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You have come upon a meeting ground for creative spirit on a transformational path. We invite you, dear "Storyteller Of The New Millennium," to share a tale and offer a suggestion to nurture creative spirit. What techniques do you use to overcome the challenges of our rapidly changing and complex world?

Are You Envisioning An Artists Cyber Center In Your Town?

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Posted by Peter H. Rosen on December 08, 1998 at 07:08:26:

Hi friends,

There is a great progression of energy developing here for what we all desire. I am pleased to be able to cross connect the hands making the same pie....may your talents sell well at Creativity Cafe!

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>Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 02:41:53 -0800
>To: peter@creativity.net
>From: Lisa Nigro
>Subject: Maui!
>Hey Peter!
>I've been meaning to get back to you about the room for sublet & also to
>just chat... I had mentioned to you the plan my friend's in San Diego have
>to build an artists center. Thought we should talk shop about your plans,
>etc... Anyway, I've been really busy with things at my house, then was in
>southern cal all last week. I might have some time this week...give a call

At 2:21 AM 12/7/98, Glenn Pinto wrote:
>Hello Peter and Congratulations on the Creativity Cafe!
>My name is Donna Pinto and my friend Lee Silber has just forwarded me your
>e-mail correspondence w/him. Lee & I have been brainstorming ideas to open
>a "creativity center/cafe" here in San Diego and I was excited to find your
>website. We're are all sharing in this magical idea of an inspirational
>creative environment for like-minded souls to hang out, learn and just be
>who they really are.
>I am the author of an inspirational book called "Life's Lessons: Cheatnotes
>>From the Classroom of Life." I have also recently returned from a 20 month
>honeymoon around the world with my husband Glenn. We are giving seminars on
>"How to take 'time out' to work and travel abroad" through the Learning
>Annex...check out our home-made
>Glenn and I also worked at several Club Meds about 10 years ago and have
>had a book-in-progress along the same lines of our seminar to encourage
>Americans to open their minds and their hearts to creating world peace and
>experiencing what they really want in life.
>Inspired while traveling through the beautiful island of Bali, I envisioned
>a place which I called "Get Inspired," a cafe, bookstore and more, where
>like-minded souls could hang out, learn and meet others. When I shared this
>dream with Lee Silber, (who by the way, is an incredible speaker and all
>around great guy), we began brainstorming further and he too had a similar
>vision and even sketches of a similar center.
>We are at the research phase, looking at possible locations for such a
>center and determining costs and fundraising avenues. Do you actually have
>a physical center in San Francisco? I would greatly appreciate any insight
>(what I call cheatnotes), you may have regarding opening an actual retail
>cafe/center. San Diego is even more in need of such a place -- it's a bit
>more conservative than SF and very spread out. Not sure where the ideal
>location would be yet.
>Anyway, it is nice to have crossed paths with you and your website. I wish
>you the very best and congratulate you on your "Creativity Cafe." We have
>so much in common. Let's stay connected and help each other fulfill our
>dreams. The world needs people like us!
>Warm regards,
>Donna Pinto
>P.S. Glenn and I would love to do a talk and slide presentation of our
>travels at one of your events. Check out some photos and published articles
>on our website!

Dear Donna, Lee, George, et al.,

I am more than glad to have discovered you guys and visa versa! If anything...that is the beauty of the NET. I have been planning and working towards a very lucritive environment I liken to a "Hard Rock Cafe for the Soul" in Creativity Cafe...

If you have explored my site, you know I have the ear of both corporations and institutions such as Siggraph that featured "KidCast For Peace; Solutions for a Better World" , one example of the "programming" and INTER-ACTIVITIES for our proposed environment(s).

This nurturing ground for the creative spirit we are developing, thinking about, etc. makes us part of a KARAS, a Sanskrit word for members of a team aligned in a task to be performed on Gods behalf. They must find each other in order for thy work to be done. I have come to see after my great many successes that without the team, I will not be successful no matter how detailed a business plan reached the richest eyes.

Therfore I call on you to continue this dialoge and perhaps come to San Francisco at your earliest convienence and GROK the details to which I have prepared Creativity Cafe plans and perhaps pave the way for us to collaborate on both Major (San Francsico) Market versions of this membership based club and the village variety.. A storytelling parlor that is really a collecting point for people of talent, vision, inspritation, technical ability etc, who collaborate to produce ongoing "Theatre Of the Future" experiences of what appears to the public as serendipty over the course of their presence in our space.... Becuase they always seem to be moved further on their paths when they leave... something was awakened in them in their Creativity Cafe adventure. That is because we are practicing pronoia: http://creativity.net/pronoia.html.

What we are esentially creating is a "broadcast node..." a community center for creative communications (and a hang out...new school...artists gallery, resouce center....etc. yatta yatta yatta) where the highly interactive *** experience *** we conjour for audiences are documented, packaged for distribution in various media and played live on the Internet. Ladies and gentlement we (the Creativity Cafe Collective... or whatever), are the producers of Killer CONTENT that heals... [talk about mixed metaphores ;-] that will truly unlock the Creative Force on this planet through its mass media networks...and finally allow the creative flow so needed. to reinvent humanity and its systems. Enabling artists to create the NEW MYTHS.

I will be starting a topic in Creativity Cafe's comminity forum with your message and my response. The address is: http://creativity.net/wwwboard/wwwboard.shtml. Lets interact publicly there for the time being and see who else we might attract. I have two Venture Capital folks making inquiries about our plan and management team. If you have any interest, PLEASE FORWARD IMMEDIATELY, your resume.

Keeping the fiath that after 20 years on this path. And in these final moments of giving up because the greatest team members have moved on to seek paying work... that perhpas you can be... help precipitate yet another team.... with elements more seasoned for success. I am at my breaking point and welcome your energy...


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