guidebook gives the processes, tools, experiential exercises and
understanding necessary for awakening individuals to their full
potential and birthing a co-creative culture. It is the evolutionary
imperative of our time to join in teams, create and maintain a field
of love, align collectively with Spirit, and bring into manifestation
the new social forms that embody an awakened consciousness.

This invitation goes forth to all pioneering souls who are awakening
to their spiritual nature, all who are responding to an inner call,
all concerned with the absolute well-being of life to collaborate in
birthing a co-creative society in service to the highest good of all.

Let us embark on this transforming journey together on behalf of all
life and future generations to come.

By Barbara Marx Hubbard

There is emerging a new humanity that holds within itself the seeds
of a radically new future, one that has been envisioned in the great
mystical traditions of the human race-the new heaven and the new
earth, the new Jerusalem, beyond death, beyond scarcity, beyond the
illusion of separation between humans and the divine.

It is my sense that we are living through a period of quantum
transformation, and that on the other side is this radically new
future which has been envisioned, yet relegated to the purely
mystical or the afterlife. This future is actually the energy field
of the next stage of human evolution. It is now unfolding in our
midst, not as life after death, but as life after this stage of life.
Revelation is unfolding in evolution.

The Circles of Co-creation described in The Co-Creator's Handbook
offer us a way to create these fields of energy, that can help
transport us into this new state of being, which has been held in the
hearts of humanity since the beginning of time. I realize this might
seem like a merely poetic statement, but I believe it is really true.

We might cast our eyes backward only briefly in evolutionary history
to our pre-human ancestors - Australopithecus africanus, merely 2 to
3 million years ago. We can follow our rapid rise from Homo habilis,
Homo erectus, Homo Neanderthal, and 200,000-50,000 years ago, to Homo
sapiens, the creature that knows it knows.

It was only about 5000 years ago that the great avatars emerged --
such as the Buddha and Christ. They experienced their divinity. They
had a direct experience of the prime directive of the process of
creation, which is to be one with that which is creating us. They
were the first of these newly emerging beings. But very few of us
were able to access that state of consciousness - it was not yet
time. Religions formed to hold the precious experience and teachings
of these advanced avatars. Gradually, science and democracy emerged;
placing actual tools of radical material and social transformation
into the hands of humanity... but without personal access to the
awareness of that deeper source or pattern of creation to guide us.
On the contrary, secular scientific materialism posited that there is
no pattern, no design, no purpose or greater meaning in evolution.

The critical moment of transition to the next stage of evolution
finally occurred when human intelligence matured enough for the mind
to penetrate into the heart of nature and discover one of the
invisible technologies of creation, the atom. When Einstein
discovered that E=mc2, the second chapter in the history of our world
began. We began to understand the very processes of nature which are
creating us, and became capable of directly affecting those processes
ourselves... still without awareness of the deeper design of
evolution to guide us.

The new chapter in the history of the world might be called the
Second Genesis. For with this understanding the still self-centered
creature human is gaining the power of co-destruction or co-creation.
We can blow up worlds and build new worlds. We can create new life
forms or make monsters. Into our hands is being placed powers that
we used to attribute to our gods. It has been said that we were
created in the "image and likeness of God," and lo and behold!
God-like we are becoming.
However, we clearly are not wise "gods". We are still cut off from
the Source of creation by a limited self-consciousness and
self-centeredness. Most of our institutions, nations, and even
organized religions are all founded on the principles of separation,
competition, scarcity and egoic self-protection.

It is becoming ever more clear that self-centered humans with this
degree of power, in our current state of consciousness (rapidly
escalating to include biotechnology, nano-technology, quantum
computing- literally powers to transform the material world) will not
long be viable. We are facing a choice - either extinction or
conscious evolution. This amounts to the evolution of evolution
itself, from natural selection to conscious choice. If our species
can learn ethical evolution in our generation, if we can attune, like
the great seers and mystics of humanity have always done, to the
deeper reality itself, we see the possibility of an immeasurable and
unknown future - cosmic consciousness, species immortality, contact
with other life. If not, we already see the possibility of our own

Because evolution raises consciousness (a fifteen billion year
trend!) and because we are facing the ultimate evolutionary driver in
our generation, what is happening, I believe, is that for the first
time in human history this new type of human being is "popping" out
of every faith, tradition and culture. We might call this new human
Homo Universalis. This human is emerging as a new norm,
characterized by a deep sense of participating in the process of
creation, of being attuned and guided by a higher dimension of
reality than the normal self conscious mind. This 'universal human'
experiences unitive flashes, a sense of oneness with the divine, a
feeling of connectedness with all being, and a unique inner code
urging us to participate in the evolution of the Self and the world.

