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You have come upon a meeting ground for creative spirit on a transformational path. We invite you, dear "Storyteller Of The New Millennium," to share a tale and offer a suggestion to nurture creative spirit. What techniques do you use to overcome the challenges of our rapidly changing and complex world?

FUNDING: KidStock Proposal includes Peter Rosen/V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media

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Posted by Peter Rosen on November 08, 19100 at 22:20:04:

In Reply to: Creativity Cafe Joins Oklahoma KidStock Festivals; KidCast For Peace F posted by Creativity Cafe on October 19, 19100 at 14:57:48:

Aloha Dear Friend,

This represents the first time that any significant energy has been put into developing "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For a Better World" to the next level. It is also the first time anyone other V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media staff have attempted fundraising for this program. Good going Skye!!!


>Date: Wed, 08 Nov 2000
>From: skye
>To: Peter Rosen

>Grant Request for Teacher Training - Arts in the Core Curriculum in
>Support of KidStock 2001
>KidStock is an exciting program which promotes the use of arts in the
>core curriculum. The Magical Child Foundation is requesting an Artist and
>Educators Collaborative Grant to offer a teacher training January 2001 to
>give direct experience of using art in the teaching of all disciplines.
>Training will be offfered to all Oklahoma teachers with a primary focus on
>teachers in the greater Oklahoma City Area.
>Program Goals and Expected Resuts
>* Participants will experience the arts process in a hands-on interactive
>* Participants will both receive and give support for building
>instructional units related to PASS. They will do this utilizing the
>skills taught in the Capacity Training to co-develop collaborative
>projects for each of the specific presentations made. Participants will
>work with one another and the presenting artist to ensure that their
>specific PASS objectives are met in the course of planning and executing
>each project.
>* Teachers will recognize the unique contribution of professional artists
>in support of classroom instruction, through the process of translating
>their specific discipline into a production, performance, exhibit, work of
>art, story, video cyber-cast, musical composition or multi-media piece
>during the workshop.
>* Teachers will gain specific skills, confidence and competence in using a
>variety of art mediums to meet PASS and teach Core Curriculum with more
>Note: Capacity Training provides a rich, integrated medium for
>collaboration through which artists and educators can explore the arts in
>relation to current educational initiatives and curricular issues,
>including assessment.
>Capacity Training is a non-verbal, sensory based method of identifying
>areas of concern/interest, establishing priorities and an action plan to
>implement strategies for accomplishing the group's ideas and goals and
>will be used as a collaborative tool throughout the training.
>The Format for the Professional Devlopment Activity
>Training Team
>* Nancy Carver, Possibilities - Capacity Training
>* Mary Farris, Newkirk P.S., - Space Station Newkirk
>* Patrick Riley, OKC.P.S., - Inner and Outer Awarenss Mural Project
>* Peter H. Rosen, Creativity Cafe's "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For a
>Better World" founded by Visionary Artists Resources Including Other
>Unique Services to use Art and Technology For A Better World...
>* Sondra Williams, Producer and Artist in Residence, OK. Arts Council. -
>Science Through the Arts
>Art forms utilized: Visual Arts, Storytelling, Traditional Arts, Music,
>Creative Writing
>Training Components
>* Nancy Carver, Exec. Dir., Possibilities:
>Capacity training. A non-verbal, sensory based method of identifying
>areas of concern/interest, establishing priorities and an action plan to
>implement strategies for accomplishing the group's agenda. This method
>was adapted to an inner-city environment from the community building
>training used by World Neighbors in villages in developing countries. It
>allows group members who may be less vocal, not able to read, speaking
>different languages or an array of other factors to participate as equals
>to all other members of the group and for the group to truly incorporate
>all issues brought to the table (or floor as it may be)
>* Patrick Riley, Dir. of Visual Arts and Arts Integration, OKC. P.S. -
>Mural Project Theme: Inner and Outer Awareness
>* Sondra Williams, Artist in Residence, Ok. Arts Council, Producer
>Science Through the Arts -- This presentation will address the
>integration of arts and curriculum by discussing and demonstrating ways in
>which the arts
>rely on the sciences and by suggesting ways these arts can become
>expressive tools and projects for a classroom subjects in science, social
>sciences and language arts. Sondra will talk about how the arts rely on
>math, chemistry, composition,
