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You have come upon a meeting ground for creative spirit on a transformational path. We invite you, dear "Storyteller Of The New Millennium," to share a tale and offer a suggestion to nurture creative spirit. What techniques do you use to overcome the challenges of our rapidly changing and complex world?

Many Thoughts

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Posted by Ken Page on November 10, 19100 at 11:25:50:

November 2000



I've just traveled to Toronto, Canada, after having a hernia operation on October 27. I'm the one walking funny. I can't lift over ten pounds so traveling provides great entertainment. I didn't give myself enough recovery time -- "Duh, Dad" as my fourteen year old daughter would say. I did keep to my schedule, though. (Wow)

A few weeks ago, Mary, my partner, was in a serious car accident. She was driving to the neighborhood grocery store with my Aunt when an elderly lady made a left hand turn directly in front of her -- no time to stop. She called my Uncle and me on her cell phone and we both jumped in his car and raced to the accident scene. There were car debris all over the road. Unfortunately for the other driver, her car was a little two door Yugo, which Mary's Mercury Sable wagon pushed yards down the road before everyone came to a full stop. When Mary hit the little Yugo, the impact sent the other driver into the steering wheel of her car and she broke her sternum. My Aunt was also badly hurt when she was slammed hard into her seatbelt restraint and suffered neck, chest, and back injury. (The airbags did not go off even though it was a front end collision!) Mary, too, suffered whiplash and muscle strain, but right after the accident she was wired up on adrenaline and concern for my Aunt and didn't feel her injuries

Several drivers had immediately stopped to help and the fire department, police, and ambulance arrived soon after my Uncle and I did. My Aunt and the other driver were loaded into the ambulance and I went with them, while my Uncle stayed with Mary to talk to the police and have our car, completely totaled, hauled away. The ambulance was a big red fire truck and I rode in the front seat. The other lady and my aunt were going to different hospitals, so the sirens were blaring as we sped off. As we exited the freeway, the air horn went off and the ambulance driver told me he appreciated the help and thought it might be a good idea if I took my foot off the air horn button. (I'd been pressing my foot to the ground to help the ambulance driver brake! -- a habit of mine -- OOPS!) But all my life I've wanted to sound one of those horns!

We dropped the other lady off first because she was having difficulty breathing and as I waited with my aunt, my cell phone message beeper went off. I listened to the message. It was from Mary, a message that she had sent to me at 4:21 PM. It was now 5:15. She had sent the message right before the accident. And here's the weird part. Mary had never made a call to me before the accident. Her cell phone was in her purse, in the back seat of the car she was driving to the grocery store with my Aunt. My cell phone was in my jacket, also in the back seat of the same car. Her cell phone called my cell phone -- I don't know how -- and my phone recorded Mary and my Aunt talking as they drove to the grocery store -- and it also recorded the entire accident -- squealing brakes, the crushing sound of metal on metal, my Aunt crying out "Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh." Was this Mary's subconscious cry to me for help before the accident? Was her soul reaching out to mine? As I listened to that message, chills ran through me.

It's now six weeks after the accident and my Aunt is still recovering from her injuries but she'll be fine. The other lady driver is still mending, too. Mary is well and back to normal. Because of the cell phone message, I experienced the entire accident without physically going through it. But I know Mary called to me to be with her and subconsciously I feel I answered her. Is this what being a witness is? Are we all witnessing for others as they complete their lessons on this Earth? Does our witnessing with compassion make their lessons a little easier? I believe so.

Spirit is asking us all to witness the completion of the lessons of others as we complete our own lessons. We have a level of compassion that allows us to be present at this time because we have experienced these same lessons ourselves and can therefore have compassion for all creation. Our journey here on Earth is to experience everything, and to do it all together, each supporting and witnessing the other.

Sometimes, after a client has picked up the essence of someone who has died in an accident, or after a long illness, the client may begin to manifest the symptoms of the deceased within his or her own body. We have seen case after case of this occurring. A surprising number of us are Soul Keepers. A Soul Keeper is one who consciously, or unconsciously, gathers up lost souls and keeps them safe until they can be released back to Source. For instance, if you could psychically see a lost baby or child who was unable to find the Light, would you gather or hold them to keep them safe? Most people answer, "Yes!" We are living in a time when all things are coming back into balance, and part of the balance within our dimension would be to assist or help free any trapped souls that are still here. It would be an impossible job for just one person, so many of us have agreed to do our part. People from all different areas of the country -- when in discussion with their Higher Self during a session with me -- discover they have been helping to gather lost souls. Sometimes they may have just a few souls with them, or a dozen, but some of the clients that come to me have found hundreds, or thousands, of lost souls and spirits. I show these clients a more balanced and harmonious way to keep fulfilling the Soul keeper part of their mission, without causing any energy drain to their physical, mental, or emotional self.

