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Posted by Joe Placket on January 16, 19100 at 19:52:34:

Hi my name is Joe,

When I found out about http://www.stockgeneration.com , I cracked up laughing. Who was going to send money to these guys so they can lie in the sun on some tropical Island ? I thought nothing of it, but it was still around a month later. I had a look around on the internet thoroughly and couldn’t find any bad things or people losing money !

What SG is:
***An online game, where you can earn a great return
on your free $50., and whatever you put in.
***A virtual stock market that offers 11 companies to
chose from (although I would only consider companies
#9, 10, and 11).
***A program that pays you up to 30% referral fees for those
that sign up under you and put up some of their own money
***A no lose situation....There has NEVER been anyone who has
lost money in this program up to now... and probably won't be
due to the incresing number of players daily.
***A lot of fun.

What SG is NOT:
***MLM marketing
***Selling lotions and potions and other over marketed items.
***A Scam.
***A fly by night company that will be gone tomorrow
Just think, it has been around since Jan. 1 1998.
***A waste of time.

What to do now ?

Browse through the (1)Stock Generation website and fill out the (2)survey. What do you have to lose.....Absolutely NOTHING!!!

(1) Stock Generation Home Page:

(2) then go and fill out the survey at:

- Make sure for questions 1-3 there are more than ten words.
- Put my name and ID# where it says Malcom in question #8 (Joe 0905609439)

When you come to the main menu after the survey, enter my referrer number 0905609439 as a way of continuing the growth. (click on referrer option)

What ever you decide to do with this is totally up to you.
But I must tell you that each Monday and Wednesday
nite at 9:00 PM EST., the share price of Company #11 rises
by about 6-7%.

Do the math on your calculator and see what you will make if you
take $50. and multiply that by 1.07. Then do that again 103 times.
That is what you should have after only 1 year. Now, consider what
it could be if you put some of your own money in and got all the
extra bonus money they give you at the beginning, along with what
you would get as referral bonuses. I think you will be very happy
with the outcome.

It's for real that's for sure !

Joe J

If you wanna see a scanned picture of one of the payment checks, reply to me.

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