>psychology, perception, computer science, research, etc. and do exercises
>and activities to demonstrate.
>* Mary Farris, 8th grade, Earth Science Teacher, Newkirk, OK
>Mary will present a compressed version of her Space Station Newkirk program.
>In this scenario, participant have to create a biosphere which can support
>the live of 2,500 people for 25 years with no contact with other life
>forms. This is an ideal project for creating the opportunity for virtual
>teams throughout a range of classes in one or more school, school
>district or districts.
>Mary Farris, 8th grade, Earth Science Teacher, Newkirk, OK
>I. Introduction
> A. Hand out copies of song "In the Year 2525"
> B. Students follow along while listening to song
> C. Discuss reactions to song
> D. Divide into working groups
>II. Group Development
> A. Choose name for group
> B. "Patch"
> 1. Design
> a. Colors have importance/meaning
> b. Shapes/symbols have import/meaning
> c. Logo
> 2. Create large colored copy
> 3. Present to class
> C. Choose group roles
> 1. Recorder
> 2. Administrator
> 3. Public Relations Officer
> 4. Supply Officer
>III. Olympia Quest Activity
> A. Give scenario
> 1. "Lost on the Moon" or
> 2. Colonizing a new planet
> B. Prioritize list of "luxury" items
> 1. Individually first
> 2. Group agrees on choices
> C. Problem Solving questions (Solve within small groups first then
> present solutions to class as a whole.)
>IV. Show Videos
> A. "Biosphere II" (from CNN interview done before completion of
> B. "House of Tomorrow"
> C. "21st Century Homes" series
> D. Discuss importance/ideas/relevance
>V. Space Station Budget Game
> A. Explain guidelines/rules
> B. Hand out
> 1. Score Card
> 2. Large piece of black poster board
> 3. Scissors, glue stix, string
> C. As 'play' game
> 1. 'Purchase' pieces for their station
> 2. Cut out and glue in place
>VI. Groups choose working categories
> A. Food
> B. Power
> C. Air
> D. Water
> E. Housing
> F. Administration
> G. Consumer Goods
>VII. Group Research
> A. Given list of information to seek
> B. Prepare report of findings
> C. Administrator gives report to whole class on a weekly basis.
> D. Class discussion
> 1. Question/Answer time
> 2. Since whole class must agree on final design/actions --
>vote on any areas of concern.
>VIII. Final Product
> A. Each group basically "builds" one component of the station but
>all must be parts must be compatible and/or connected.
> B. Scale model built.
> C. Administrators give oral presentation of how their group's
>portion fits into the whole.
> D. Final class discussion of relevance and importance of the
>information gathered in this activity to their lives.
>IX. Final Activity
> A. Space Station Bubble
> 1. Use clear or black 4 ml plastic.
> 2. Measure, cut out and tape together pieces to create a 'life
>size' station
> model.
> B. Inflate with a box fan
> C. Design interior.
> D. Build interior.
>Peter H. Rosen is founder of Creativity Cafe's "KidCast For Peace;
>Solutions For a Better World," a project of Visionary Artists Resources
>Including Other Unique Services (V.A.R.I.O.U.S Media), to use Art and
>Technology For A Better World.
>Peter will take participants through an experience in which they get to
>consider issues around conflict resolution, self esteem, seeing from
>another's point of view, dealing with anger, etc. in preparation for
>"KidCast For Peace; Solutions For a Better World".
>They will create artistic expressions illustrating their "solutions" to
>make the world a better place and bring peace to its peoples. After the
>art is created, they will learn (depending on age group) how to use the
>scanner, and build/add to a KidStock KidCast For Peace web site in
>preparation to hooking them up with their peers-in-schools-globally, or
>at home who are also participating in our live multi cast video
>The art and the web site they create can be used as a segment of their
>personal movie making process .
>Teachers will bring personal and/or family mementos, pictures and
>videotape (pre-cued to a personal or family moment) to use in the
>processes below:
> * Education in traditional cell animation and color cycle animation
>techniques (using Macromedia Director)
>* How to create stop motion animation
>* How to make a video
>* Professional sound recording techniques
>* How to composite live action with digital animation via blue screen
>and digitized video in Premiere)
>* How to digitize pictures, audio and video (using materials supplied by
>* How to merge your sound, stills and video to make a movie
>* Create a CD-ROM with your latest creative works to share with your
>friends (optional).
>* Learn the skills of today's job market while having a blast!
>Timeline and how the plan will address grant criteria:
> Twelve hour training will be offered Friday, January 19, 5 - 8 pm,
>Saturday, 8 - 5 in OKC. Teachers from all disciplines and grade levels
>will be invited. They will be must be able to commit to participation in
>all twelve hours and provide PASS requirements specific to their subject
>and grade level.
>Promotion for this training will be accomplished through the cooperative
>efforts of the Oklahoma State Dept. of Education, Oklahoma Career VoTech
