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Maui Report: FULL MOON ECLIPSE July 17, 2000

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Posted by Peter on July 17, 19100 at 21:18:03:

Aloha Mike and Edie,

I was up at 1:30am approx and watched as one of the brightest full moons ever was nibbled by earths' shadow...

until only a bright orange sliver was visible.... Then the clouds obscurred as they had on and off throughout the night---opening up at JUST the right times!

Later, I saw the moon had returned to fullness but was a big soft glowing orange color as it dissapeared behind the mountains on the horizon...around 4am... Wonderful!!! I was at a gathering with about 40 others on rural land with abundant gardens, tipi's (Native American tents) and respect for the harmonies/cycles of nature. We did ritual around the fire. I sang and played my battery powered CASIO with other musician/drummers in this powerless, yet powerful environment. we each spoke our intention of our selfs and planetary healing.


>Sat 7-15-2000
>About the very long eclipse tomorrow morning EARLY... one of
>the longest ever and we can view it either personally or by
>webcam ... next one this long will not be for a very long time.
>...from astro list we subscribe to...
>This is tomorrow morning (Sunday)
>so if you can get your binoculars out, or dust off the scope,
>or just get outside where it is dark... or just yawn and fire
>up the internet at home and go for the web cams. ... This is just
>one of the web cams announcements that is available... Will send
>others LATER today... WEB CAM SUGGESTIONS -- Get on as early as
>you can to the webcam and also have a list of other web cam sites
>so that if there is a failure you can have an alternative site.
>Internet Broadcast of a Total Lunar Eclipse - Sunday, July 16, 2000
>On Sunday, July 16th, the longest lunar eclipse in over a thousand years
>will be visible in the night sky. Unfortunately, this historic astronomical
>event won't be visible to most of North America and Europe. But if you can't
>watch it in person, you can watch it live on the Internet.
>A network of astronomers in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia have
>teamed up to broadcast live images of Sunday's eclipse onto the Internet for
>the benefit of the "geographically challenged", people living in areas on
>the planet that won't be able to see the eclipse.
>Starting on Sunday at 1157 GMT (4:57am PDT) the diverse team of professional
>and amateur astronomers will begin transferring images and video streams of
>the lunar eclipse to a network of websites hosting the event. The eclipse
>coverage will wrap up at 1553 GMT (10:57am PDT) when the moon exits the
>Earth's shadow. A link to each of the cameras as well as ongoing weather
>monitoring of each station will be available at Universe Today -
>Sunday's eclipse is very special, because the moon dives right through the
>very center of the Earth's shadow - to within seconds of the theoretical
>maximum duration. Totality - when the moon is completely dark - lasts for an
>incredible 1 hour and 47 minutes. A total eclipse hasn't lasted this long
>since 1859 and it will not again for over a thousand years!

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