Aiding lost souls or spirits, while more common then perceived, most often happens with our own family and/or friends. In addition, about ten to fifteen percent of my clients, while in a heightened state of awareness, report they have psychically aided strangers. Since most of us have been raised to help and be compassionate, this is not as surprising as it might first seem.

Some of my clients who pick up the spirits of babies or very small children report some of the sensations of feeling pregnant -- feeling tired, feeling added pressure or weight, or feeling drained of energy. Effects include mental, emotional and physical sensations and almost always involve the client putting on some actual physical weight, as psychic compensation for the energetic pressure caused by the lost souls. Psychically, our body always knows when there is something in its space that does not belong there. As reported by a majority of our clients, our bodies will compensate, either by putting on extra physical weight, or by diverting some of its own energy to keep its balance internally.

Sometimes clients come to me who have moved into a new home or area where souls or spirits may have previously gathered and now need to be released. The client will not take the spirits into themselves personally, yet the souls or spirits seem to hang about. Any dwelling or place can be "dehaunted" in a matter of moments, safely, quickly and effectively. Most of the time, specific reasons for apparent attachment are discovered in each individual session and will differ greatly from person to person.


By themselves these indications do not necessarily mean a person is under the influence of a spirit; however, when they appear in a pattern/combination, spirit attachment is a possibility. Indications may range from only a minor illness, abrupt change in attitude, or a complete change of personality. Common sense and careful observation are important. A person may be under the influence of a spirit if they have experienced:
• Sudden onset of fatigue without apparent cause
• Persistent lowered energy level or feelings of energy drain
• Mental states such as hysteria, shell shock, kleptomania, religious mania, amnesia, black outs, hallucinations, or epilepsy
• Deep depression or suicidal tendencies with no logical cause
• Feeling "not like myself"
• Abrupt changes in behavior or personality: rapid mood swing; uncontrolled temper; violent rages; inappropriate use of language; new compulsive/obsessive behavior patterns; new habits
such as smoking, drinking, drug use, or overeating; unusual reactions to everyday circumstances after surgery or hospitalization; the death of a loved one or close friend; an accident; blow to the head; emotional trauma; or moving to a new location
• Unusual physical symptoms with no explainable cause
• Lengthy internal dialogues or arguments (mentally or verbally)
• Voices in their head
• Hallucinatory visions
• Unusual behavior followed by personality changes
• Difficulty in staying focused or poor concentration


• SHADOWING: Perceived as outside the physical body and consisting of vague feelings of being watched or feeling someone is present in the room
• OPPRESSION: Perceived as inside the auric field and manifest as sudden mood swings or unusual emotional thoughts
• OBSESSION: Perceived as actual invasion of the physical body where invading spirits bring in their own traits, habits, mannerisms, phobias, allergies, preferences and personality. This can cause untraceable physical conditions such as headaches, breathing difficulties, weight gain, extreme fatigue, unusual heart problems, changes in blood pressure or heart rate, compulsions or unusual and undesirable habits, depression, suicidal thoughts, emotional outbursts, violent crying, rages or temper tantrums
• POSSESSION: This is where the original person’s psyche and conscious behavior is completely pushed aside to allow in the invading spirit, which then has complete control over the body, speech patterns, thoughts expressed, behaviors and mental processes

In future newsletters, I will explore the topic of spirit attachment in greater depth. There is also more information on attachment in my book, The Heart of Soul Healing -- http://www.kenpage.com -- CLICK on the book cover

One method of protection most commonly taught is to use white light. The thought behind this teaching is that white light both enhances and protects us in what we do and where we go. Many of us have been taught to meditate with white light, heal with white light, and surround ourselves and our loved ones, again, with white light.

