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You have come upon a meeting ground for creative spirit on a transformational path. We invite you, dear "Storyteller Of The New Millennium," to share a tale and offer a suggestion to nurture creative spirit. What techniques do you use to overcome the challenges of our rapidly changing and complex world?


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Posted by V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media on January 27, 19100 at 13:14:09:

In Reply to: KidCast Catalyzing Communications - LOVELY WORLD IS IN! posted by CCafe-KidCast For Peace on January 12, 19100 at 17:37:42:

Friends of "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For a Better World",

Please read this....

At 4:12 PM 1/26/00, LovelyWorld wrote:
>Hallo Peter,
>first my apologize that I wasn't able to refer to you earlier.
>As I told you, my wife became ill and then I had to travel to my german
>office alone and handle there some business, normally my wife is involved.
>First I would like to receive as much as infromation about your kidcast
>What are especially your goals and how could we combine several actions ?
>As I told you - I could offer you to develop and host the complete website
>for you - I have made separate space for that on another server:
>http://www.lovelyworld.org or lovelyworld.net.
>Off course I could use the material and graphics you have already
>installed - I have to go a little deeper in your sites.
>There seems to be a technical problem with your mailing list - as sometimes
>mails arrive double and twice - I will have a look at it. It would be the
>easiest way, if I install a new mailinglist for you, which is handled by an
>external server - I have made very good experiences with Bravenet (there is
>absolutely no cost involved with that service)
>So in the meantime I look forward to hear from you soom amd to receive some
>more additional information about your ideas.

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your message. I continue to see your wifes speedy recovery.
I am here in the saddle by myself. So I am ever so grateful for your desire
to assist with giving the kids a voice in shaping their future world, and
releaving me of some of the chores of making something great appear out of
nothing in a mere three months. Kindred creative spirits are we.... dancing
in a sea of Humanity.... Hoping to get the adults to be free and see, how
much the kids need this opportunity...

My goals are well stated in the WELCOME message of the current KidCast
Mailing list at Envirolink.org (and soon posted in the KidCast message
archieve). May I ask that you go to our instruction page and sign yourself
up? Both as a test of the revitilized list, and to view the WELCOME file
you will receive upon subscribing: http://creativity.net/kclist.html.
Thanks in advance for this and all your efforts and desire to participate!

I have had a tough time keeping my self motivated without assistance or
funding despite the great accomplishment of making something real and
appreciated that begain as just an idea and an email. I love manifesting
and the positive feedback that results. FYI, We received awards for KidCast
from the Millennium Institute, and from the SIG/TEL Online Learning Award
in 1998 just before Kidcast#7 at SIGGRAPH'98. My assessment can be found at
http://www.techlearning.com/content/working/articles/sigtel1.html. I wrote
it after our week-long learning and communications environment at
SIGGRAPH'98 sponsored in part by my associate at the Institute for
Interventional Informatics (Dr. Dave Warner - http://www.pulsar.org/).

That show was my most recent mock up of Creativity Cafe; a "New School for
the Next Millennium," my goal in all this. The KidCast was the only thing
happening FOR A WHOLE WEEK (July 19-24, 1998) in our booth. A
demonstration of one aspect of the programming I envision for a real
Creativity Cafe. Unfortunately, with that show, the great celebration and
culmination of my efforts that it was, I burned out. I had pulled rabbits
out of hats to make it happen--which I imagine with you and others who show
up this time 'round, we can cooperatively enable the best ever KidCast for
Earth Day 2000 and do it again (pull rabbits out of hats). A year on Maui
has been healing for me and is what enables my renewed efforts. Funding
would be nice. Sponsors too. Maybe my pitching arm (mouth) will get in
shape again soon? But I just don't have the juice like I did when starting
the project in 1995 (after butting my head against so many walls). Finding
a grant writer remains an objective.

At SIGGRAPH, We acheived the impossible with little funding and great
support from Dr. Dave Warner, and the graces of an angel (Dekle Vickers -
who delivered a whole computer lab for the duration of the show-and manned
the booth with me at his expense), this with only two weeks notice. We also
had lots of corporate support including the SIGGRAPH organization and many
volunteers. But, it left me battered and broke, in spirit, physically and

After such a great push...with a booth right next to Disney, SONY and
Silicon Graphics, and even with my writing, marketing and networking skills
that got us there, nothing happend beyond the show but pats on the back and
promises. This instigated my desire to stop my nearly 20 years of service
to "humanity" with my V.A.R.I.O.U.S. projects, and get a life away from the
computer-- by finding someone to love--as I remain single (and not
willingly at this point, either!). (grin) But, I am more than anything, an
artist and here I am again, harbinger of the future.