>and the Oklahoma City Public Schools. There will be no registration fee.
>Teaching Artists or Consultants:
>Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2000 19:51:45 -0800 (PST)
>From: Mary Farris, email: Rhiannon Silverhawke
>To: Beth Skye, email: skye
>November 5, 2000
>TO: The Magical Child Foundation
>FROM: M.H. Farris, Newkirk Public Schools
>RE: Teacher Training Commitment, January 19-21, 2001
>I would be honored to assist as a presenter (or in any other capacity)in
>the KidStock Teacher Training session tentatively scheduled for January
>19-21, 2001. Being part of this team will be both exciting and
>educational for me, as well as a chance to share my ideas and experiences.
>Mary Helen Farris, Earth Science Teacher
>Newkirk Middle School
>Newkirk, Oklahoma
>Subject: Committment to the training
>Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 08:54:28 -0600
>From: "Sondra & Doug Williams"
>To: "skye"
> Sondra D. Williams
> Route 3, Box 350
> Perkins, Oklahoma 74059
> 405-547-1142 / Fax 405-547-5097
> email lionmane@cowboy.net
> Magical Child Foundation
> I, Sondra Williams, commit to participating as a member of the Teacher
>Training Team for KidStock '01, January 19-21 in Oklahoma City. I will be
>presenting a lecture/demonstration about integrating arts into the
>by focusing on the ways the arts rely on research, science, and math.
>Sondra D. Williams
>Bio: Peter H. Rosen
>Peter H. Rosen is a multimedia artist, interactive event producer and
>visionary. He founded Visionary Artists' Resources Including Other Unique
>Services (V.A.R.I.O.U.S.), in 1980 to build a high tech artists' resource
>center for exploring the use of art and technology for educational
>entertainment, healing and global community empowerment. He directed a
>1983 prototype including the worlds first video disk recorder programmed
>as an Image Storage and Retrieval System for contemporary art. His
>careers include radio program host, broadcast television cameraman for the
>ABC Television Network, recording engineer, photographer, music teacher,
>electronics technician and computer graphics artist. As a coordinator at
>the California Museum of Science and Industry's "Creative Computer"
>exhibit, he taught computer graphics to artists, school groups and
>visitors. In 1989, Mr. Rosen initiated the Arts for Social Change awards
>to recognize artists using technology for a better world. He currently is
>developing Creativity Cafe--an educational entertainment venue, and
>community communication/resource center where the creative tools of today
>can support the storytellers and leaders of tomorrow.
>Mary Farris holds a BA in Secondary Education with certificates in
>English Literature, American Literature, Grammar and Composition,
>Journalism, Newspaper and Yearbook, Anatomy and Physiology, Biology,
>Zoology, Botany, Earth Science, Physical Science, General Science and
>Computer Applications.
>She have been the Newkirk Middle School Teacher of the Year twice and the
>Newkirk Schools' Teacher of the year, as well as, listed in 'Who's Who in
>American Teachers. She has won second and third place in the STATE
>CHALKBOARD writing contest and has been awarded scholarships to study at
>the AZTEC Challenger Teacher Training in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where
>she was also a summer instructor and dorm counselor. In addition, she
>spent two weeks studying both in an underwater laboratory and in other
>environments at Marine Resource Development Center, Key Largo, Florida.
>Mary has been the teacher/advisor and mentor for KidStock student
>producers from her school since 1998.
>She is a licensed private pilot and SCUBA diver. Her passions include
>drafting (both underwater/ground, above ground, space station and
>moon/colonial planet housing,) model home construction and interior
>design, music, writing, sewing and designing (particularly costuming for
>dance and historical time periods,) photography, reading, pottery, dance
>and travel.
>Mary has taught at Newkirk for 16 years, all in the middle age ranges of
>11-16 year old. During this time I have been the Science Department Chair
>for 12 of those years, Co-Chair of the Language Arts Department 8 years
>and Chair of the Computer Department for the past 4 years.
>She has a strong affinity with animals, witnessed by the raccoon, minks,
>ferrets, rabbits, birds, bats, dogs, cats, mice, guinea pigs, pigs, fish
>etc. that have graced her classroom throughout these past years.
>Mary states, „This is all possible with the aid of my rather tolerant
>husband who helps in my endeavors to create new and challenging activities
>for my students.‰

a concerned citizen
Peter H. Rosen
V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media
140 Uwapo Rd.,#49-204
Kihei HI 96753
808 875 4747
Founding Director: Visionary Artists' Resources Including Other Unique
Coordinating Director: Creativity Cafe; http://creativity.net
a "New School for the Next Millennium;"
Founded by Artists Using Technology For Humanity
Participate in Presenting Your Art and Your Heart

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