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My Latest Turtle Tale: Divers Disturbance precipitates Turtle Tango

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Posted by Peter Rosen on July 18, 19100 at 04:35:07:

================ Encounter on Saturday 6/15/00 ==============================
Divers Disturbance and Turtle Tango:
I went out to my favorite snorkel spot. I didn't see any turtles in their usual hotels. All the usual creature crevices were empty. I played in the bubbles of the divers I spotted on the way back in toward shore. They were all crowding together at the edge of the reef. Next thing I see, the divers had moved away from the reef 'en mass...maybe 8-10 divers... As soon as they were 15 or so feet away a baby turtle escaped from where the divers had been pressed up against the edge of the reef. It made its way quickly to the surface about 4 feet from where I happened to be floating. It took a breath at the surface and "scoped out" the scene; turing 360 degrees then taking a second gulp of air. It didn't seem phased at all by my presence. I made it a point to send out loving vibes and pod pal thoughts of oneness. It gulped a third helping of air and headed down again... I dove too and kept my distance and deepened my position faster, keeping me somewhat below it. It spotted me and started to drift in my direction. I was under it and about 4 feet to its right. Closer and closer it came. I put my hand out and it continued to swim in my direction. When it was within touching range at about 5 feet under the surface, it changed its attitude so my hand would contact the apex of its shell. Upon sliding into contact (the dance reminded me of a space shuttle rendevous) with my hand on its back, it rotated its body 90 degrees so its back was facing into the center of rotation it suggested as it circled me, eye-to-eye and keeping the pressure on my hand as I swam in a tighter circle. My body was the center of rotation. I was in awe and grace-filled meditation. Suddenly there was tugging at my feet. Divers had come off the bottom and were gesturing for me to stop touching the turtle.

On the surface they lectured that its a $10,000 fine to harass the turtles. I told them I was merely floating by when it popped up next to me. I dove and it came toward me, not the other way around. It desired contact with me! What I didn't say and should have, was that in fact it was the divers (so many bring tourists on scuba excursions) that were harassing them by blocking its hiding place and preventing the poor creature from getting air. If anyone should be fined, its them.

From "The True Life Qdventures Of Shiloh Bones," a book in progress.

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