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[V.A.R.I.O.U.S. TV] MASS Producers UPDATE: SHOW#3 - Adaption Brings New Flow

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Posted by Peter on December 27, 1999 at 16:39:03:

In Reply to: Re: V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Television Debut MAS AIRDATES! posted by Jason on December 26, 1999 at 18:51:57:

Date: Mon, 27 Dec 1999
From: "Peter H. Rosen"
Subject: [V.A.R.I.O.U.S. TV] MASS Producers UPDATE: SHOW#3 - Adaption Brings New Flow

Dear Jason and everyone,

We got our first call from a viewer turned fan...an Akaku producer in
training who also has done theater on the island as part of a comedy group
of standup gender benders. He got on the phone to me right after seeing the
first MAS and expressed interest in being staff and featured talent.

My friends' landlord needed some help with his new digital video camera and
asked my assistance. Upon my good deed, he proceeded to give me license to
use his "old one" a top-of-the-line Analogue Canon AF-1 or some such...then
said he too was a qualified AKAKU producer and wants to join our show. He
also suggested I meet his neighbor, someone I had knowledge of when living
in LA who is/was a great supporter of the arts. He now entertains artists
in his Haiku home.

I left to go to Makawao and ten minutes later, a woman with a mans name,
came out of a realtors office and said she'd been thinking about me... She
thought I should meet someone... A clue from the universe? Dah! It was the
same aformentioned gentleman.

I pitched her to become a SPONSOR for MAS as I felt so ashamed I couldn't
even feed the crew last time and she asked "What's involved?" I gave her
the SPONSOR THREE FOLD with our photo. She was impressed and said that she
used to own a restaurant and doesn't like to see hungry people....I
obviously said the right words... (grin)

Reminder: the last schedualed airing of MAS1 is tomorrow (12/28) at 2:30pm
Cable 44. it will continue to run in circulation up to three years. You can
call AKAKU and ask for any shows next air date at any time.

AIR DATES for MAS#2 taped on 12.13.99:
Wed 1/5/00 @ 5pm
Mon. 1/10/00 @ 9:55am
Sun. 1/16/00 @ 10am
Thu. 1/20/00 @ 8:30pm
Tue. 1/25/00 @ 7:30pm

News and important production/artists participation information follows:

Even though we had an extra day to set up, we were still rushed to be
prepared by our 2pm commit to tape moment (actually 2:15pm). There were
many distractions and it showed in our performance. Because a member of the
crew and several artists schedualed to be on the program did not have the
courtesy to call to alert us to their not participitating, I have come up
with what I hope can be a solution. Feedback please...

To be a featured artist on the program a check or money order (presentation
place holder) for $25, (which will be refunded at the end of the show
taping), needs to be in my hand two days before each show in order to be
considered for featuring. No show, no money back... Leave taping
early...no money back.

Gloria mentioned something about "since I'm a camera person, do I need to
show up at noon for a 2pm taping?" Folks, we are a team.... not one of us
is any more or less important than the other. We will learn and teach each
other to be even more creative and more excellent in many ways through our

I feel privilidged to be working with everyone...because I can't be "host
in front of the cameras" without you. You ARE the Maui Artists Showcase
HEART and SOUL... We will go to any length reasonable like we did for
(grin) three soaring beagles, er, Three Singing Eagles... (sorry sweetie, I
had to do it ;-), we will attempt to move mountains if need be to feature
your talents and enable your participation as fully as you can afford to.

TO HONOR dear Three Singing Eagles, we have changed the rehearsal and
taping dates for Januarys' MAS #3 taping.


FRIDAY, JAN. 28 Noon to 4pm.
There might be an option for Friday night instead.
Let me know if that will work better for you and I'll check.

TAPING: SATURDAY, Jan. 29 Noon to 5pm (taping ends at 4. After teardown, we
then can go out and celebrate the first show of the NEW MILLENNIUM! food
and drink courtesy of projected MAS sponsors, whom I hope you will all
contribute to bringing into our family. Sponosrs not, everyone is PROMISED
to receive above mentioned sustanance.

I have heard a rumor that Lucy Bell will be leaving the show, we will
surely miss her. Sue, how do you do? Haven't heard from our surprise floor
manager, Yolanta; still waiting to see a show in the can before comitting.
Amara was the great surprise for our last time out. She replaced (as if
anyone could) Nikhilananda on camera.

We are growing.... hang in their folks... MAS is the most exciting show on
AKAKU and it just takes a while for people to discover it and to respond.
We will attract them with innovative visuals, multifacited and textured
format, and dazzling content birthed before the cameras like a glint in
gods eye.

It is for this reason, that I request you all be prompt and take our work
as "not seriously" as possible...we are playing with each other to have
fun..fun fun...FIRST! That doesn't mean one should not be excellent at
their assigned/self selected task to make the show happen.

My energy was totally thrown off by our first artist arriving without
drums, ready to pitch for 10 minutes, a New Years Eve party by a MAS
sponsor. We are not allowed to promote for profit events in a blatent
fashion. In the course of the artists interview, I had planned to have him
share all about his gig on New Years and get the word out. Becuase he was
not prepared to be artist, we could not feature him.

The sponsor arrived shortly thereafter with money in hand and proceeded to
cop an attitude when I explained what happened. She dashed off in a
huff...taking her sponsor money (for the tapes and food, gas etc,) MOMENTS
before the tape was to roll. It was all very unsavory and unsettling...
thank god for Jorel who was there and interceed to positive outcome. Er to
wit, my ability to take four of the MASS Producers who volunteer their
precious time to support the community's creative spirits...out for dinner.
Those other's on the MASS staff... YOU'LL GET YOURS! in spades!!!!!!!

I am thinking to invite a hand picked "audience" for our taping of the
rehearsal (1/27), in which we will give the TD and camerafolk a chance to
"FOLLOW THE ACTION!" Jason, Jorel, myself and whomever will create some
wild and wooley improv, inviting our "audience" to interact--taping
whatever craziness presents itself. We will then use that in post to
intercut with with more "subdued" artists who actually manage to honor
their verbal commitment, for which we have all dedicated many many hours so
they could shine.

You MASS Producers must be very special people to be here with me in this
work during these transformational times... I would like to know you all as
friends as well as "work" mates. When the artists don't show up, or
call... they are not only abusing our energies, freely given to support
THEM, they are demonstrating why they will contiune to "struggle to be one
of the few who succeed." We shall see if the $25 rule flys? I will make
more of an attempt to impress upon them the need for integrity in their
committment to be presented.

Lastly, I have turned on (Creativity Cafe's) Earth Day "KidCast For Peace;
Solutions For a Better World" videoconference and multicast for April 22,
2000. Through our newest cast and crew member, Vivienne Simchowitz, the
project has attracted a PROFESSIONAL GRANTWRITER, who will also consider
writing grants for the MASS. So ladies and gents, I applaude you for
being... who you are... ...and where you are! I am certainly delighted
to be crossing over into new beginnings with you!

founder: Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services (501c3)
and Exec. Director of its production: the Maui Artists' Showcase Series

Peter H. Rosen
V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media
140 Uwapo Rd.,#49-204
Kihei HI 96753
808 875-4747

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