I am convinced that this type of human holds the seeds of the future,
and that as we come together in new synergistic social forms we can
provide a vital contribution to the radical transformation which is
occurring due to the rapidly escaping powers to evolve or destroy

The Circles of Co-creation as described The Co-Creator's Handbook
attract this emerging universal human. Instead of finding ourselves
isolated in a dissonant and dysfunctional world, in these Circles,
and many other such cores and support groups, we find ourselves in
resonance, in harmony, reinforced in our unitive consciousness,
called forth in our unique creativity, supported in our desire to
manifest our inner values in projects and programs in the outer
world. These Circles of Co-creation are cultures of growth for the
new humans and the new society, which empathetic, holistic and
compassionate consciousness is building, even now.

I don't think it is an exaggeration to say that by learning how to
develop Circles of Co-creation as presented in this book, we are
making an immeasurable contribution to this quantum jump to the next
stage of human evolution - to "heaven on earth". They provide us
with personal and social processes whereby we can make the jump
together, from the inside out, from our spiritual motivation and
unique creativity outward, bringing ourselves into new forms as
co-creators of our world.

Circles of Co-creation are formative units of the emerging culture.
As they connect and manifest action through the chosen vocations of
their members, they are even now becoming organic functional elements
within the new social body - its healers and entrepreneurs, its
communicators, educators, artists, managers, and leaders of all
kinds. Even now, networks of human-scale communities composed of
such Circles are forming the basis for the cultural reformation of
the world.

Taking a deep breath, and jumping across the quantum abyss in our
imaginations, we can already see the glimmers of a radically new
world We have developed a society whose organizations are co-creative
with the patterns of evolution and with the spirit of creation in
each of us. Into this emerging technological and social arena, we
can see the young Universal Humans, our childrens' children entering
into the process of conscious evolution, designing new social
systems, and eventually gaining access and guidance over the
evolutionary technologies which promise radical new powers, abundant
energy, and non-polluting technologies that can liberate us from
earth-bound, creature human existence. Even now we find ourselves at
the threshold of universal life.

Circles of Co-creation are a home base for pioneering souls who are
called to make the transition in our own lives, families, work, and
communities. By modeling this change personally and socially, at
whatever level we are capable of, we are seeding the chaotic culture
around us with islands of coherence and alignment with the deeper
tendency of evolution for higher consciousness and greater freedom
through more synergistic order. We are making the quantum leap
ourselves. When we are resonating together in this mode, we are
living in this very moment in a new heaven and a new Earth. Wherever
two or more are gathered in this state of being, the future is
present. Now. In this way, we bring the future into the present. We
realize the dream and fulfill the promise of all the great mystics of
the world.

An Overview of the Circles of Co-creation

The Circles of Co-creation is a process to assist you in stabilizing
as the Essential Self discovering your soul's purpose, and joining
with others to birth a co-creative society. The following is an
overview of this process.

Each Circle presents inspiration, information, and experiential
exercises to evolve and empower you and your partners. When all of
the Circles are practiced consciously, quantum change occurs and
there is a genuine increase in awareness, creativity and fulfillment.
Awakening as co-creators, we give birth to a culture that more truly
reflects our values, vision, and consciousness.

As you apply the Circles in your own life, you will be modeling the
change you would like to see in the world.

Please note: This is a non-linear process. The essential
ingredients are the love and awareness each person brings to the
group. Creating and maintaining resonance allows each part of the
process to emerge spontaneously in perfect timing.

Circle 1: Awakening the Co-creative Self

Common to all traditions and belief systems is the evolutionary
impulse to "know thyself." When one comes to rest in their essential
divine nature, there is an experience of deep inner peace and
all-pervading love. For some this experience is instantaneous,
perhaps unexpected. For others it is the fruition of years of
rigorous discipline and religious/spiritual practice. Always, there
is an element of grace. To stabilize in this awakened state is a
life-long daily practice of vigilance, awareness and remembrance.

In Circle One we recognize that each individual, although on a unique
spiritual quest, shares common needs for creative fulfillment and the
experience of community. As we shift our identity from our local
self to the Co-creative Self, we are drawn to kindred souls who share
our passion for manifesting positive change. Like the caterpillar,
we are moving out of the cocoon of false identity to experience
ourselves as butterflies. Participation in a Core Group fosters this
awakening, enhances our creativity and fulfills our deep yearning for
true family.

Circle 2: Connecting at the Heart

As we connect at the heart and hold each other in unconditional love
and acceptance, an invisible magnetic field of love emerges. It is
this resonant field that gives birth to the co-creative process.
When we are truly seen, accepted, and acknowledged for who we are,
our trust is deepened and we feel empowered.

In this Circle we practice non-judgment, forgiveness, and loving one
another as ourselves. We use every incident as an opportunity for
reflection, transformation and healing. Our life is our work, as we
embody the principles of resonance minute by minute, on a daily
basis, in our workplace, homes and activities of all kinds.

Circle 3: Overcoming the Illusion of Separation

Coming together in this field of profound harmony, intimate sharing
and safety, our feelings of separation and fear dissolve. We face
our shadows and learn a set of communication skills that support
alignment with our true natures. We create agreements that encourage
authenticity and empower each of us as the Co-creative Self.