Well its now two years later. We produced the Earth Day 1999 KidCast from a
Cyber Cafe that doesn't exist any more--just to keep the project viable.
Local resources both in Education and Technology here on Maui are fighting
their own battles. They (the ones I
have presented to so far) can't see (refuse) how participating with KidCast
could benefit their personal agenda and everyones. Believe me I tried my
best to win their support.... My presentations fell on deaf ears. They
choose to "pass" on the opportunity for using KidCast For Peace's Earth Day
multicast, not only to build better humans, but to enjoy the mutual forward
momentum for their own projects as well as KidCast. (shrug)

I have been blessed in many ways from my pledge to not let KidCast For
Peace die. It may be the closest I ever come to motherhood. And certainly
your kindred spiritedness is totally energizing for me, just to know at
least one other person is trying to feed this baby in a significant way is
very comforting. Out of 150 on this list, maybe three people have expressed
any interest in this years event. This causes me to supose the emails are
diverted directly to trash and no one cares????

I have produced a wealth of material over the years, most of it on the web
sites. I also have accounts (donated) with KOZ, MAUI.NET and MINDSPRING who
give me ISP support and server space. I would like to see them more active
this year. Its great that you can host the "New Improved" KidCast site on
your server. I'll do graphics, if you do the coding? (smile) I was up at
3am this morning trying (successfully) to adjust the ENVIROLINK KidCast
mailing list. It was having major problems for a month; blocking ALL my
mail. Now i think its back on track and improved since they interviened and
I struggled through the online manual to delete some of the owners and list
members, and to put up a new welcome message.

What you can do:
I would love it if you can just suck everything from the
http://creativity.net/KidCast/ directory (hosted by donation of
Mindspring). I can send you what is missing; perhaps some of the graphics
and previous kidcast homepages ( http://creativity.net/kidcast2.html ) from
past years. They sit in the root directory (accessable through the
Solutions Gallery).

These are some things you can do right away to get the above site mirrored
in Europe. KidCast has two other servers, one donated by MAUI.Net;
and another donated by Global SchoolNet and sponsored by KOZ Communications
http://www.schoollife.net/schools/creativitycafe . I think the KOZ people
could be a link to much promotion and possible funding. I haven't pitched
them and really wish someone else would do the pitching for a change. Both
sites are underutilized and needing a real webmaster, not an artist posing
as one.

You can further download the latest version of something called WODA. It is
a great pearl script DBase to organize and search on submissions of all
file formats like Quicktime, MIDI, jpegs, etc. along with the submitters
message. Find it here: http://itc.fgg.uni-lj.si/woda/ . Please install it
if you can? I am just not wanting to get that deep into programming...not
that its that difficult. I did know it for a while while it was up for a
short time on the Creativity Cafe site. Then I lost the programmer because
I couldn't continue to pay him. The story of my V.A.R.I.O.U.S. life.

For the Natural Instrument Jam aspect of KidCasting,
http://creativity.net/KidCast/kc6help.html#jam, never done successfully and
tried twice, we need asynchronious connectivity which CU-SeeMe does not
offer. Sponsors need to be found to provide this enabling technology for
full duplix communication that makes jamming possible, musically speaking.
Possibiltities include ClearPhone.com.

We had dynamically updated frame grabs from a Webcam that were uploaded
automatically and broadcast from KIDCAST CENTRAL (which is wherever I wind
up to act as host and moderator). I haven't a clue where that might be
this time out? If you have any pull/resources, we have allies in Amsterdam
where I would love to host this years event. My associates could provide
housing... I would need plane fare and a small living subsidy. If a sponsor
could be found, I would want to be there, 11 days after my birthday, to
host KidCast #9 on April 22 and meet you personally. (big grin)

Lastly, I have a lot of files that I use for organization, tracking
participants, producing publicity, promotion and of course the pitches I've
used to secure sponsorship and several rejected grant proposals. There is
just so much, i am in overwhelm just thinking how big KidCast can be, how
much time I've spent and how solitary I feel... even with your most
wonderful offer of assistance, donation of resources and to this point,
unequalled enthusiasm to take action on behalf of Kidcast (except for Dave
Warner). I applaude you and remain in gratitude for these beginning moments
of what I am sure will prove to be a long and fruitful association.

Many blessings and Aloha,
a concerned global citizen
PS: Until i set up the archiving of the kidcast@envirolink.org list (or
you do), i will copy significant and formulative messages to our KidCast
Communications Corner:
http://www.creativity.net/wwwboard/messages/274.shtml -pr-

KidCast Coordinator
a concerned citizen
Peter H. Rosen
V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media
140 Uwapo Rd.,#49-204
Kihei HI 96753

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