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You have come upon a meeting ground for creative spirit on a transformational path. We invite you, dear "Storyteller Of The New Millennium," to share a tale and offer a suggestion to nurture creative spirit. What techniques do you use to overcome the challenges of our rapidly changing and complex world?

KidCast 2000 Participation Clarification

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Posted by Peter on January 21, 19100 at 15:38:35:

In Reply to: V.A.R.I.O.U.S. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION EARTH DAY KIDCAST 2000 posted by Creativity Cafe on December 07, 1999 at 02:03:46:

V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink - Fall 1999
The Occasional Newsletter of
Creativity Cafe; a "New School for the Next Millennium"

Write Up: "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For a Better World" Earth Day 2000


Report: State of the World Forum

I am using the following email to make you aware of how to create "life savers" for planet Earth and its peoples; where murderers get younger every year--and human waste/byproducts are killing the sea creatures in droves. Compassionate people, concerned individuals, visionary leaders, talented artists and all those seeking to make a difference, please read on.

Hi Judith,

> Peter,
>I have been all over your site, but I am not clear as to many things:
> 1. should this be a specific kids cast page? what is the deadline? should it be earth related, peace related or it doesn't matter.

"KidCast For Peace; Solutions For a Better World" is seeking suggestions for improving the planet and its peoples. Ecology (inner and outter), peace (personal and planetary) and prosperity (of thought and deed) are among relevant topics.

We are hearby planting seeds for our nineth "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For a Better World" production on Earth Day, April 22, 2000. In order for the project to come to pass, we need sponsors and people to be energy anchors, and to write press blurbs, post notices, choreograph energy (of kids in schools, cybercafes and at home) before, durning and after our CU-SeeMe Multicast. A webmaster needs to be found to tend the KidCast web site for the project. I have done all of this and much more for the last 5 years and have backed off considerably to persue personal needs and aims. This then is a call for your assistance.

We have gotten very little funding up to this point. The project is a natural for someone with that focus and desire to prosper this project. We have won awards, and been featured at Siggraph. My personal agenda--to contribute to a better world through precipitating KidCast events and a community venue called Creativity Cafe; a "New School for the Next Millennium," will always be forefront in thought. My actions must be more personal these days.

Over the years, many teams have cooperated to produce a model CCafe in physical reality at various times in various ways (via production of V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink Artists Showcase and Network events, and KidCast events). The *ongoing* physical model of a community based cybertheater used for solving community and personal problems, as well as for entertainment, has yet to come to pass.

Creativity Cafe's "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For a Better World" is a demonstration of the kind of programs and programming any community could produce--with the aid of such a multimedia/digital storytelling venue. I am seeking to pass on the KidCast batton to an organization and/or group of individuals who can take the project the next mile down the superhighway and hopefully out of our grass roots effort, to sustainablilty.

That is why I am posting this to the KidCast list (kidcast@envirolink.org) as well as Creativity Cafe's (vmi-tv@creativity.net) and other lists. Please circulate this call for personnel support, economic assistance (there *are* many grants for which this project qualifies) and for community/corporate support.

You may visit http://creativity.net/KidCast/ if you are not familiar with the project or would like to see the words written for community organizers like yourself. We ask that you work locally on developing economic, technical and cultural resources to keep the project going. I will personally jump in for the long haul (after a period of life reassesment), and when I feel I am not the only organizer and fundraiser who wants to see this project succeed. Otherwise I only can make half hearted attempts to keep KidCast going. I have really burned out from denying my personal needs while tending the project.

Please help if you can? I will post a production timetable and task list on the KidCast site before the end of the year for the benefit of other "ball" handlers. There is a lot of pre production to make the KidCast a reality. Please suggest (everyone) how you might like to participate for Earth Day KidCast 2000; and hopefully share some of the burden for pre and post production. Please note: There is NO AGE RESTRICTION to participate in a KidCast.

In service with Aloha,
a concerned citizen of planet earth
PS: View Award Winning Write Up:

> I am happy to do something specific-but I need to understand the direction and criteria.
>If you could get back to me-I would appreciate it.  meanwhile can you list Planetpals?
>Peter Rosen wrote:
>Dear Judith,
>Your wrote:
>>I wouls be happy to donate my time-a page-with my characters-a logo with
>>them-something like that.
>>I would love to be included-but I am an artist not a manufacturer.
>Thanks for expressing interest in participating in our next "KidCast For
>Peace; Solutions For a Better World" NetCast and teleactivity on April 22,
>I had copied my message to the software company to the KidCast list as I
>wanted to use my request to give a heads up to other KidCasters for next
>earthday, and to offer an angle for teachers to begin inspiring their
>students. The idea is to make a rap song poem. If they can actually record
>some of the resultant eco-tunes, perhaps someone can do the digitizing and
>put these KidCast Eco-Tunes "on the air" as mpeg3 files?  If they make the
>track with instruments made from "natural" materials; a washtub bass, or
>mallot (sock on stick) playing glasses filled with water at various (my
>favorite kind) levels...all the better! The help file on Natural Musical
>Instrument component of the KidCast has more info:
>To make your recycling page (or any page) an official KidCast Submission,
>please put this logo, http://creativity.net/kidcnt.gif; the KidCast Peace
>Coin, and/or this logo: http://creativity.net/kctitle.gif, the KidCast

>Thanks be bing in the loop.

>>> Thanks in advance for your kokua.
>>> Aloha,
>>> -Peter-
>>> PS: Teleactivity:
>>> _________________________________________________________________
>>> Peter H. Rosen
>>> V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media
>>> 140 Uwapo Rd.,#49-204
>>> Kihei HI  96753
>>> 808 875-4747
>>> _________________________________________________________________
>>> Executive Coordinator: Creativity Cafe: http://creativity.net
>>> a "New School for the Next Millennium" and project of
>>> Visionary Artists' Resources Including Other Unique Services
>>> Founded by artists to serve the community and featuring
>>> Artists Using Technology For Humanity
>>> NOW IS THE TIME: Participate in Presenting Your Art!
>>> _________________________________________________________________
>>Design/Illustration/Web Authoring
>>25 Star Road West Newton,  MA  USA 02465
>>Webmaster- PLANETPALS EARTHZONE: http://www.planetpals.com
>>Interactive, informative, educational, free and fun! For the kid in everyone!
> -

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