Circle 4: Accessing Our Collective Wisdom

As we rest deeply in the resonant field of love and trust, an opening
in our consciousness naturally occurs. The inner voice, the deeper
wisdom that resides in each of us is revealed. As our intuitive
mind works in concert with our critical analytical intellect, a new
synthesis-co-creative intelligence-is born.

Circle 5: Exploring Self-Governance

When we collectively practice deep listening, we gain access to
inspired insights and receive guidance regarding our actions as
individuals and as members of a group. We move together to a higher
frequency of knowing. A dynamic of synergy, synchronicity, and
telepathy is experienced, giving birth to our collective wisdom. We
stand in the circle as equals, interconnected and bonded in love. A
new form of governance emerges: self-governance. We evolve beyond
Robert's Rules of Order and parliamentary procedure, as well as
consensus decision making, into synergistic cooperative democracy,
whole-systems knowing. Revelation joins with thinking to guide us in
our actions.

Circle 6: Honoring the Sacred: Ceremony and Ritual

We develop ceremonies and rituals to help anchor and actualize the
state of resonance and Oneness. We consciously make our
relationships sacred-to each other, to the Earth, to all life, and to
Spirit. Aligning with the natural order, the cycles of the seasons
and the phases of our lives, we take time for retreats, rites of
passage, and periods of silent reflection.

Circle 7: Expressing Our Soul's Purpose

It is the destiny of each human being to awaken to their Divine
nature and to discover and express their unique calling. We discover
our true place by following the wisdom of the heart and going within
for guidance and direction. In this Circle we move from the inner
work of personal growth and alignment as the Self to our outer
expression in the world. We express our talents and seek to join our
gifts with appropriate partners to release the potential of each
member of the group. Our barometer of success is the sense of joy
and fulfillment in coming home to ourselves.

Circle 8: Discovering Our Shared Destiny

Once we are aware of our unique soul's purpose, we are drawn to
others who are aligned with our values, vision, and mission to
fulfill our shared destiny. In Resonant Core Groups the shared
destiny of the participants is to focus on the healing and evolution
of its members. Co-creative Core Groups commit to projects and
activities that actualize the unique purpose of all members of the
group and allow each person to participate fully and equally. We
enter a state comparable to marriage, deepening our intimacy and
learning fidelity to our partners and committed actions. Spirit is
configuring us into groups and teams so that we can play our parts in
creating a new culture.

Circle 9: Celebrating the Fullness of Life

Giving thanks for having discovered our life's purpose and true
community of friends, we rejoice and celebrate our good fortune
together. New games of cooperation, humor and play open our hearts
more fully and provide relief from the more serious pursuit of our
worldly service.

Circle 10: Giving Back to the Whole

It is the nature of love to give back, inspiring the offering of
one's unique creative talents for the benefit of all. As our lives
are fulfilled, we are naturally inclined to serve, bringing the
experience of resonance, love and inspired insights to the world.
This may take the form of an entrepreneurial venture, a philanthropic
gesture, a social reform or a political movement. Win/win practices
assure that the magnificence of each participant is honored and
brought forth to benefit all members of the team and society as a

Circle 11: Emergence of the Co-creative Culture

As institutions and structures break down, dominance is replaced by
partnership. New models are emerging which reflect an integration of
feminine and masculine virtues and whole-centered consciousness. The
feminine values of sharing, caring, nurturing, and embracing become
intimately interwoven with the masculine traits of focused purpose
and action in the world.

Qualities of the co-creative culture include alignment with Spirit,
service to the well being of the whole, reverence for all creation,
deep listening, and the manifestation of our soul's calling.

In order to build a sustainable future, all social pioneers are being
called upon to step courageously forward and express our unique gifts
in concert with our teammates. We are birthing whole systems and new
structures to express our values, fulfill the destiny of each member
of our human family, and converge with other sacred circles to birth
a co-creative culture.

The Co-creative Way of Life

After practicing the Circles of Co-creation, we take what we've
learned in the intimate safety of our Core Groups and courageously
apply it to all aspects of our lives: our homes, churches,
organizations and places of work. As "social pioneers" we are
choosing to design new forms that bring forth the best in each of us
for the betterment of all.

When groups come together in a field of love, safety, and mutual
trust, the creativity, power, and wisdom of each person is liberated.
The sense of separation within people that leads to war, crime,
pollution, and all disorder is healed. As each person finds his or
her place in the body of society, every field of endeavor is taken to
a higher level of expression. Thus business, medicine, education,
communication, science, and the arts are going through a profound
transformation at this time. The pyramid structure is giving way to
the circle and ordinary citizens are being empowered to express their
full potential. Domination is giving way to partnership. Outer
authority is succumbing to inner knowing. Core Groups are emerging
to support and empower personal and planetary transformation.

By aligning one group with another, we tap the power and resources
available in each core. Teams link with other teams for the
empowerment of all. Eventually, as cores converge with one another,
a sufficient unified field is built, which jumps the entire system to
a new level. All of humanity, all life on this planet shifts to a
higher level of consciousness and we evolve into a universal species,
capable of healing all sense of separation and co-creating the
reality we choose. We grow up and become a mature humanity!

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