I started to notice a seemly disruptive effect from exclusively using white light many years ago when I was setting up my own business. One of the most interesting things I began to pay attention to was the apparent emotional and mental patterns of "very metaphysical" people. Originally, I thought I would prefer to enter into business agreements and patronize vendors owned and run by spiritual or metaphysical types of people. I felt that because of all their own inner work and understanding, metaphysical individuals might be a little more honest, and more successful than other types of people. However, as I started to carefully observe how many of the metaphysical people around me acted, I noticed a large number of them experienced yo-yo types of emotional and mental swings. These swings happened over and over again in their lives. As I looked to discover why these experiences might be occurring, one major reason keep coming up.

The majority of the metaphysical people I observed at that time were exclusively using white light for their practices, meditations and fields of protection. The exclusive use of white light caused an interesting and completely natural phenomena to occur. Keep in mind, one of the basic constructs of our third dimensional world is that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Action and reaction principles are the basic theory behind polarities, viewed in a slightly different way. By only using white light to work with, what logically would come in, right on the heels of calling in white light? By the law of action and reaction, the opposite or polarized forces would come in also.

Constantly using one side of any polarity causes the user to be pulled back and forth, from one polarity to another, positive to negative, over and over again. Each time we realign ourselves in the polarity of white light, a shift back to its polarized opposite occurs to some degree. The effect would be like going from our most positive actions directly into our worst fears. For this reason, I have chosen to do all my work, and all my release work, in the Clear Light of the Source. The sacred space of Clear Light is one of the most powerful and balanced places we can be, and it does not invoke or trigger polarity issues.


• The use of Clear Light, even to view our own lessons, is the clearest, truest reflection we can use for ourselves in this dimension.
• Clear light is the truest state of our own divine reflection and the clearest, most balanced reflection of Source available to us on this plane.
• Clear light, because of its balanced neutrality, can be brought into our own space, rather than moving ourselves out into the polarity of white light.
• The act of moving out and centering ourselves in a polarity defeats the very act of seeking balance in all areas of our lives.
• Clear light allows us to remain centered within ourselves.
• Through the use of Clear Light, we are still able to bring in polarities, as we need them to learn, and yet remain balanced. By using Clear Light, we are able to learn from our actions and experiences with increased ease, grace and gentleness.

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying has a great deal to say about the idea of Clear Light, or as they refer to it "the Dawning of the Ground Luminosity." Tibetans state that Clear Light appears where consciousness itself dissolves into the all-encompassing space of truth.

Padmasambhava, a revered Tibetan, describes the luminosity:
"This self-originated Clear Light, which from the very beginning was never born … This self-organizing wisdom has not been created by anyone … It has never experienced birth and has nothing in it that could cause it to die … Although it is evidently visible, yet there is no one there who sees it … Although it exists in everyone everywhere, it has gone unrecognized … Even though it is the thing that is most essentially yours, you seek for it elsewhere. Amazing!"

Buddhist masters describe the state of luminosity or Clear Light in various ways. Some say "it expresses the radiant clarity of the nature of mind, its total freedom from darkness: free from the darkness of unknowing and endowed with clarity and knowing." Further descriptions described the luminosity or Clear Light as "a state of minimum distraction, because all the elements, the senses and sense objects are dissolved." The luminosity which arises at death is the natural radiance of the wisdom of our own being, and our true nature is revealed. Ground Luminosity presents itself naturally and many people are unprepared for its short immensity and the range of its vast and subtle layers of depth which lie within its simplicity. Clear Light is the subtlest level of consciousness in the third dimension.

According to the current Dali Lama, "What provides the continuity between lives is not an entity, but the ultimately subtlest level of consciousness. According to the Buddhist explanation, the ultimate creative principle is consciousness. There are different levels of consciousness. What we call innermost subtle consciousness is always there. The continuity of that consciousness is almost like something permanent, like the space-particles. In the field of matter we find space-particles; in the field of consciousness we find Clear Light. The Clear Light with its special energy makes the connection with consciousness."


One of the things I find with many of my clients is that their kidneys, intestines and liver are all vibrating in harmonic resonance based on the way they think and feel while they eat. Whatever you are thinking about, feeling, listening to, looking at, or engaged in -- while you are simultaneously taking food into your body -- you have energetically encoded into your food, to be absorbed by all levels of your body and being.

