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You have come upon a meeting ground for creative spirit on a transformational path. We invite you, dear "Storyteller Of The New Millennium," to share a tale and offer a suggestion to nurture creative spirit. What techniques do you use to overcome the challenges of our rapidly changing and complex world?


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Posted by SpiritualAnarchist on January 31, 19100 at 01:27:38:

Hello fellow starving artist.:)
It seems all of our artist and philosophers are starving while all our politicians are while
lining their pockets with our money.So here is a call to all visionaries who realize that ideas
must be backed up with action and one man army is a contradiction in terms.I have inspired many
to start their own websites (Some are now the biggest on the web).Many have stolen my ideas
and backed themselves up with money and greed.I do believe that one can be quite comfortable without
making money the highest goal.If money is the oil that makes the wheels go round many have been
drowning in this oil because they are to busy "planing a better wheel design".Really it the poor
desperate mind, the mind with poverty of imagination, that is always grasping at money and forgeting
purpose.Money comes and goes but without purpose there is no meaning. It is a shame you can't buy meaning.
I have put up my last website on my own. I am a graphic artist and webdesigner.I have had
a site up since 1986 at least. My website when first put up attracted several thousand visitors to every
hundred visitors to other personal webpages. The more spiritual my website became and the more technology
advanced the more people became desensitized to the net and my site lost hits. As Spiritual Anarchist
I have had to go visiting hundreds of chatrooms because people are too attached to their own meeting place.
I have often ended up with hosting responsibilities on other peoples sites. The law of the Universe I am trying
to bring about into every mind is called interconnectedness. As long as the net is 100% ruled by egos so reflects
our world. If groups of people can not share their websites by interconnecting then egos will rule. I have tried to
put up a site on my own to attract people to interconnect to but it was assumed that it was to glorify my own alter
ego "Spiritual Anarchist". No longer. I will only put up THE site again if I can get a group of people to take equal
part. I am looking for 10 people with various skills. I have described my vision too often with the same results.
A few people wish me VERY positive luck, many act more confused than could be convincing, others criticize what they
don't understand and finally the cycle ends with me doing all the work and others stealing my ideas.As artist I think
you of all people can understand where I'm coming from.People spend hours on the net and obviously plenty of them are
used to post on message boards.So those who are serious about changing the world should beable to find time to send me
a short email message indicating questions regarding my new project or a brief description of their vision of what they
are about. If any of you are on a spiritual path that defines their art I can and will launch you. So there is a hint
about my new project. A launching pad for artist and philosophers, societies most essential and least appreciated citizens.
My project includes possible enlightenment for those who participate. Enlightened people tend to suffer the least and are
the most listened to.They are also the best at spreading peace and love.So if I hit any nerves or this message resonates
with you then please email me.
Thanks For Listening
Peace and Love
To All Sincerely

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