Because we are all so busy and may have little time to ourselves, especially at work, what happens? How many of you eat on the run, using your meal time to think about your worries and troubles? By holding those kinds of thoughts as you are simultaneously wolfing down your food, what are you doing? You are taking the energy of your thoughts -- whether they are worry, anger, fear, disappointment, sadness or doubt, -- and you are sending those vibrations and energetics to every cell in your body, along with the food you are eating. In addition, the organs where your food spends the most time is, of course, the most effected. So how many thousands, or hundreds of thousands of those kinds of thoughts have you sent into your body?

It is important to do your best to keep your thoughts clear while you eat. If there is any conflict around you -- including what you are reading, watching on TV, or how you are interacting with someone else -- the vibration of conflict will be actually absorbed into your body, right along with the food. If you can’t think "happy thoughts" while you eat, at least eat in peace and quiet.


Once we are centered in the place of unconditional love, the other important element to add is getting ourselves to a place between the past and the future. What exists between the past and the future? It is the now or the moment.

Most of us are not in the moment. Most of us are playing a program of "I wish I had done something different in the past; I wish I had said that; I wish I had not done that" and so forth. Either that, or we are in the future with thoughts such as "As soon as I get this done or as soon as I have this, I’ll be happy." What happens is we miss living fully in the moment.

Being in the moment is of utmost importance because the moment is the access point for the finest reflection of Source we can be. The key to the entire process of learning and being is to stay in the moment. If anything gets into your space and triggers a reaction, do your best to look in your linear past to understand where it all started and what you are learning from it. This is the only way to be truly aware of exactly what you are creating and why you are creating it. Anytime you find yourself out of the moment, examine where you went, (past or future) and what issue sent you there.

If you are in a place of loving yourself, present in the moment with compassion, a wonderful and powerful thing happens. Your entire beingness radiates out through your compassion and this is what I believe we are here to do. Now is our only place of true power, for it is the only place where we are able to use our choices to create changes, within and without.


It is easy to underestimate the importance of examining our fears. One of our greatest achievements may be to turn our greatest fears into our greatest strengths. Our inner mind is well aware of this and if approached in the right way, it does all it can to assist us in gaining clarity and understanding. The very process of achieving clarity and understanding turns all of us into unlimited beings.

Any fear we have and do not explore or understand takes our energy and drains our life force. Ironically enough, our greatest fears are usually what we have come here to teach. If we look back on our lives, we are usually sent, or find ourselves, precisely where we fear the most, for it is there we become stronger. We can only be as strong as our biggest weakness, our fear.

By doing what we fear the most, we accelerate our growth. For example, our fear of death may be a fear of life or living. Our fear of abandonment or separation is sometimes a fear of being able to trust ourselves to let of go what is known and comfortable. Examples could go on and on, yet the important point is that when we discover what lies behind our fears, our truth and understanding sets us free. If we face our worst fear, then we can do anything! Strange as it might seem, perhaps doubt and disbelief are only tools we use to understand ourselves better.

By being open to facing our greatest fears and our own personal doubts and questions, we gain the greatest amount of personal understanding and this journey is what we can teach and share with others. This is a path all of us can take. All we have to do is to examine the very things we fear the most. By addressing, understanding and converting the energy we put into keeping our worst fears at bay, we change our life. Truthfully, if we had to, most of us could write volumes on whatever focus we have given hours and hours of our life to understanding, such as guilt, shame or loneliness. All of us would be a master at anything we have given so much of our time and focus to.


As part of my teaching I have developed a technique known as the Living Light Breath. In the breath, I move my point of focus up to center in my pineal. I have found by being in my pineal I no longer energetically loop with those around me and I feel every experience in a full-bodied way. Imagine what your life would be like if everything you did was for the very first time? (This technique is described in detail in Chapter Thirty of The Heart of Soul Healing and at the following links on my web site:
http://www.kenpage.com -- CLICK on Living Light Breath

I hope you have enjoyed my newsletter this month. Happy Thanksgiving to my United States friends!.

May we all be grateful for the gift of family and friends. And may our warmth touch the souls of our brothers and sisters in the Middle East

see http://www.kenpage.com -- CLICK on Events for details

Ken is available for personal Heart & Soul Healing sessions, both private and by telephone. Give us a call (800-809-1290, 510-336-7035) or look up our web site for further information http://www.kenpage.com -- CLICK on Heart & Soul Healing private sessions.

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